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Daddies, Photos & Respecting Limits

Thanks for writing 50’s Babygirl!

I think, given the circumstance, that you were correct to use the safe word. With what happened, you felt insecure and unsafe; and that’s specifically what a safe word is for. For any reason, if you feel you’re at your limit, your Daddy (or “Dominant” in any BDSM dynamic) should respect the use of a safe word. It’s how you communicate limits to your Dom beyond a shadow of a doubt. Was He wrong in His response, though? Let’s explore.

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Upper Case? lower case? What?

This post is going to be an interesting one; because, frankly, we hadn’t ever intended on writing about it. One of our favorite commenters “Cherry Bomb” commented on a recent article about why we capitalize or lowercase references to one another in our writings. While it may not be for everybody, it works for us; and it shows in what we put up for people to read. Hopefully this helps clear up why we do this, and maybe inspire new/different/creative protocols for you in your own relationship!

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10 Things Every little Needs to Stop Doing


Relationships are hard. Okay, understatement of the year, right? It is essentially two different people with different backgrounds, childhoods, political views, BDSM opinions, and on and on and on; trying to mesh their worlds together. Friction is bound to happen, regardless of how hard either party is trying. The key is that couples need to realize that love is work. Love is putting someone else before you. Love is HARD!

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Guest Post: Reflections on Meeting My Daddy Dom

Guest Author: mostlyangel {with mostlyangelsDD} @ FetLife

I have been in the lifestyle for about two years; and during that time I have put a lot of effort into becoming educated in the lifestyle, which has included reading widely, as well as online submissive classes. I also benefited from some experienced submissives that helped me out a lot. This all helped me understand what I was looking for, and also means I am always happy to reciprocate by offering advice to others as my knowledge has grown. During this time, I had two short-term real life relationships. The first was very new to the lifestyle, and was more of a Daddy than a Daddy Dom (which is what I really wanted), so there was no point in my continuing that relationship. The second was more of a play-partner, which I knew up-front. He was an experienced Sensual Dom, and he introduced me to some light bondage as well as sensual spanking.