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Spank me Daddy and Give me Rules

littles are a LOT of work. my Daddy will be the first to tell anyone that being in charge of a little is no easy task. i often throw tantrums. i am extremely sensitive. i crave all of His attention. i need a lot of discipline, rules, and boundaries. There is nothing worse than being little and having to take on the world alone with no clear direction. With pre-set rules and boundaries, i feel safe and loved. i don’t have to think about how to dress or how to do my hair, Daddy has rules for that. i don’t have to stress about money or bills, Daddy takes care of that. i never have to question “should i” or “shouldn’t i”, because if there isn’t a rule for it, i just consult with Daddy and He takes care of it.

Beginners, DD/lg, Punishments, Submission, Trust & Respect

Even princess’ Get Spanked

Daddy spanked me. It really hurt and it made me so, so mad. i know that Daddy’s biggest pet peeve is when someone interrupts Him, but there were things that i wanted to say too. He just doesn’t understand. It is so hard to stay quiet when you are bursting at the seems with feelings and thoughts. Daddy was yelling at me about being naughty and disrespectful. i didn’t think i was at all. i was just speaking loudly and i guess i was a little bit angry.