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Guest Post: 10 Nonsexual Reasons Why a Daddy Adores His little

Guest Author: D.Dom

A little is not a child. A little is a mature woman that preserved childlike characteristics. Therefore her personality is unlike a general adult. It is substantially determined by attitudes, habits and behaviors that are more typical for a kid than for a common adult person. This is particularly true of needing guidance, control and protection from a dominant partner and caregiver.

As a little is needy, she may sometimes feel like a burden for her caregiver; being stressful and insufficient. To better understand her particular attitudes and characteristics, we illuminate the relationship from the dominant side. Here are ten nonsexual reasons why a Daddy adores his little more than everything else in the world:

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Guest Post: Reflections on Meeting My Daddy Dom

Guest Author: mostlyangel {with mostlyangelsDD} @ FetLife

I have been in the lifestyle for about two years; and during that time I have put a lot of effort into becoming educated in the lifestyle, which has included reading widely, as well as online submissive classes. I also benefited from some experienced submissives that helped me out a lot. This all helped me understand what I was looking for, and also means I am always happy to reciprocate by offering advice to others as my knowledge has grown. During this time, I had two short-term real life relationships. The first was very new to the lifestyle, and was more of a Daddy than a Daddy Dom (which is what I really wanted), so there was no point in my continuing that relationship. The second was more of a play-partner, which I knew up-front. He was an experienced Sensual Dom, and he introduced me to some light bondage as well as sensual spanking.

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Guest Post: Reflections on Punishment in a DD/bg Relationship

Guest Author: mostlyangelsDD {with mostlyangel} @ FetLife

I first got involved in BDSM nearly 25 years ago. Through three long-term relationships in the lifestyle, my preferences have evolved to become monogamous long-term Domination and submission (DS), with a healthy dose of bondage and discipline (BD). I have a good grounding in aspects of sadism/masochism (SM), having long ago owned a pain slut…but it turned out that’s not really me. Basically, I’m a Dom who likes kinky play, including only light to medium pain, and I’m comfortable with it. It is who I am. As a Dom, one of my requirements is the right to punish/discipline my sub. Generally, it is not needed often; but she must consent that I have that right.