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She Said “Yes”

Two years ago, today, I met the love of My life. My little princess has challenged and blessed Me more than I could have ever thought possible. As her Daddy, and future husband, I love her beyond words. We are inseparable, and completely crazy for each other. Today, I asked this amazing little girl to marry Me; and with a blushing face, she said “yes”.

Thank you all who have encouraged us to keep going, and inspired us to be better. ♥

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Love & Respect Between A D/s Or DD/lg Couple, & A little More About Our Journey

We promised in the comments that a detailed post would follow-up on a response that princess left for one of our commenters. Hopefully this isn’t too crazy-long, and easy enough to follow. There’s a lot being talked about in this post, and I thank you for your patience while I touch on a few key things about us and why certain things that work for us, may not necessarily be the right recipe for others.

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A little Day Out With Daddy

Daddy took me out for the day!!! First we watched a show in bed eating marshmallow cereal (YUMMY) and our favorite show. Then he surprised me with a trip to the Farmers Market!!! He let me bring our puppy Avocado and it was soooo sunny and warm. Daddy bought me a super soft ginger snap cookie, some really yummy hummus with fresh pitas, and also a rice and bean bowl for lunch and a chicken stick for Avocado. We sat under a big tree to eat and then we took funny pictures of the puppy and each other. It was the best! Then we walked around and looked at a ton of booths. Daddy got me some homemade organic lip balm and a really good smelling bar of goats milk soap. He also bought some apples, green onions, and asparagus.