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35 Phrases For Daddy Doms To Use When Talking With Their little

There is always that one thing a Daddy can say to put His little into little space. Sometimes it’s something sweet, and sometimes it is asserting Your domination over her; strengthening the power dynamic. With all of the stress and craziness of the day, it is easy to forget how important simple words are to maintaining the DD/lg dynamic between You and Your little.

There is a very big difference to Your little girl when You say, “Be quiet you are getting on My nerves” and “Daddy said quiet time. Do that again and you will get a spanking”. One of those makes her feel like an inconvenience, or neglected. The other one gets your point across, while establishing a rule and a consequence; helping her feel cared for, loved, and most importantly… little!

Without further ado, here are 35 phrases for Daddy Doms to use when talking with Their little:

  1. “You are My very good little girl.”
  2. “Here, let Daddy do that for you princess.”
  3. “Be good for Daddy lil’ miss.”
  4. “How was your day, babygirl?”
  5. “Look at Daddy when you are talking.”
  6. “Daddy missed your sweet little kisses.”
  7. “Come sit on Daddy’s lap and tell me all about it.”
  8. “Wow, you are so adorable when you go into little space princess”
  9. “Watch it little girl, or else.”
  10. “Does My little princess need kissies?”
  11. “Do not make me repeat myself, little girl.”
  12. “Did My little girl use her manners today?”
  13. “I said right now, young lady.”
  14. “Will you color Daddy a picture today?”
  15. “Do you even know how much Daddy loves you?”
  16. “It’s okay, Daddy is here now and you are safe.”
  17. “Daddy is so proud of you babygirl.”
  18. “Daddy needs His cuddle princess.”
  19. “No snackies unless you eat your veggies, young lady.”
  20. “Do you need Daddy to get you new crayons or juice boxes on the way home?”
  21. “Time out until you can talk to Daddy nicely.”
  22. “Over my knee, now.”
  23. “Hold my hand while we cross the street.”
  24. “Behave.”
  25. “Would you like me to buckle you in princess?”
  26. “Just wait ’til I get home young lady. you are in big trouble.”
  27. “Everyone can see what a naughty little girl you are being.”
  28. “Did you finish your task chart?”
  29. “It’s bedtime lil’ miss. Go brush your teeth and choose a story for Daddy to read.”
  30. “My babygirl is the best part of my day.”
  31. “Excuse me young lady?”
  32. “Do that again and Daddy will give you spankies.”
  33. “Hold still for Daddy.”
  34. “Did you ask to have that cookie? Time out NOW.”
  35. “Sit down so I can tie your shoes little one.”

We would love to hear what kind of things you like your Daddy to say to you, or even what you don’t like to hear. If there are any Daddy Doms out there who have something to add, of course they’re welcome to share as well. Please leave your ideas and opinions in the comments below! xoxo

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15 thoughts on “35 Phrases For Daddy Doms To Use When Talking With Their little”

  1. Chris Prothero says:

    Most of these are excellent, even without regression aspects. Well done and welcome back! You’ve been missed!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! We are happy to be writing again as well!!! xoxo

  2. Erin Pickel says:

    I have lots of questions, and most of the time I am left with no answers. I am embarrassed to want to ask a million simi personal questions…God I hope it’s a real.person and not an automated system response…oh well here’s to jumping right into the deep end.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      We are a little behind on questions, but we are doing our best to start catching up. Please feel free to send us your questions here!

  3. DD47 says:

    My entire life has been a litany of bad decisions, self loathing and careless actions because I thought I was alone in these strange desires. Sleeping with far too many women and trying things that just further messed with my head when all this time what I’ve needed to grow into the person I so desperately want to be has been right in front of me. I only hope that with patient diligence and mindful self improvement I can one day become the DD my lg deserves wherever she may be. Daddy can’t wait to meet you princess.
    Thank you. I feel set free.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Welcome to our blog! You sound like You are on Your way to being a great Daddy! my advice would be to read anything you can get Your hands on including other blogs and forums and learn what kind of Daddy You want to be. This journey is fluid and always changing, so the more informed You are the better Your decision making becomes! xoxo

    2. littlebird14 says:

      I just wanted to say that this first sentence is…everything. It’s so poetically written, and exactly how I always felt too, before discovering BDSM & DDlg. <3

  4. Daddyspoiledbrat says:

    It’s not what my Daddy says that I don’t like; it’s when he ignores me that I don’t like. I cherish everything he tells me and I follow all the rules(mostly anyway). I just wish he knew how ignoring his little princess makes her feel. Seems like I’m sad a lot anymore because I’m ignored. :`(

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Being ignored is the worst and it gives your head waaaay too much room to guess what your Daddy is thinking. you should ask Him about why He ignores you and if there is a compromise to help both of you in that situation. Possibly have a time limit to how long He can and before it starts He tells you why He is upset and for how long your punishment will be. i hope you can find a solution that works best for your relationship! xoxo

      1. Just me says:

        This happened to me yesterday. Daddy wasn’t responding and I was going crazy! I wrote in my journal and I coloured an angry picture . When he finally responded and explained what happened, I felt awful. Communication is so important.

  5. Lexie says:

    I’m so glad I found your page! I’ve gone through alot in my life before realizing I was a little. At first, i was ashamed of what people would think and then I found my Daddy. We’ve been together for 3 years and have gone from “just in the bedroom” to attemtping a 24/7 DDlg relationship.

    I have had so many ups and downs and we have had a bumpy road together but reading your page today has helped to answer so many questions and made me feel alot less alone. So thank you!

  6. New Little Princess says:

    I’m interested in a guy that is a Daddy dom and I’ve done a little bit of research about being a little and One article I read made the statement “either you are a little or you’re not. There is no faking it” and there are some things I kind of identify with but then there are some parts that I don’t think I’d be comfortable with but would be willing to try at least. I want to be an adult and feel internally independent but also I want to be taken care of by a loving dominate figure (a Daddy if you will) but I can’t be certain if I’m a little ?

    1. Ginger says:

      There is no wrong way to be a little!! You can be a little without age regression. If you just like the aspects of being cared for and not having grown up responsibilities, that’s absolutley fine, and you can still identify as a little!

  7. DD93 says:

    I’m new to DD and my LG is in parsing her LG side for first time she hasn’t been comfy with it till me and she help me relise I have a inner DD I try to do things that inbrase her inner little Daddy colors with her and buys her stuffies watches cartoons with her is there more I can do

  8. Little Miss little one says:

    I melt when Daddy talks to me with his Daddy words, in his Daddy voice. It’s hypnotizing.

    My Daddy is pretty passive-aggressive (for an aggressive guy).. till he gets in a mood or catches a wind (or needs special little luvns) and then he gets aggressive with his words. So often, I feel its more about guarding himself with control of me than dominating me for the love of me. He is controlling but still in a novice, low focused effort, lost in his insecurities kind of way -that guides (or misguides) him. I crave him to be an expert in little handling.. so badly. But these kind of phrases, this Daddy speak, makes every thing better, every time; no matter what.

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