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I am princess’s Daddy, and her Dominant. She is my whole world, and I am very fortunate to be able to share in this deeply-fulfilling experience with her. We discovered the Dominant/submissive (D/s) lifestyle and the Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) lifestyle together for the first time, and the level of comfort in our lives has been unexpected. It feels right, and it’s who we were born to be.

In my life, I have always been a controlling person. Someone who needs (not wants) to get their way. I’ll go to any length to achieve success in those areas, and naturally this has carried over into our relationship. I’m also a good listener, mostly patient, and her best friend (and she mine). I have good self-control, a willingness and eagerness to learn. Both in how to learn and maintain better control over myself, but also my submissive little girl. She fully trusts Me, and has gifted me with TPC (total power control). I decide which direction we go together and have the final say in all things. I provide for her, and anything she has, she’s gotten it from me (literally). Taking care of my special princess is my life’s greatest joy, and biggest turn-on.

Is this incest? Absolutely 100% not.

There is a big difference between “Daddy” as a title for a Dominant in a D/s relationship, and “Daddy” as a title for a father. While many have some reservations about this title, it is nothing more than that: a title. Daddies are not interested in pedophilia, incest or any other paraphernalia associated with children, even though their title is often misunderstood and associated with that. When a little calls her Daddy by title, the feeling associated is nothing like the feeling she would get when she calls her father the same title. It’s the same with any other multi-use word in our language. For instance, the word “love” can be used to describe many things. You don’t have the same feelings when you say that you “love kittens”, as you do when you say you “love your spouse”.

Together, we are extremely compatible, have shared kinks such as inflicting or receiving pain, rope play, humiliation, position, going beyond the vanilla sex that everyone else is used to. But most importantly, princess is my babygirl. I love to take care of her, to spoil her rotten, and she truly is my little princess. She’s Daddy’s girl, through and through. I can feel it in her personality…that it’s a part of who she is. It’s a part of her past, present and future. She is submissive but bratty sometimes. Sexy, but doesn’t always think so (I do). She’s a needy little that craves her Daddy’s presence and attention. It’s a lot of work sometimes, but she’s worth it. I love her more than ever, and the deeper we go…the better I understand her and the more deeply I care to protect and safeguard her.

Actually, we have been this way for some time now. We’ve been together for just over one year, completely in love with each other every second of every day. Our love has grown and evolved into something amazing, and never fades (unlike most relationships we’ve witnessed in our lives). It was purely by accident that we discovered both the D/s and DD/lg lifestyles, and would both catch the other saying “Hey, that’s us! We do that!” It was a completely natural and comfortable feeling to know “what” we were. Not that we’re into labels…but it’s a good feeling, just the same.

My posts on this blog will be about my experiences as we go deeper into this lifestyle, discovering ourselves and what it means to us to live this way. Content may include difficulties that we encounter, photos that we find attractive or pleasing to us, notes or banter to one another, or celebratory things like birthdays, anniversaries and the likes.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what we’re putting out there for newcomers…because that’s what we are. We’re just starting out, and there’s a lot to figure out in a relationship like this. There’s no cookie-cutter, one-way approach to this. Every person’s unique tastes/dislikes/moods/finances/time/compatibility are different. No two couples are the same, and your experience with this lifestyle (whether in the bedroom or 24/7) will be a special one.

21 thoughts on “About Daddy”

  1. mQQnchild says:

    Hello again! still enjoying all of your bloggies! Ma’ Daddy is soooo much like this! However, we are not together in reals, and i dunno if He wants to… 🙁 but is okies, i’m a happy little girl wif Him anyways, as much as i’d love to feel Him fa’ reals! Did You and Your princess meet in reals? i’s just curious…again, thank you both sooooo much for this blog! i’ll be checkin’ for updates!! hehe

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      i live with my Daddy 24/7. That must be so hard not being close to your Daddy. i am very needy and want to be at my Daddy’s feet all day and in His arms all night.

  2. blaze watt says:

    I am in need of advice. I am the daddy dom of a beautiful princess and am running into difficultys though. contact me if you get this.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      don’t worry Mr. Blaze, Daddy will contact you very soon!

  3. LilLynne says:

    I love you both and love everything you have posted. It has helped me understand the Daddy\babygirl lifestyle more and more.

