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10 Rules for a Daddy Dom: Punishments

After posting 10 Rules for a Daddy Dom, we got so many questions through the comments and email, that we wanted to write a follow-up post. How does the Daddy stay accountable? What if He breaks the rules? Does He get a punishment? If so, what kind? Daddy and i have been talking about this, and (i think) came up with a great idea. What if the Daddies had to “pay” for their mistakes?

Beginners, DD/lg, Punishments, Questions

Why Won’t my Daddy Punish me

My Daddy never punishes me!!! I need her to teach me to obey and behave! I just want her to tell me no and follow through when I misbehave….I know I’m not very good at obeying but she needs to punish me when I’ve done wrong, I need it to better myself. ~Stephie’s Kitten

Starting off, i am going to assume that your Daddy is female, so i will do my best to not say him or he. Have you tried talking with your Daddy? Talking openly about what you need and want is very important. She cannot make informed decisions with bad information. That is where i would start. Be open about how you are feeling. That you need it in order to be a better little. That you crave boundaries. In my experience, this is true of most Daddy/little relationships. We have written a few posts about this specific topic that i would suggest you and your Daddy read.

Beginners, DD/lg, Punishments, Questions

How to Handle Spankings

Princess, how do you stay still for a spanking? I just cannot do it. I try so hard. I mentally tell myself I wanted DD/lg and I want the correction and that I need to be a good girl for my Daddy and accept the consequences of my actions and be still but I just can’t. And if Daddy does the spanking lighter, I don’t feel the release and it doesn’t feel like a punishment so I don’t get over it or learn my lesson. How do you and other people stay still? I feel really bad because I try so hard but I can’t handle how much it hurts. I feel like I’m misbehaving more when I can’t sit still and that makes it worse and worse and nothing ever gets better. :'( I feel like I’m letting my Daddy down and I don’t want to do that anymore. ~ Cherry Bomb

i have just as hard a time. What’s worse, is there are times when Daddy wants to spank me, but i feel like He is the one in the wrong and not me; and i fight to get away. It is always worse when i try to fight it. my suggestion would be to think about an actual 3-5 year old and how they would react to a spanking. They squirm and kick and cry, but they do not get out of it. So in my opinion, being a little is no different. we don’t want to be spanked (unless it’s the good kind) when we are upset and feeling angry, but we still need it.

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Daddy Dom Struggling With Punishments

Punishing Your little is vital and, can sometimes be very hard to wrap Your head around. Deep down, You don’t want to hurt Your little girl because, dammit, she is so fuckin’ cute; but You also feel compelled to teach respect and proper behavior. It is really important to remember that by not punishing Your little, You are doing more harm than good. Every little will test her boundaries, and if she finds that there are none, she will ultimately feel lost, confused, and unloved. She needs to know that You love her enough to teach her how to be Your “good girl”. It is every little’s desire to please her Daddy Dom, and to be praised for doing so.