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What Exactly Is and Isn’t Cheating

I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of months. I have become a Daddy Dom a week or so before reading your blog. My girlfriend and I have been a DD/lg relationship since we got together and established rules and punishments and rewards. But this past Friday she engaged with inappropriate behavior with a guy on the internet and sent him naked pictures of herself. I really need some help because I don’t want to lose her but I need her to know that she hurt me and my trust with her. Please help. ~ Dylan

First of all i want to say thank you for reading our blog! We love sharing our world with our readers. Second, i am very sorry for what You are going through. Any form of betrayal can be heart-wrenching. That empty pit starts to form inside of you, and it grows minute-by-minute with questions, anger, sadness, and brokenness. Right now, it seems like you will be lost inside forever. i PROMISE that over time and with healing, the blackness will diminish and You will feel like You can breathe again. Will the hurt always be there? Not always, but there will be a scar and over time it will fade.

DD/lg, Questions

Daddy is Demanding Pictures of Me

Hi my daddy doesn’t understand i don’t feel comfortable sending pictures of myself. i told him my limits and that was one of them but he keeps pushing to get a picture out of me and a lot of times he makes me feel very uncomfortable and sometimes hurts me with what he says. but my question is should i stay with him even though he keeps pushing to get stuff out of me and i know your supposed to be honest so i told him a lot about me and what happened to me and why i don’t like doing some of the things he wants me to do but i don’t wanna stay with him but i don’t know if thats the right thing we have only been together for like a a month. lilipad

Thanks for writing lilipad! I’m going to assume that this is a long distance relationship (LDR), and that your Daddy is wanting nudes sent via text message, Snapshat, or via other means. The question didn’t specifically identify this, but I think that’s what you’re saying. Let’s get started!

Beginners, DD/lg, Questions

Trouble Communicating with my Daddy Dom

Hi! I just have a quick question. Recently, me and my boyfriend of 8 months have been in a happy and refreshing DD/Lg relationship and honestly I couldn’t be happier. He is the kindest and most perfect Daddy I’ve ever had. But…there is a slight problem on my part. Daddy becomes frustrated with it as well but not too much. My problem is that I have a hard time saying my limits or saying no when certain things happen. For example, I’m slightly bratty which daddy doesn’t mind but at times I get out of hand and when punishment is dealt, (spanking,timeout,etc.) sometimes it really hurts, either physically or emotionally but I can never say it aloud or let him know. It has caused some arguments and worry. I come from a very abusive and sad childhood and I was raised to think that my pain, my problems should always be silent and I should worry more about the welfare of others. So when daddy overdoes spankings, I end up crying and not saying our safe word and he feels so guilty. All because of my issue of not speaking up. Daddy does his best to please me and discipline me, but when I don’t say anything because I feel like it impedes, it becomes a problem. We’re a very happy couple and I am thankful he is in my life so my question is : how can I help myself speak up to my daddy whenever I feel hurt either physically,mentally,or emotionally without feeling guilt or like it could possibly bother him? What are things I can do to help build up my speech problems with Daddy? I appreciate any help and even now, I feel guilty for voicing this issue and I feel like I’m impeding. I hope not. I’m sure if I was raised differently this wouldn’t be a problem but I had no control over that, so I’m trying now to work on it and honestly I’ve followed you guys and read so much from you that I feel like maybe I can trust you guys to help. I understand if you can’t. Thank you! ? ~ princesseli

Learning how to communicate is sooooooo important. The crazy thing about it, is that your ability to communicate effectively with your partner is forever evolving. No one is ever done learning how to communicate, because everyday life changes, and people grow. When you are in a Daddy Dom/little girl relationship, communication is not only necessary, but vital for a healthy, strong foundation. Without that foundation, trust, respect and love have nothing to stand on.

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Distance Between the Daddy and His little…Sexually

Are all Daddies expected to love sex? What happens when a little’s sex drive is higher than Daddy’s? Is expecting more than one round a day too much or at least everyday? Should a Daddy expect to perform that often? How can you tell if Daddy is losing interest or simply unable to engage? Should a little feel unwanted or not need by Daddy if she is rejected sexually? How can she prevent the feelings of rejection and insecurity from occurring? Sorry for all the questions but i was unsure on how to present the topic. Thank you in advance.Munchie ♥

That’s okay! We’ve experienced some of this, and it’s not always directly related to DD/lg or something the little is necessarily doing wrong. Or the Daddy for that matter. There are a number of reasons sex drives fail (or sway temporarily), and we’ll try to talk through some of them here.