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my Favorite little Shoe Ideas

Confession… i LOVE shoes! They have their own shelf (ok shelves) in our bedroom. Daddy says that i am addicted. i say, it could be a worse addiction! He won’t always admit it, but He loves that i wear sexy heels and cute little flats just for Him. Not to mention, He sends me pictures of the cutest heels all the time just to watch me drool. Silly Daddy! i love that He is a lot taller than me; even in my highest heels. It’s also fun to wear flats, just so i feel “little” next to Him.

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35 Phrases For Daddy Doms To Use When Talking With Their little

There is always that one thing a Daddy can say to put His little into little space. Sometimes it’s something sweet, and sometimes it is asserting Your domination over her; strengthening the power dynamic. With all of the stress and craziness of the day, it is easy to forget how important simple words are to maintaining the DD/lg dynamic between You and Your little.


Wanting To Be little – 10 Weight Loss Tips For littles

January is long loooooong gone. As are the goals you may have set as your new year’s resolution (to exercise more, get organized, and… gah, lose weight). It was easy to feel hopeful as the new year approached, and to feel successful the first 24 hours after the clock struck midnight; but then life got in the way, and now its the end of August and summer is about to be over. It is NOT too late.

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How To Get Daddy To Give you His Attention

Aside from throwing yourself down at His feet and throwing an all out tantrum, finding ways to get your Daddy Dom’s attention can be difficult in a world that is constantly vying for His attention with smart phones, never ending Netflix, work, and the pressures to be successful in everything. So if not through stomping your feet, how can you get His attention without ending up with a red bottom.

Here is a step by step guide with a list of ideas that may just work!