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my Favorite Not So “Girly” little Shoe Ideas

There is just something about heading out for your day in an awesome pair of shoes; which fills you with confidence to start out your day. i LOVE shoes, and was asked by a reader to post some articles for littles that prefer a not-so-girly style. i personally love pink and frills, but everyone has their own style; and that is perfectly ok! Since shoes are my most favorite, i wanted to start there. i hope you guys like these as much as i do!

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Let’s Start Anew

i am sure most of our readers are wondering why we haven’t been writing. No, we haven’t disappeared. No, we haven’t been hiding from you. We are truly officially back! We extend an apology for being MIA, and a promise to continue writing on a regular basis. We have honestly missed writing for all of you, probably as much as you have missed reading new articles. Well get ready, because we have so much we are excited to share with you all!

Life has a funny way of hitting you with everything all at once; instead of a sprinkle here and a dash there. We have been extremely busy with work, family, and a lot of changes in our life. Thankfully we are finally at a point where we can calm things down a bit and do the things we love to do; and not just the things that we “have” to do. Top of the list is writing here at CWOP!


Long Time No Talk!

As many of you know, we’ve been away relocating, and basically restructuring some major pieces of our lives as a couple and as a family. It’s been a rough month with everything going on, and thank each and every one of you for remaining patient while we finished up “us” stuff. We missed you, we’re excited to bring you our newest articles.

Stay tuned for our next post coming later this afternoon!

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OMG my Daddy Cheated

I’m here today because I have a problem; my Daddy cheated on me. I had gone to visit my sister, but ended coming back a day early. When I got home, I saw Daddy in bed with another woman…who just happens to be his ex. Yay. It hurt so badly. I thought he loved me, as I do him; obviously not. I’m staying with a friend that knows about our lifestyle and the situation. I know that I need to officially end things, but I love him. Daddy wants me to come back, and I want to too, but this has been going on for 3 months now behind my back. When I thought he was working late nights with all of this paperwork, he really wasn’t. He said he’s sorry. I want to believe him, and I have deep feelings for him, but I don’t know what to do. Any advice? ~ Kate

Both Mine and princess’ responses are independently written, and reflect our own thoughts about the situation you’ve written to us about. We didn’t want them to seem biased, and both of us come from different backgrounds. Also…we don’t always have the same stance about everything, so it made sense to do it this way.