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i’m a princess, and i’m a little. i’m also a sub. i know what you are thinking: “a little is a sub”. Correct, but what i mean by this is when i am in my “little” headspace, i am Daddy’s little girl. When i am in my big headspace i am a sub, completely obedient and serving. Now that isn’t to say that those two do not overlap (often). They are both fully me; just different parts of me. It is a dynamic that works really well for Sir and i.

Over and over you hear in the BDSM community that none of this is a “one size fits all” dynamic. Everyone has their own interpretation or view on even the smallest of details of the lifestyle, and the best part is…that it’s ok! No one will ever fit into another person’s mold perfectly. We are all unique, individual beings. It is completely freeing to let yourself just be who you really are. No more hiding under the covers. i am a little/sub and i have never been happier since discovering this alternative lifestyle.

How Daddy and i started out in the world of BDSM is quite interesting. On a trip to a cider festival we were reading a book called Love and Respect. How a man needs respect the same way a woman needs love. We really took it to heart, and started digging deeper. How could i show him ultimate respect so he could thrive and be the man he was meant to be, and how could he show me ultimate love so i would feel safe and cared for. Enter in the world of BDSM.

We started madly researching and eating up every single bit of information we could find. The more we read the more we would say, “omg that’s me” or “omg that’s you”. The research went on for weeks, and we discovered things about ourselves we had suppressed over the years. i had a burning desire to submit. i hated being in charge. i had gone from one bad relationship to the next, looking for someone who fit what i needed (even though i didn’t fully understand or know what that was). i ached to be controlled, taken care of, not have to make huge decisions on my own. i was fully capable of doing all of those things myself…but it was miserable.

Then came Sir. The moment we met it was impossible to stay away from each other. He was EVERYTHING i had been looking for. It was like every part that had been missing in my life was suddenly made complete. We had no clue about D/s at that point, but looking back all the signs pointed to yes. He was honest and caring. He listened when i needed to talk. He was extremely controlling (which I loved). And don’t even get me started on jealousy. He wanted me all to Himself. i went to him before making any big decisions. He spoiled me. i fell head over heels for this Man. Our relationship grew, but we both felt something was off or missing. Hence the Love and Respect book.

Going back to BDSM, we first discovered D/s. We both felt this was what was missing. How could we have lived without it. We stopped fighting as much. We both felt more fulfilled. We couldn’t stop smiling. We both felt like it was the secret ingredient. During the time we were fully 24/7 D/s, we started noticing random things that didn’t 100% fit the D/s mold; He loved being called Daddy, i wanted to be near him 24/7 (ok more accurately, i wanted to be in his lap 24/7). So we researched more and discovered the holy grail of all of this…DD/lg. We both knew right away that this was for us. We also noticed He still was “Sir” sometimes and “Daddy” at other times. Also, that i was both a “sub” and a “little”. We made our own “mold”, and the rest is yet to come.

i sincerely hope that you enjoy our blog, and that you find it entertaining and enjoyable. Feel free to comment and ask questions. In case you wondered, we are both consenting adults. Daddy (35) and little (28). We are not related in any way.

Welcome to our crazy, kinky life!

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  1. mQQnchild says:

    Yes! yes!! yessssss!! i have soooo many questions! it seems ma’ Daddy and i are kinda like ‘dis too! We are only virtual, annnd i dunno how much further it will go… buuuut, i’ve always known He is a Dominant, and i’ve always known i’m a “submissive”, and i understand about the “little” headspace… sooooo, princess….is okies to switch back and forth? from like “little” to “submissive” wifout bein’ in the “little” headspace? ahhh dunno if i can be a little ALL tha’ time, but i surely understand watcha’ mean about wantin’ to be in Daddy’s lap 24/7!!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      of course you can switch between the two! being little is only another form of submission anyways. i am not in my little mode 24/7. i switch multiple times a day. When i am cleaning and taking care of Daddy’s house i am in a more submissive role. When we are just hanging out and relaxing i fall into little mode. i transition so smoothly i do not even notice most of the time. Poor Daddy is the one who has to keep up :).

    2. Imani says:

      The way you write is so interesting 😛 sorry im being a comment creeper lollz just that i have so many questions sooo dig through comments to see if it was recently asked! Happy new years!!

