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A Place Of her Very Own

What little girl wouldn’t want her very own space to call her own?? A place she can decorate, store her treasures, toys, crayons, and tea set (or whatever she is into!!). In this special space she can play, relax, and feel safe to just be little. Not every little age-regresses, so this space can be aimed at whatever age she prefers. There is no “wrong” way to decorate the space, as long as it is comfortable and all hers. It doesn’t even need to be a whole room. It can be as simple as a shelf, a closet, a corner of a room, the top of her dresser, or whatever works for your home. Giving her this simple gift will help her feel like You value her and that there is room in Your life (and home) for her inner little.

i created a gallery of decorating ideas to inspire you! Have fun and find whatever style makes you feel like you! Please comment and let us know if you would want a little space all of your own! How would you decorate it? How much room would you need/prefer? Or if you already have one, how did you decorate? Where is it located in your home? Does it make you feel special? Hope you enjoy the inspiration that i found for you! xoxo

Beginners, DD/lg, princess's Scrapbook

Fun little Gift Ideas for your Daddy Dom

i LOVE to give my Daddy surprise gifts all the time! He does so much for me, and one way i can show Him that i have been thinking about Him all day is to present Him with a token of my affection. my favorites are cooking His favorite meals, finding a small trinket at a store, a picture that i colored just for Him, or a gift for a special occasion. It makes me squeal with delight when i see Him open up my delicately-wrapped surprise; especially when i see His smile and appreciation. It’s important to remember that not all gifts need to cost a ton of money (or any money at all), but they should always come from your heart.

Sometimes it is really, really, REALLY hard to shop for my Daddy, because He always seems to buy Himself the things that He wants, whenever He wants or needs them. So i have to put all my thoughts into finding something special and unique to surprise Him with. Do any of you have that problem?? Daddy’s birthday is coming up, and i am struggling with ideas of what to get Him. While searching high and low, i decided to help out all of my little friends with a gallery of gift ideas for your Daddy too!

DD/lg, princess's Scrapbook

my Favorite little Snacks

i don’t know about you, but i LOVE little food. my favorite are goldfish crackers and grape juice. Whenever i am in little space, i like to snack. Daddy will sometimes let me help make them, or He will surprise me with one while i am watching a movie or coloring. He is the best!  i am curious what other little’s like to eat! So, flood the comments with all your favorites, and maybe your most-hated food. Can’t wait! xoxo