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35 Things Your little (probably) Hates

Every little is in crazy, head over heel, lost in space, forever and always love with her Daddy. She loves her sparkly sippy, her stuffies, her blankie, and pretty much anything pink. BUT…there are also things your little hates.

It is important to have two lists: things she loves and things she hates. That way You will be ready for anything, and nothing is better than a prepared Daddy Dom. Just remember (sorry other littles), it is ok to do the things she hates as long as it is for her own good. Daddy’s always know best.

  1. Not being near Daddy
  2. Running out of juice
  3. Stuffie wash day
  4. Leaky sippy cups
  5. When Daddy gets sick
  6. Bedtime (uuugghhhh)
  7. Other girls talking to (or even looking at) Daddy
  8. Being ignored
  9. When Daddy is upset or angry (especially with her)
  10. Not getting night-night kisses
  11. When Daddy is busy or working
  12. When Daddy says “no”
  13. Taking medicine
  14. When a Netflix series ends
  15. When there are monsters under the bed or closet, and Daddy already fell asleep
  16. Ripping her favorite tights
  17. Forgetting her blankie for long car rides
  18. Being too big for all the cute clothes and shoes at the store
  19. Being teased or made fun of for being “immature”
  20. Low phone battery
  21. When her crayons break, or running out of coloring pages
  22. Losing her binkie
  23. Timeouts or spankings when she doesn’t feel they are deserved
  24. When Daddy yells, even if it’s not directed at her
  25. Nightmares
  26. Getting a boo-boo and Daddy not being nearby to kiss it
  27. Running out of lip gloss
  28. Losing every bobby pin she ever buys
  29. Strange looks when in the checkout line with binkies, condoms, hello kitty underwear, and lube
  30. Feeling like she is being annoying or too needy
  31. Messy hair after nap time
  32. The waitress giving her hassle for wanting to order off of the children’s menu
  33. Being too big for the McDonald’s playset
  34. The moments after yelling at Daddy and feeling incredibly guilty
  35. When the bath water gets cold

Daddy and i LOVE hearing from our readers, so pretty please comment on things that you hate if you are a little or things your little hates if You are a Daddy.

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17 thoughts on “35 Things Your little (probably) Hates”

  1. Cherry Bomb says:

    1. I hate getting lectured as a punishment. It’s incredibly effective for me. I feel so contrite every time. It works way better than any spanking.
    2. People looking at my relationship and telling me I have daddy issues. It’s almost funny, all things considered, but it’s so rude and they always mean it in a bad way and it hurts my feelings.
    3. Having issues at night from my PTSD and Daddy is asleep. He can never wake up until he’s had a lot of hours. When I have issues at night I have to deal with them alone and depression/PTSD + being little + being alone = not good.
    And I agree with all of yours 🙂 Except for 33. Even if I was small enough I’d never touch it. Germs. And more germs. And bacteria.

    1. Imani says:

      I couldn’t agree more *sigh* btw hi im imani :3 and yeah my Daddy lectures me when i upset him but the worst part is that he argues with me in a vanilla aspect. For ecample it;s not “You were being a bad girl now go to your corner”, it’s “You shouldn’t have spoken to that guy, you wouldn’t like it if i had spoken to anyone of the opposite sex…” This is just an example i wouldn’t normally talk to any male (other than Daddy). Maybe i should talk to my Daddy about that because when he lectures me in a vanilla aspect it jerks me out of my happy place and i overthink every little thing. Like i won’t call him by the appropriate terms (Sir, Master, Daddy) because i worry im bothering him…

      1. Daddy Dom says:

        You’re not bothering him 😉

  2. daddyspreciousprincess says:

    I LOVE your list, it made me giggle. I totally agree lil girlies HATE that stuff.

    #7,8 and 29 are 100% perfect. I am the sweetest until I think another girl is looking at my Daddy and then I just feel murderous!

