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50 Things a Daddy Dom Should Never Say to His little

I’m sure every Daddy has said at least one thing on this list, and has probably regretted it ever since. When in the heat of the moment, it always seems that you say the most hurtful things to the ones you love the most. Anger takes hold, and words get thrown around. Let’s face it, a majority of littles are extremely sensitive; and a majority of Daddies are extremely good at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. No Daddy is perfect, and mistakes happen; but a good Daddy will learn how to avoid hurting His little girl as much a humanly possible.

Most little’s are easily-affected. They love deeper than most, and get hurt very quickly. It seems that whatever a Daddy Dom says to her will shoot straight to her little heart. The words He uses have the power to either build her up, or break her down. It isn’t always easy to stay calm and patient, but it should be every Daddy’s daily goal to learn from His mistakes and be better than the day before.

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Guest Post: Reflections on Meeting My Daddy Dom

Guest Author: mostlyangel {with mostlyangelsDD} @ FetLife

I have been in the lifestyle for about two years; and during that time I have put a lot of effort into becoming educated in the lifestyle, which has included reading widely, as well as online submissive classes. I also benefited from some experienced submissives that helped me out a lot. This all helped me understand what I was looking for, and also means I am always happy to reciprocate by offering advice to others as my knowledge has grown. During this time, I had two short-term real life relationships. The first was very new to the lifestyle, and was more of a Daddy than a Daddy Dom (which is what I really wanted), so there was no point in my continuing that relationship. The second was more of a play-partner, which I knew up-front. He was an experienced Sensual Dom, and he introduced me to some light bondage as well as sensual spanking.

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my Friends think that my Daddy Dom is Abusing me

I am fairly new at being a little, I’ve been with my daddy for about 2 years, but only been part of this lifestyle for about 3 months. When daddy and I play (and sometimes during punishments) daddy leaves little marks like handprints or bruises, and I like that. But, recently I was out with some friends who saw some on my wrist and thigh, and they mistook it for daddy being abusive. (They don’t know about me being a sub). I want to tell them, I don’t want them doing anything to get daddy in trouble but I’m afraid that they will not accept me anymore, and I have a really hard time making friends, so they’re all I’ve got. But I also love daddy bunches, and I don’t want him to feel like I’m ashamed because I don’t tell them. What do I do? Bumblebee

What an interesting question! I asked princess if she minded Me answering this question, because I feel like I have a bit to say on this topic. She may chime in down below in the comments, though. Let’s dig in!

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Guest Post: Reflections on Punishment in a DD/bg Relationship

Guest Author: mostlyangelsDD {with mostlyangel} @ FetLife

I first got involved in BDSM nearly 25 years ago. Through three long-term relationships in the lifestyle, my preferences have evolved to become monogamous long-term Domination and submission (DS), with a healthy dose of bondage and discipline (BD). I have a good grounding in aspects of sadism/masochism (SM), having long ago owned a pain slut…but it turned out that’s not really me. Basically, I’m a Dom who likes kinky play, including only light to medium pain, and I’m comfortable with it. It is who I am. As a Dom, one of my requirements is the right to punish/discipline my sub. Generally, it is not needed often; but she must consent that I have that right.