    1. Imani says:

      You guys are so helpful! Your blog is such a comfort to read especially in times when im missing my Daddy. And the way you guys refer to each other with such devotion is literally goals <3 I have yet to find another blog that touches me as deeply and gives me such a level of comfort! Happy New Years btw!

  4. Angel says:

    hello 🙂 i just found you guys here, saw you guys on facebook and i fell in love with it right away! me and my daddy was talking to each other for 3 years before we even met, at first i wasn’t so sure if daddy wants to be with me too, but after daddy flew 15 thousand miles away across the world to see me, im such a happy little! yay! now we working on our fiance visa and hopefully it will be soon enough, hope you and your daddy will be together for real and for good too! <3

    1. Imani says:

      Oh wow o.o that is literally what I want to happen between my daddy and I. We’re ldr and don’t have an exact date for when we will be able to catch a plane and visit each other. We’re both going through things financially especially with me in the midst of college and him starting his own graphic design business. I’d really really love to hear all about your meeting if you wouldn’t mind. The only questions I really have were basically if you were scared and how you felt when you both saw each other and how did you prepare for the meet and did you immediantly slip into your dynamic when you were together or were you both vanilla before a bit before assuming your roles. You don’t have to answer any of these or even reply <3 I'm just ridiculously enthralled with the idea of meeting my Daddy for the first time and I just always wonder how it'll go… And maybe a first hand account could prepare me for that day. I'm sorry to bother you and make this long <3 your comment was eye catching and wonderful!

  5. Reba says:

    I genuinely want to know where to even begin looking for men like you? I know who I am and what i want but I can’t ever find him,I know a lot of my issues probably don’t help….but I want happiness as well not half happiness 🙁

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Everyone has their issues, even Daddy! you just have to keep believing that your Daddy is out there and work on loving yourself in the meantime. Take yourself on little dates and write your future Daddy letters in your journal. i will keep my fingers crossed for you that He shows up at just the right time! xoxo

      1. Michael Cantrell says:

        This is just awesome! I wish I could see how happy your daddy is when he gets all the things you made for him before you even met 🙂 Hope you find him soon!

  6. Angela Simond says:

    Even before finding out that there is a real thing as being a Little with a Daddy, I have always considered myself a little girl. I have always had little girl tendencies, I prefer it. I love to color, I LOVE my stuffies, ( i have over 100 beanie babies among my other hundreds of stuffies.) my thumb is my best friend sometimes when i feel alone, which is often since i am single. I would love to learn more about how things work in a relationship like this. I am single atm like i said, but I think this might be what i am looking for. I just don’t know where to start. Also, I was born disabled in real life, and I don’t know how this would affect a potential daddy, like would there be anyone that would be willing to care for a little like me? I can pretty much do things for myself on that end. I’ve always been self sufficient, but my daddy would need to take into consideration that there might be things I can’t physically do. For myself or for him. Like i said though, i would love to learn and if there is anything you can help me with or point me in the right direction, please please let me know! <3 <3

  7. Jeff says:

    I found your blog,

    I have read a bunch of your guy’s travels. I have always been a sort (Controlling person), however, I can feel what she feels and I am Mono. So a few weeks ago I found someone, and She has been broken pretty bad by her previous Dom/Daddies in which she felt comfortable to tell me. But the feeling that we have been able to uncover for each other just is really explainable. But I will try. I have been in this Lifestyle for 7 years, yet in my quest I have never came across someone like my princess.(She is mine.) She has requested to tell me “that as soon as she can by saving her pennies”, She wishes to fly me to her. In fact it being almost October, I will be turning 25, and I have explained how I spend my birthdays which for the most part I spend alone. She explained that I show traits not only as Dom but as a Daddy. So I figured, I would give it a try, to see if this is something that I can handle. My Bbg happens to be retired Us Navy and I happen to be a Fire Fighter, But what I feel for her truly comes from the depths of my existence and soul. I have had past Dom/Sub relationships and never felt this way. And reading through this here blog explains ways that I too can explore. As you probability can tell I don’t get to see her unless on Skype, Calls me or texts me every morning as I am on one side of the US and She happens to be closer to the Eastern Seaboard. But the feelings express a difference that I didn’t know that I could feel. I can explain to help you better understand. I am not one who shows much emotions unless someone has passed, or I have lost a fallen friend, or lost a military service member, In the last few years I have felt that after my grandfather passed that I may keep a stone face where my emotions are meaningless, This woman’s touch (My Princess) has exposed me and it did in fact catch me off guard, but with her Little touch and precious words of saying that I matter to her yet we have never met in person caused me to break the walls down that I had thought were unable to be breached. We have been dating for 2 weeks and in those flash of memories. We have been able to correct some of the wrongs that were done to her and I from within the past. I get butterflies, cold chills, hot flashes so to speak everytime I get a text, call or video chat from her. We sat down for over 6 hours and discussed a BDSM, Dom/Sub, DD/Lg type of relationship, it wasn’t until yesterday that I too felt the same experience that you did when my princess called me Daddy. As I do understand that this road isn’t easy, and it’s like my career choice “Life wasn’t made to be easy”. I did accept her request, as my girlfriend is my world. The emotions that I thought were gone in fact have never left it took a total stranger to explain to me that my life meant something to her. And as we speak even now, I think the only thing hard for me on this journey would be having to punish her. (Spankings, Timeouts, or ect.) But as you have shown me something that I have even copied into my own ledger for future notes.