  2. Cherry Bomb says:

    I found your website a few weeks ago and I love it! My Daddy and I sound sooo much like you and your Daddy. We’re really new to this and we’re still learning. I have a lot of trouble letting myself truly be little. It’s so scary to let go and trust someone like that.
    I’m so happy for you that you found someone you can be yourself with. You sound enormously happy through the things you write. Please, keep telling us more! It’s so insightful! My Daddy and I have already learned a few things. Do you think you and your daddy can write more about how you manage this relationship with kids? We have three from his previous relationship and it’s kind of hard. I’d love to hear how you do it.
    P.S. Avy looks super cute. I keep asking my Daddy for a puppy but he’s a cat person. Heehee we’re kind of opposite on this one 🙂

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      your Daddy should definitely get you a puppy!!!! mine keep me busy while Daddy works so i do not bug Him too much. i am working on a post about DD/lg and having kids!! i promise that it is coming soon.

  3. Daddy Dom says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    If you ask often enough, sometimes your Daddy will cave and get you a puppy 🙂

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      hehe You did, twice!!!!! Thank You Daddy for my puppies!

  4. Alora says:

    I’ve fairly new to this. I’m not sure on what to expect. I love making my Pooky happy and I’ll do everything and anything to keep it that way. I’m the type that likes attention someone to tell me what to do and have control but also give me the space to live and be free. Right now its virtual and I don’t know where this is headed. Can you give me more of an overview of the relationship so I can have a better understanding c:

  5. Jnp75 says:

    I’m an so glad I found this site. My boyfriend “daddy” is introducing me to this lifestyle and as open minded as I am, it’s a little intimidating filling a role I’ve never been before. So many questions. I am and always have been ever subservient, always wanting to please and love to be controlled and dominated. However, since I am very new to this, and being a baby girl, can you give me some suggestions on how to better please my daddy.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Welcome! We’re happy to have you here. I know it can be scary being in a relationship like this. It’s not “normal”, by most people’s standards, and we totally get it.

      To get you started, you might check out these posts:

      Hopefully that helps! Please keep up with the comments and questions, we love hearing from people that find anything useful out of our online ramblings 🙂

    2. Daddy's princess says:

      Daddy put some great links for you to read! Here are two more:


      The beginning is the best, because everything is new and you can experiment! Don’t worry about messing up and be ready for some giggles. Be open and honest with your likes and dislikes and everything will fall right into place! Let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. Daddy's precious baby says:

    So, I need some advice. Im leaving for summer break this week and I have to leave my daddy for almost 2 and a half to three weeks. And I dont know how to cope with it. I was wondering if you could me some advice so I dont go mad crazy without my daddy.

  7. Shambria Berger says:

    I am so interested in being a sub but I am just nervous!! How do I find my DOM. I want a daddy. This sounds so nice! I wish I could experience it.

  8. Angel says:

    I am 47 and just starting a relationship with an 18 year old. I really think it will develop into a Daddy/Princess relationship, it’s great to see that this is actually a real thing and I am not alone

  9. lexiprincess says:

    I am very new to the D/s, DD/lg lifestyle. I tried calling my Dom “Daddy” and it felt to foreign and awkward to me. We have come up with our own nicknames for each other. I call my Dom “Ace” or “Sir” when I am given a command and he always calls me “baby girl” or “Alex” when I have been naughty. I am happy I was able to find a relationship that I can totally be myself in and I don’t have to worry about what he is thinking or whether he likes me. I still have worries each day as I am sure Ace does too. We are both college students so it is hard to juggle school and still have time for each other, its a work in progress! Everyday I learn something new about the BDSM world and I share it with my Dom. I like to know what I am learning pleases him. Right now I am having problems with letting people know about my chosen lifestyle, especially my family. Most of my friends understand and support me, but my parents are a different story. I hate keeping secrets but I know they won’t understand or think I am crazy, so for now Sir and I are keeping things between us and only letting those we trust know. I don’t have anyone in my community or in Montana where I live to talk to about this lifestyle, and to be honest I could really use the help. If there is any advice you or your Daddy can offer me I would be forever in your debt! Thank you 😉

  10. DaddysLolita says:

    I’m the same way 🙂 as far as being a sub and a little. I’ll admit it’s a little chaotic for me right now since we’re so new to this. How do you handle both of your sides? We started out with D/s and it seemed to naturally progress into dd/lg. My little side isn’t always present, but is easily coaxed out. Does the same thing happen to you? Also, not to get TO personal, does your little side age regress?

  11. Daddy's princess says:

    How do you handle both of your sides?

    ~i flow smoothly in and out of sub and little. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It just happens naturally and Daddy is pretty good about seeing where I am at emotionally and gauges where and how we go from there for the day. If i am obviously in little mode, He is sweet and nurturing, but strict. When i am in sub mode, He is more sexual, stern, and holds me accountable for every little thing. #1 rule is NEVER interrupt Daddy when He is talking.. when little or sub.

    We started out with D/s and it seemed to naturally progress into dd/lg. My little side isn’t always present, but is easily coaxed out. Does the same thing happen to you?

