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Daddy Has Another Girlfriend

I have a sir but, we have the most unusual of relationships. I am his slave and he has a girlfriend. I feel I already know this, but I don’t have any real person to talk to about it. We’ve been doing this for several months now, known each other for a year and a half. When I found out he had a steady girlfriend, I backed out. And then with more conversation, I was drawn back in. He has the best of both worlds. And while I enjoy the daddy/girl play, I want more. I feel it’s unrealistic to expect it from him for various reasons (being that he is with someone else), and also that he’s said that it’s better for a guy I’m dating to see me as the person their dating first over them being my master.

Basically I should just give this up, shouldn’t I? The holidays are coming and I already feel left out. The “baby’s” and everything else just don’t cut it, but I’m not sure how to end it without sounding like a desperate person. I just want to sound like someone who isn’t getting everything I need, and that’s it.

For example, master always wants me to perform by video since he doesn’t get to see me often when he’s traveling; and outside some verbal praise, that’s it. When we are together he does give some after care… idk I’m feeling less fulfilled and more used and left feeling empty…

~ Good girl

First, I’d like to acknowledge that we may not have all of the facts yet. There’s a great deal of information here, and I’ll do my best to drill into it objectively. Second, I’d like to say how sad I am for you that you’re in this position. It’s hard to be caught in the middle; especially so close to the holidays! It sounds as though you’ve mostly made up your mind about how you feel in this relationship. The next step is action, but there are a few things to consider first.

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Daddies, Photos & Respecting Limits

Thanks for writing 50’s Babygirl!

I think, given the circumstance, that you were correct to use the safe word. With what happened, you felt insecure and unsafe; and that’s specifically what a safe word is for. For any reason, if you feel you’re at your limit, your Daddy (or “Dominant” in any BDSM dynamic) should respect the use of a safe word. It’s how you communicate limits to your Dom beyond a shadow of a doubt. Was He wrong in His response, though? Let’s explore.

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Upper Case? lower case? What?

This post is going to be an interesting one; because, frankly, we hadn’t ever intended on writing about it. One of our favorite commenters “Cherry Bomb” commented on a recent article about why we capitalize or lowercase references to one another in our writings. While it may not be for everybody, it works for us; and it shows in what we put up for people to read. Hopefully this helps clear up why we do this, and maybe inspire new/different/creative protocols for you in your own relationship!

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Apologies From a little Are So Hard and So Important

my daddy and i just had a really big fight and i feel absolutely awful. i want to apologize so so much, but the thing is that i’ve never been good at expressing my thoughts and feelings. whenever i try to tell him how i feel on a certain subject my words get jumbled up and i end up sounding like an idiot. can you help me figure out how to express my apology to him without having to verbalize my feelings? ~ Kitty

Fights are the absolute worst. The one thing i hate most in the world is disappointing my Daddy. His number one pet peeve is being interrupted. i grew up in a house where, if you didn’t interrupt, you would never be heard. i try so hard every day to break that habit and be respectful, but i fail… a lot (i am sorry Daddy). i am also the least confrontational person you will meet; so when fights happen, i get really scared and say a ton of things that i don’t mean. It is really hard to change, but Daddy is helping me. i mean, that’s His job! Just like it’s your Daddy’s job to teach you and help you to be better.