10 Rules for a Daddy Dom: Punishments

After posting 10 Rules for a Daddy Dom, we got so many questions through the comments and email, that we wanted to write a follow-up post. How does the Daddy stay accountable? What if He breaks the rules? Does He get a punishment? If so, what kind? Daddy and i have been talking about this, and (i think) came up with a great idea. What if the Daddies had to “pay” for their mistakes?

Why not have a “Naughty Daddy” jar? Whenever He messes up, He will have to put money into the jar. When the jar hits a certain dollar amount, the little gets to spend it on anything her heart desires. This is meant to keep Him accountable for His actions, and hopefully add some humor and justice for His hurt little. This can be taken as serious as you want, or it can be fun; maybe even stop a fight from happening. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Daddy’s Naughty Jar

Daddy's CrimePunishment
Yelling Unfairly when Angry$0.25
Forgetting her Favorite Stuffies' Name$0.10
Punishing when Angry$0.50
Not Following Through on a Promise$0.50
Saying "Grow Up" when Frustrated$1.00
Telling a Lie$2.00
Being Impatient with His little$0.10
Being Lazy and not Punishing His little$0.30
Running Out of Juice Boxes$0.25
Running Out of Gold Fishies $0.25
Ignoring the Needs of His little$0.50
Not Kissing His little Goodnight$0.75
Forgetting to Check for Monsters Under the Bed$0.10
Not Providing Clear Direction$0.25
Not Protecting His little (if possible)$2.00
Daddy's Night Off$5.00
Threatening to Leave His little (break up)$20.00
Cheating on His little$1 Billion

You will both need to sit down and discuss what dollar amount goes with each “crime”. Also, choose when the jar is considered “full”. Littles…just remember, He is still your Daddy, and deserves respect even when He messes up. Everyone is human and makes mistakes, including your Hero.

Please comment with your opinions and other ideas for how a Daddy should be punished. xoxo

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  1. Best. Idea. Eveeerrr!!! This makes me want Daddy to mess up so I can buy all the shoes and makeup I want! Eeeeeee!
    Heehee all jokes aside, this is a sound idea. I think it will help both my Daddy and me.
    Princess and Princess’s Daddy, you two really have a gift for this. I’ve seen other blogs that are just awful but you two are so knowledgeable! I love that you both waited to answer all of our questions to really take time to think before giving advice. That’s so wise and mature of both of you. I’m so so thankful I found your amazing blog!

    • Thank you so much Cherry! We’re just two people trying to figure things out, much like the rest of you. But we’ve invested a LOT of time and energy into talks and do-overs to get this right. We couldn’t be happier, though! Love My little princess <3

    • hehe Daddy has already had to put money in my jar! It really does lessen the blow a little bit. It makes the dynamic a little more just and fair. xoxo

  2. I am going to allow my little to penalize me by breaking my cigs. She “doesn’t mind” that I smoke, but I need to quit, addiction is a motivator, and having her break an entire pack for a Daddy’s night off would probably mean more to her than $5.

    Before I found this blog, I was telling BG that I want to be the best Daddy ever because my princess deserves no less than the best. Finding the rules for daddy post pretty much itemized that desire and gave me a direction.

    • That’s awesome HolyFather! It says a lot about a Daddy to take time to look at things from the reverse direction and allow the little to keep them accountable.

  3. This is so perfect! Would I be a bad girl to respectfully share this with Daddy? Hehe

  4. I absolutely love this. I think this will help in a new DD/LG relationship. You’re articles are so helpful. Thank you for you’re time n effort!