Beginners, D/s, DD/lg, Dominance, Remembrance, Submission, Trust & Respect

Love & Respect Between A D/s Or DD/lg Couple, & A little More About Our Journey

We promised in the comments that a detailed post would follow-up on a response that princess left for one of our commenters. Hopefully this isn’t too crazy-long, and easy enough to follow. There’s a lot being talked about in this post, and I thank you for your patience while I touch on a few key things about us and why certain things that work for us, may not necessarily be the right recipe for others.

BDSM, Beginners, D/s, DD/lg, Dominance, Punishments, Submission, Trust & Respect

Daddy Dom Struggling With Punishments

Punishing Your little is vital and, can sometimes be very hard to wrap Your head around. Deep down, You don’t want to hurt Your little girl because, dammit, she is so fuckin’ cute; but You also feel compelled to teach respect and proper behavior. It is really important to remember that by not punishing Your little, You are doing more harm than good. Every little will test her boundaries, and if she finds that there are none, she will ultimately feel lost, confused, and unloved. She needs to know that You love her enough to teach her how to be Your “good girl”. It is every little’s desire to please her Daddy Dom, and to be praised for doing so.

D/s, DD/lg, Dominance, Submission

Daddy’s Spoiled little kitten

Daddy spoils me rotten. i am so thankful for all of the love, time, gifts and attention Daddy gives me. He is my whole wide world. Today the surprise He got me arrived in the mail!!!! i was sooooooo excited when i saw the BIG box! i definitely needed His help opening the tape with a knife. That is a BIG job. He is so amazing, i have the bestest Daddy in all the land!