25 Ways To Make Bedtime a little More Special

“It’s bedtime”… It’s pretty much the least favorite words a little can hear; because it means no more talking, playing, or hanging out with Daddy. That dreaded time comes every single night, and often sneaks up on both of you. So, when it’s time to put Your little to bed and You want to avoid her sad eyes and quivering lip, why not make it a special time for You and Your little one? It isn’t always possible, but whenever You have the chance, You should take some time to create that special bond with Your little. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if there were a way to make bedtime a thing she looked forward to? Instead of having a grumpy, dumpy princess on Your hands.

You should do Your best to keep bedtimes and routines consistent, so that she can prepare and look forward to it each night. If it works for Your schedule, You could even choose a specific bedtime for her. Something about when her Daddy Dom gets involved with bedtime somehow makes it all magical. You are her Hero, and her safety; and knowing that You are there and that You wan t to take the time to tuck her in, will reinforce how special she is to You. Which, in turn, can cause her to be a good girl for You and go to sleep on time (hopefully!). Here are 25 ideas for how to make bedtime a special and treasured time for you both!

  1. Cuddle and hold her until she falls asleep.
  2. Read her (and her stuffies) a bedtime story.
  3. Sing her a lullaby or her favorite song.
  4. Run Your fingers through her hair.
  5. Run Your fingers lightly across her back and arms.
  6. Make up a story about Your princess going on an adventure; where You are the Hero of course!
  7. Play music lightly.
  8. Have a special blanket or sweater that she can curl up in that smells like You. Cologne works great!
  9. Set up a special nightlight that scares away the monsters.
  10. Give her a certain amount of kisses that You make up nightly, based on what a good/naughty girl she was.
  11. Say a prayer with her or meditate together.
  12. Start “A Whisper a Night”, where you each whisper a dream, goal, or promise to each other.
  13. Prepare a light snack and eat it, while you both watch a 20-minute cartoon or 20 minutes per night of a longer Disney movie.
  14. Read her a poem.
  15. Slow dance to Your special song before tucking her in.
  16. Say “goodnight” every single night (ie., “Sleep tight don’ let the bedbugs bite”, “Nighty night princess pants”, “Daddy loves you to the moon and back a million times over”).
  17. Have a nightly, small cocoa and mini marshmallows, or chocolate milkies in her special goodnight cup (this is great if Your princess takes any nighttime medicines).
  18. Talk quietly to her about things that she has to look forward to for the next day.
  19. Butterfly kisses!!!!! (my favorites)
  20. Watch one episode of a special Netflix show that You only watch together every night.
  21. Check under the bed, in the closet, behind the door, and anywhere else those pesky monsters like to hide; and assure her of her safety.
  22. Pick a special nighty/jammies, and dress her for bed.
  23. Brush her hair (bonus points for making braided pigtails)!
  24. Look through old pictures of fun times that you’ve had together, so she can fall asleep thinking happy thoughts.
  25. Journal together, and allow all of the worry and stress to flow onto paper and out of her head.

Remember to always kiss her goodnight! Also, You should try and be her Knight in shining armor by being the one to lock the doors and windows, turn out the lights, and set the security alarm. Promise her that she is safe; because Daddy will cut anyone who ever tries to hurt or even touch His little girl. i know not every Daddy can be there for His little at bedtime; due to distance, work, or living apart. But when You can, You should do Your best to have a routine that she can look forward to.

Please comment and let us know what You do for Your princess, or what your Daddy does for you at bedtime. Let us know if we missed any good ideas! Night night everyone! xoxo

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  1. This is a great list 🙂 My daddy lives in another state (For now!!!) So it’s tricky to have a consistent bedtime routine. My favorite thing, he sent me a special stuffie and a t shirt that he wore all day to daddy it up for me.. and I sleep with it as much as possible, its incredibly comforting to have it when he can’t be there. I love your idea about “whispers”!! I’ll definitely be showing him this 🙂

    • Whispers are my favorites!!! i am glad you found this helpful! i am working on a post that is similar, but for LDR couplese!! ❥ xoxo

      • Ahh! Coincidentally… Daddy and I just wrote something we were going to talk to you about publishing about LDR dd/lg, just what we’ve found works for us!

  2. My Little Girl is always pouty at bedtime. I always try and build her up and make her feel beautiful, and needed every single night. We always have contact before bed, which is very important when living the DD/lg lifestyle at a distance. I also tend to get up earlier so I always send her something to read for when she first wakes up to soothe her after waking up without her Daddy.

    • CUTE!! i love waking up to a text or picture on my phone! It feels like waking up to a little gift each day! i am sure Your little girl loves it and feels so special knowing that You are thinking of her and taking the time to send her virtual love!

      Be on the lookout for the LDR version of this post!! ❥ xoxo

    • I love waking up to something nice from you Daddy! It helps to know you’re thinking about me just as much as I’m thinking about you….

  3. Love this so, so much. I will be talking to Daddy about these cuz he’s gone all week being a trucker. It would help to have a bedtime routine. Thank you 🙂

    • Oh that must be very hard to have Him gone like that. you are very strong! i hope you find something that works for you!! i am currently working on a post similar to this, but for LDR couples, maybe something on that list will be more beneficial for when He is away working. ❥ xoxo

  4. Augh, I love this~! My Daddy lives thirteen hours away from me (He in NY and me in AL) and we Skype every night as part of our routine. He stays with me till I’m asleep and we practically have a goodnight script.

  5. My Daddy and I are new to exploring this incredibly satisfying way of relating. Your articles have been tremendously helpful as we research and discover more about it all. Since we are also living long distance from one another I found Daddys daily texts and nightly calls especially comforting. The way he stays in touch with me makes me feel special and connected. I’m going to ask Daddy if we can add saying the things we are grateful for to our bedtime ritual. Thanks again for such an informative website.