    1. LittleBee says:

      My daddy left me yesterday and told me i was useless as F**k and i needed to grow up and be a woman so he would want me…. i have done everything wrong i wanna curl into a ball and cry… what do i do?

      1. Imaprincesscausedaddysaysso says:

        Omg that’s so sad. im not going to tell you that there are plenty of fish in the sea or any of that mess. But it’s obivous he isnt a daddy. Dont rush into a new relationship even though you may feel it is the only way to fill that hole in your heart, but dont push away everyone either. Who knows you might find your true daddy through your recovery. If you need someone to talk to and have kik you can kik me at baileygirlmurphy. *gives stuffie to chase away bad thoughts*

  8. Alicesbigdaddy says:

    Thank you so much for this site, I’m a very new daddy dom. We have been happily married over 10 years & have younglings & I’ve always had a hang up with being called Daddy because of them. After finally agreeing to indulge her, she has totally blown my mind letting her little “Alice” out & making me her daddy and I’ve fallen in love all over again… besides the thanks again I’m looking for particular articles etc to make me a better daddy! Thanks again

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Definitely more to come! I regret that it’s been difficult to find time to post recently with my work schedule, but it’s always at the top of My list. Working on it. So happy you guys are loving the work we’re putting out, though! 🙂

  9. Daddyless says:

    I just wanted to say Thank you so so much.
    Your website has helped me to find a big part of who I truly am by helping me to understand why I am the way I am and who I am. I have been searching for myself for years and was dulled out by my ex husband and his abuse. Your articles have truly raised some clouds in my life and I am grateful. Now I just need to find a Daddy.

  10. NewDaddyDom says:

    I fell for a beautiful sweet Little, but I am new to being a Daddy. My past experience has all been as a Dom to subs and slaves, so I am kind of unsure how much of that side of me to let out. I LOVE taking care of her, just like I enjoyed giving aftercare to subs in the past, but I don’t want to be too rough with her when she won’t enjoy it. Do you have any thoughts concerning the transition from Dom to Daddy? Perspective from both Daddies and Littles would be useful.

  11. Caitlin says:

    Hello! I’m so curious about your daddy/little relationship! I myself really want to try it out. I’ve spoken to my fiancé about it and he likes the idea but he only wants it to be a sexualized thing. I do as well but I also want it to be implemented into our lives a little bit. However I’m the more controlling one and he’s the more free spirited/I don’t care what happens one. Because of this,it’s why I enjoy being a little so much during sex because I feel like I don’t have to be in control. I want him to take a more serious roll in our lives by us trying to implement this type of relationship in our daily lives but I feel like since we’ve been together now for three years that he won’t want to change anything and just keep it strictly sexual. I also don’t want to go too extreme with the little relationship by having stuffed animals or pacifiers or things like that. What do you think about our situation? Also could you tell me what it’s like in your daily life as a little? I’d love to know! Please let me know! Thanks!

  12. Abz says:

    Hi everyone! I’m so pleased to have found a blog for people like me! I have always been interested having a d/s relationship and two months ago I finally found my very own daddy! He has taken to calling me his little princess and this has made me the happiest little girl. I look forward to any advice that gets posted on this page so that I can understand how to progress our relationship. Abz, the little princess xo

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