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Daddy Has Another Girlfriend

I have a sir but, we have the most unusual of relationships. I am his slave and he has a girlfriend. I feel I already know this, but I don’t have any real person to talk to about it. We’ve been doing this for several months now, known each other for a year and a half. When I found out he had a steady girlfriend, I backed out. And then with more conversation, I was drawn back in. He has the best of both worlds. And while I enjoy the daddy/girl play, I want more. I feel it’s unrealistic to expect it from him for various reasons (being that he is with someone else), and also that he’s said that it’s better for a guy I’m dating to see me as the person their dating first over them being my master.

Basically I should just give this up, shouldn’t I? The holidays are coming and I already feel left out. The “baby’s” and everything else just don’t cut it, but I’m not sure how to end it without sounding like a desperate person. I just want to sound like someone who isn’t getting everything I need, and that’s it.

For example, master always wants me to perform by video since he doesn’t get to see me often when he’s traveling; and outside some verbal praise, that’s it. When we are together he does give some after care… idk I’m feeling less fulfilled and more used and left feeling empty…

~ Good girl

First, I’d like to acknowledge that we may not have all of the facts yet. There’s a great deal of information here, and I’ll do my best to drill into it objectively. Second, I’d like to say how sad I am for you that you’re in this position. It’s hard to be caught in the middle; especially so close to the holidays! It sounds as though you’ve mostly made up your mind about how you feel in this relationship. The next step is action, but there are a few things to consider first.

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Take me on a Date Daddy!

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy life that seems like it took forever to put together, but it’s also easy to get back to “us” mode and let your little’s child-like side run free. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, and a little escape! We love our little (or Daddy), and what better way to show them than with a surprise outing with just the two of you?

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Guest Post: 10 Nonsexual Reasons Why a Daddy Adores His little

Guest Author: D.Dom

A little is not a child. A little is a mature woman that preserved childlike characteristics. Therefore her personality is unlike a general adult. It is substantially determined by attitudes, habits and behaviors that are more typical for a kid than for a common adult person. This is particularly true of needing guidance, control and protection from a dominant partner and caregiver.

As a little is needy, she may sometimes feel like a burden for her caregiver; being stressful and insufficient. To better understand her particular attitudes and characteristics, we illuminate the relationship from the dominant side. Here are ten nonsexual reasons why a Daddy adores his little more than everything else in the world:

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my Favorite Plus Size little Clothing Ideas

Every girl is unique in personality, style, attitude, and size. i get a lot of emails asking for posts that include more curve-friendly ideas on fashion. Well here it is!!! i LOVE getting dressed up, but there are days when i am feeling insecure about my size. When i start feeling that way, i love to look on sites like Tumblr for ideas on comfortable, fashionable clothing options. i am so excited to share these with you!