    ~YES! Daddy knows exactly how to put me into little mode. Goldfish and juice boxes, cuddles, and cartoons are sure fire ways to put me in little space.

    Also, not to get TOO personal, does your little side age regress?

    ~Yes. i can’t explain it, but when i feel “little” i feel like boo from monsters inc. It’s not really about the age, but more about how i feel when in little space. Although Daddy says i act 3 years old when i am being naughty hehe 🙂

    ❥ xoxo

  12. Princess.C. says:

    I adore my daddy♡ I’m head over heals for ♡♡♡and he; I. But the only problem is we live 3 hours apart and he works full time. I barley get to see him. Do you have any good tips for a ‘long distance’ DD/lg?

    (He lives on his own. I live at home. Daddy is 23. I’m 19.) I love being his little.

    1. DaddysLolita says:

      My Daddy is 4 hours away, we’ve just started our journey into DD/lg and have had to come up with lots of unique things, I could give you some tips if you’re interested?

  13. Princess.C. says:

    Yes please ?

  14. DaddysLolita says:

    Sure. Every morning my Daddy gets up a little earlier than needed to leave me a note (short and sweet) just to let me know he’s thinking about me. We share voice messages, you can use these to great advantage; naughty or nice. Sharing an online presence like here or ddlgforum.com or something keeps us close. Punishment is trickier, if I mess up he might send me a voice message telling me he is disappointed in me *cries* or make me write a list of reasons why what I did was bad or he’ll make me repeat things he says back to him, we use Netflix a lot to share movie dates, there are definite rules and guidelines to follow. Using rituals is helpful, come up with something you do every day..share a snack and talk at the same time every day, wake up together, text at the same time every day, something, anything personal to you. Using an account like dropbox or onedrive can be helpful; you can upload pictures and/or videos which can be useful; nice, naughty, punishment, praise etc. The biggest advice I can give you……be creative.

  15. Sadie says:

    Okay so I just discovered that I was a little, I had all the characteristics but I didn’t know what they were or what they meant, honestly I just based it on being weird and part of my kink… I have so many questions… I related to you on almost every level, and I’ve done some research but there really isn’t a lot it’s just blogs and other peoples experiences, I was curious if maybe you’d stumbled on some info or chat rooms or articles that could help me understand all this?!

  16. Littlebunny says:

    I loved reading about you princess, I can relate to you easily. Possibly because I feel the same way as a “little”. Me and my daddy have had a somewhat vanilla or what we thought was just vanilla with once in a while kink for the past 8 1/2 years. Tell you the truth daddy thought BDSM was all about bondage, whips and pain…….he was scared. So we never really looked into BDSM until recently when he came across some photos of see guys having there women collared. I told him that was to extreme for me, so I look further wanting to find something to please him in a way I felt comfortable with. Thats when I found DD/lg. I was completely like omg with certain things he does or wanted to do for me but my adult responsible self wouldn’t allow but my little wanted. Then there were tons of stuff that connected with me as a little like “me being 27 yr old mom of 2, that still has her security blanket and cant sleep with out it” connection.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Hi Littlebunny! Welcome to DD/lg!!! i am thankful every day that i found it. It has made everything that was once confusing start to make sense. The best part was that Daddy and i finally understood why there was always such a power struggle and awkwardness of how things are “supposed” to be. i love being little and it is such a freeing feeling!

  17. Louis Murray says:

    Hello, I am about 2 hours into my first dd/lg relationship. This beginning time is extremely exciting and in a way… Nerve racking. I need advice on the first couple weeks of what to do and how to do it right. My little is wonderful but she has had a relationship before. She is very loyal and subservient…
    So can anyone walk me thru some dos and donts. Much appreciated.

  18. lil one says:

    princess, thank you so much for sharing all your little stories and advise. They have helped this little to understand that she is not weird or alone in her DD/lg lifestyle. It has also given this little so many ideas and insights to try with her Daddy. Thank you so much!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Awwwweeee! Of course! Thank you so much for reading! xoxo 🙂

  19. newlittle says:

    i love this site!! ive known that im a little for a few months, and i think i just found my DD. but he doesnt really underatand the lifestyle, and im new to it as well. i just dont really know how to explain it to him. and i dont really get to see him often, maybe once a week. how can we settle into the DD/lg role with only being together once week?

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      We have a few articles that talk about LDR and ways to make what little time you have special! xoxo

  20. Holly says:

    I nearly cried after finding your blog and reading some of your posts. This helps so much, even if I have a long way to go to find myself… I just wanted to let you know your words helped and to thank both of you.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      So happy to have you! Thank you so much for writing this 🙂

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