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i’m a princess, and i’m a little. i’m also a sub. i know what you are thinking: “a little is a sub”. Correct, but what i mean by this is when i am in my “little” headspace, i am Daddy’s little girl. When i am in my big headspace i am a sub, completely obedient and serving. Now that isn’t to say that those two do not overlap (often). They are both fully me; just different parts of me. It is a dynamic that works really well for Sir and i.

Over and over you hear in the BDSM community that none of this is a “one size fits all” dynamic. Everyone has their own interpretation or view on even the smallest of details of the lifestyle, and the best part is…that it’s ok! No one will ever fit into another person’s mold perfectly. We are all unique, individual beings. It is completely freeing to let yourself just be who you really are. No more hiding under the covers. i am a little/sub and i have never been happier since discovering this alternative lifestyle.

How Daddy and i started out in the world of BDSM is quite interesting. On a trip to a cider festival we were reading a book called Love and Respect. How a man needs respect the same way a woman needs love. We really took it to heart, and started digging deeper. How could i show him ultimate respect so he could thrive and be the man he was meant to be, and how could he show me ultimate love so i would feel safe and cared for. Enter in the world of BDSM.

We started madly researching and eating up every single bit of information we could find. The more we read the more we would say, “omg that’s me” or “omg that’s you”. The research went on for weeks, and we discovered things about ourselves we had suppressed over the years. i had a burning desire to submit. i hated being in charge. i had gone from one bad relationship to the next, looking for someone who fit what i needed (even though i didn’t fully understand or know what that was). i ached to be controlled, taken care of, not have to make huge decisions on my own. i was fully capable of doing all of those things myself…but it was miserable.

Then came Sir. The moment we met it was impossible to stay away from each other. He was EVERYTHING i had been looking for. It was like every part that had been missing in my life was suddenly made complete. We had no clue about D/s at that point, but looking back all the signs pointed to yes. He was honest and caring. He listened when i needed to talk. He was extremely controlling (which I loved). And don’t even get me started on jealousy. He wanted me all to Himself. i went to him before making any big decisions. He spoiled me. i fell head over heels for this Man. Our relationship grew, but we both felt something was off or missing. Hence the Love and Respect book.

Going back to BDSM, we first discovered D/s. We both felt this was what was missing. How could we have lived without it. We stopped fighting as much. We both felt more fulfilled. We couldn’t stop smiling. We both felt like it was the secret ingredient. During the time we were fully 24/7 D/s, we started noticing random things that didn’t 100% fit the D/s mold; He loved being called Daddy, i wanted to be near him 24/7 (ok more accurately, i wanted to be in his lap 24/7). So we researched more and discovered the holy grail of all of this…DD/lg. We both knew right away that this was for us. We also noticed He still was “Sir” sometimes and “Daddy” at other times. Also, that i was both a “sub” and a “little”. We made our own “mold”, and the rest is yet to come.

i sincerely hope that you enjoy our blog, and that you find it entertaining and enjoyable. Feel free to comment and ask questions. In case you wondered, we are both consenting adults. Daddy (35) and little (28). We are not related in any way.

Welcome to our crazy, kinky life!

39 thoughts on “About princess”

  1. PorcelainDoll says:

    Has your Daddy ever wanted to bring in a subsister? How would you go about telling him you don’t want one…but how would you go about not wanting to disappoint? :/ Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place~

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      i would love to use this to write an article to fully answer you. i will post a link to that as soon as it is ready! Thank you for your patience. xoxo

  2. AlphaWolf says:

    Did you wrote that article?. I think it’s a really good question and I definitely would like to know what you (and daddy) think about it. cheers!

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