  3. Jazz says:

    I HATE corner time! Ugh…

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      I think princess does too 😉

      1. Daddy's princess says:

        uuuggghh don’t even get me started… xoxo

  4. Baby bean says:

    I hate when daddy yells at me for asking too many questions. .
    Or when he makes me feel guilty

    1. Imani says:

      UGH Guilt tripping *walk off ledge*

  5. wolfyslittle says:

    i hate when my stuffies get taken away

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Oh no! That sounds like the WORST! 🙁

  6. Daddy 887 says:

    29. Had me laughing so hard muy sides hurt. I bought hello kitty strawberry bubble bath, coloring books and pencils today, with condoms, beer, juice boxes and lil snacks. The look I got was bad, I can’t imagine my princess going through that. We are about to be in the “bedroom” for the first time, we are both antsy and excited, I got her a shelf in the fridge, a shelf in the pantry, and a dresser all for her, and her lil stuff. I got her an Ariel towel for seeing her hair after bath time, if people took the time to see how we treat each other there would be no loss or questions.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      That’s so funny! Good job following through, though. 😉

  7. Pink Glitter Baby says:

    I really don’t like it when Daddy yells. He has a super loud yelly voice.

    I don’t like it when he doesn’t punish me. I constantly brat my way out of it by being cute and funny and making him laugh, but sometimes I need him to follow through with a punishment. (I am a bratty babygirl – not in a mean, disrespectful way, but in a cute way – like putting glitter in his shoes hehe

    I don’t like it when I’m forced to be in adult mode. It makes me cranky and irritable. But c’est la vie, right?

    I don’t like it when I disappoint Daddy. I adore him and I never want to disappoint him. Worst feeling ever.

    I don’t like it when real life gets in the way. If he’s out of town on a business trip and I have to sleep alone. Not fun. I don’t like being home without Daddy – I’m afraid. I don’t like it when life is hectic and stressful and I don’t get laptime or bedtime stories because he’s too tired or stressed or had a bad day. When this happens Daddy says we need a “re-set”, which usually involves me getting a spanking and some harsh words because I get sassy. Or I swear. Or I stomp my feet. Usually I cry and get it all out then I feel much better and we can move on. Plus, when I cry Daddy gets really sweet and nurturing and pulls me onto his lap for snuggles and cuddles and plays with my hair and wipes away my tears.

    I don’t like it when my Daddy gets mad at me for buying too much makeup or tells me I can’t buy something I really want. Like a really cute suzzie (my word for pacifier) that said “I love my Daddy” AND it was PINK!!!! He said I couldn’t have it because it was too small for me – it was size 0-3 months and I need the biggest size. I hated that day 🙁

    One of the rules I used to break all the time was getting a coke without asking. It was just hard when I’m out running errands and I’m thirsty. But… it really bothers Daddy when I drink too much coke and get zingy. So now I ask all the time unless I absolutely cannot reach him and then I use my big girl judgment and ask myself what Daddy would say. If I think it’s no then I won’t get it. Even if I’m parched. Soooooooooooooo parched. I get yucky water instead.

    I do love that my Daddy is so protective and makes me feel so safe. We can talk about anything and he always has my best interests at heart. He is adventurous and sweet and kind and knows when to put me in my place. He tells me not to use my brattiness for bad purposes and I try not to. I live to make him happy and make him laugh and smile. He treats me like his princess babygirl and I love it and I love him.

    Thank you for writing these articles. We don’t have any DD/bg friends so it’s nice to interact with others who live the same lifestyle. And it’s nice to get perspectives from both sides. ❤

  8. Sherry Bingham says:

    36. That moment when your Daddy realizes that he doesn’t want to be a Daddy anymore to a little. He had never been with one before and no longer wants the responsibility to ensure she feels cherished, important in all aspects of his life, and secure in their relationship. That moment when the little is abandoned because of who she is and now feeling terribly alone wondering if a Daddy will love her again.

  9. pinky says:

    When daddy tells me I can’t have any pop when I ask for it. (& I almost never do because he almost always tells me no but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Lol.)

  10. Fire Fly says:

    I hate it when Daddy won’t let me go on a walk during lunch. He gets to eat and talk with his friends! Why don’t I get to go on a walk?

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