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10 Rules for a Daddy Dom

All over the web you can find rules for a little or a submissive, but i have had a hard time coming across a set of Daddy rules. Why is this? Daddies should have to be held accountable, the same as His little is accountable to His rules. In my opinion, if you sign on to be a Daddy and be in control of a little, you are signing up to be held to a higher standard. You are not only responsible for yourself, but also a doting little who idolizes you. Being a Daddy should not be taken lightly. You now have a lot of responsibility riding on your success.

i decided to write out 10 Rules for a Daddy Dom as a starting point for the “standard” Daddy Dom’s should be held to. Please comment with your ideas and opinions so we can grow the list. We love hearing what you all have to say! Here is a follow up to this post, 10 Rules for a Daddy Dom: Punishments !! xoxo

  1. Be Patient – Every little makes mistakes. It is important in those moments to be patient and use those opportunities to teach them a lesson. Yelling and getting angry will only make her isolate, and cause her to think You are being mean and unfair. Also, once she realizes she messed up, she is feeling horrible on her own. She needs your compassion (and the lesson) so that the mistake will not be repeated. When she regresses into little space, do not EVER get angry and say, “You are a fucking adult, grow up.” You will make her feel ashamed, scared, and stupid. She knows she is an adult, but she is also little. She needs to be free in order to be little with You.
  2. Be Successful – You are a Daddy Dom. If You can help it, do Your very best to always be on top of your game. When you go to work every day, you should put everything You have into it. Be the best that You can be in whatever field You are in. For the Daddies that are unemployed, be the best job hunter out there. Work on your resume until it’s stellar, reaching out daily for opportunities and potential connections. Go to networking events. Whatever it is, do whatever You can to be successful. Also be successful in other areas of Your life. Working hard in everything that You do will give You pride in Yourself and gain respect in life. Your little is looking up to You, and You should always want to impress her and show her how amazing You are.
  3. Be Open to Learning – Nobody knows everything. There are always opportunities for growth in life. Being open to learning new things will make you grow as a person, a man, and a Daddy. There is so much information at Your fingertips with today’s technology. And there is never an excuse to stop growing. Within Your DD/lg relationship, You should be working on making things better and more successful. Try new things. Some may work, and others may not. How do You know unless You try, though?
  4. Be Responsible – You have your little girl looking up to You. You have employers counting on You. You have Your integrity to protect. Being a responsible man will make you a better Daddy, employee, and respected man. Do Your best to make well, thought-out decisions. To always think before You act or speak. If You commit to something, always follow through. Remember to use your time wisely; You will never get it back. Pay your bills and stay out of debt. Take care of your possessions. Stay faithful to Your little and to yourself. Never give someone a reason to bad talk You. Let Your actions speak louder than anything.
  5. Be Honest – All a person has in life is their word. If You are honest when You speak, you will be trusted and respected. You never want to be known as a liar. i tell our kids that when you lie, you lose your name. When people talk about you they will either say “Hey, do you know Emma?” or “Hey, do you know that liar, Emma?”. Nobody wants to lose their name. When You lie You lose trust. If You lose Your little’s trust, the foundation of your relationship is broken and rebuilding trust is one of the hardest tasks You will ever face in life. If You mess up, just be honest.
  6.  Hold Yourself Accountable – In life it is easy to blame everyone but Yourself. The sign of a true man is the ability to take responsibility for His actions and fixing them. Especially in a DD/lg relationship. You, as the Daddy, are held accountable to mistakes (and even more so in a DD/lg TPE relationship). If You are the one to make decisions, and allow (or disallow) something to happen…it falls on You.  If it is successful, You get credit; and if it blows up and completely fails, you get the credit. Good or bad, it is all on You.
  7. Be Clear – When You speak and give direction, be very clear about Your expectations. Nobody can guess what’s in your head. If You are expecting a certain outcome, say it. Your little wants to be “good”. She wants to make You proud of her. When You give clear directions, she has every chance to get it right. When things are not going the way You wanted, don’t be afraid to be clear and explain again what You are wanting.
  8. Be Strong – Sometimes being a Daddy means You have to be the bad guy. You have to dole out direction and discipline. If Your little disobeys, no matter how cute she is, she needs a punishment. You are her teacher and she relies on You to be the Daddy. You need to be strong enough to say “no”. Not only to Your little princess, but to all people in life. Set boundaries, and don’t allow people to walk all over you.
  9. Take Your Role Seriously – Being a Daddy is serious business. You should always take it that way. If you live 24/7 DD/lg as a lifestyle, there are no breaks. Do not get lazy and slack off. Your little is trusting You with her life and well-being. Make Your rules for her known and stick to them. If she says she is scared and wants You to check for monsters, don’t brush her off thinking she is just playing “little”. You both chose this lifestyle…she isn’t playing at anything. If she is saying she is scared, she is; so get up and be the best monster-checker You can be! You are a Daddy, and that is no joke. Invest your time and research. Anything and everything You can to make Yourself a better Daddy Dom.
  10. Be Fun – The best part! Goof off and have a fun time with Your little. Let her put silly bows in Your hair and play tea party with you. Laugh a lot with Your little lady. Make jokes, tickle, run through the sprinklers; pretty much whatever you both enjoy doing. Go on outings and enjoy life. Have stuffie slumber parties and watch cartoons. Play games and use Your imagination. Remember how lucky You are to live out Your kink in real life with the most amazing little princess You ever laid eyes on. You are living more freely than most people.

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9 thoughts on “10 Rules for a Daddy Dom”

  1. Cherry Bomb says:

    What should a Daddy do if he breaks one of his rules? We littles should get a punishment but we can’t punish Daddy! So how does he own up to it and make amends?

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      That is such a good point! It almost seems unfair. We as little’s and submissive’s are held to a certain standard set by our Daddy Dom’s, and given consequences for misbehaving. When Daddy is being mean and explodes unfairly, there is no recoil other than a scared, confused, distraught little. i could’t see bending Daddy over and spanking Him…hehe too silly to even consider.

      Daddy and i have been working on a 15 minute freeze. If He is getting frustrated and defensive, i can call a freeze; then conversation has to stop and we go in separate rooms to unfreeze for 15 minutes and then calmly finish the conversation. So far it seems to help. This is still rather new to us both.

      Time to have a brainstorm session! i will talk with Daddy tonight and see what He thinks about this and let you know. Talk soon! xoxo

      1. Cherry Bomb says:

        That’s a GREAT idea! We both have explosive tempers. I’m going to bring this up. Maybe if we call freeze before we get to that crazy mad place it will help us. I’d love to hear anything else you think of but this was top notch advice!

  2. Bekah says:

    I want to know this too!

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      I bet aaaaaaaall the littles out there want to know this one 😛 🙂

      We’re going to hold off for a few days on this to allow time to really be sure about how we really feel about it. Stay tuned!

      1. LittleBear says:

        Im curious about this too

  3. Lillian says:

    Good ideas☺

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