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50 Things a Daddy Dom Should Never Say to His little

I’m sure every Daddy has said at least one thing on this list, and has probably regretted it ever since. When in the heat of the moment, it always seems that you say the most hurtful things to the ones you love the most. Anger takes hold, and words get thrown around. Let’s face it, a majority of littles are extremely sensitive; and a majority of Daddies are extremely good at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. No Daddy is perfect, and mistakes happen; but a good Daddy will learn how to avoid hurting His little girl as much a humanly possible.

Most little’s are easily-affected. They love deeper than most, and get hurt very quickly. It seems that whatever a Daddy Dom says to her will shoot straight to her little heart. The words He uses have the power to either build her up, or break her down. It isn’t always easy to stay calm and patient, but it should be every Daddy’s daily goal to learn from His mistakes and be better than the day before.

There are times when Your little is going to need Your guidance, and a lecture may be in order. You cannot always be the “good guy” when rules are broken or boundaries pushed; or You will have a naughty brat on Your hands. When lecturing or correcting Your little princess, You should always try to be calm and assertive. Yelling and behaving in a demeaning way towards her will only cause hurt feelings and fear, which will build walls and insecurity between the two of you. The point is to teach a lesson, not have someone to take Your anger out on. Your little holds onto every word You say, and it’s nearly impossible to ever forget them. No little is perfect, and taking care of her, teaching her, and nurturing her is all part of the deal. Learning what You should say and what You should never say will become beneficial for everyone involved.

Below are 50 of the most common hurtful things a Daddy Dom should never say to His little. Please read through them, memorize them, and do Your best to avoid turning to these when anger strikes. Instead, take a deep breath, walk away, and then come back once calm. Then You can then correct her and dole out Your punishment. Your punishment should never damage her heart. It should teach her, and help to grow her into a better person. Here You go:

  1. “Grow up.”
  2. “Stop being so immature and make a decision.”
  3. “You are so stupid.”
  4. “Do you want me to just leave?”
  5. “Why can’t you be more like ______?”
  6. “Shut up.”
  7. “I am not in the mood for little you.”
  8. “You are embarrassing me when you act little in public.”
  9. “you’re fine, so stop whining.”
  10. “Stop worrying about it.”
  11. “I am too busy for your little games.”
  12. “I give up.”
  13. “It’s your fault that I _______.”
  14. “Just do it, you are an adult for God’s sake.”
  15. “you are exhausting.”
  16. “Stop being so emotional.”
  17. “I can’t take this anymore.”
  18. “I will never forgive you.”
  19. “Why can’t you look more like _______?”
  20. “Stop crying.”
  21. “No. I will not help you.”
  22. “Loving you is hard.”
  23. “Do you want me to give you something to cry about?”
  24. “Why can’t you get anything right?”
  25. “Stop being such a coward.”
  26. “you always _______.”
  27. “you never _______.”
  28. “How can you be upset about that?”
  29. “I am to busy to listen to you complain.”
  30. “If you loved me, you would ______.”
  31. “That’s not how to do it. Just give it to Me and I will just do it myself.”
  32. “Why do I even try with you?”
  33. “you never do anything right.”
  34. “you are such a loser.”
  35. “I hate you.”
  36. “I wish that I had never met you.”
  37. “It’s no big deal.”
  38. “you will never amount to anything.”
  39. “you don’t turn me on anymore.”
  40. “you are such a disappointment.”
  41. “you are such a baby.”
  42. “Get out of my house.”
  43. “you are being so selfish.”
  44. “I don’t care.”
  45. “Wow, _______ is hot!”
  46. “Well My ex would ______ for Me.”
  47. “My ex would never have _______.”
  48. “What’s wrong now.”
  49. “Handle it yourself.”
  50. “What is wrong with you.”

Thank you for reading, and please leave all of your comments below! Let us know if we missed anything, or if we listed something that you do not agree is bad. We love reading what you all have to say!!! xoxo

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46 thoughts on “50 Things a Daddy Dom Should Never Say to His little”

  1. Princess Sammy says:

    Sometimes my Daddy says “Maybe I should just go.” or he gets very short with his responses when Im emotional… Sometimes he also says “You always push me away”. But I don’t. Well, I might, I dunno.. I have depression/anxiety (clinically diagnosed, not self) and I’m on meds, but sometimes they don’t work, and I get really depressed or anxious, and Daddy gets annoyed && says “you always push me away” or “All you ever do is push me away. You never care anymore.” And I do care… I just have my moments of weakness…

    1. Just me says:

      Me too. Exactly

    2. Kat says:

      I promise you I’m going through that exact same thing

  2. lilone says:

    Just reading through these made me cry…
    Words are so very powerful and hurt so badly.

    1. Jil'Lana Treece says:

      I cried too. Everything she says in her posts fits me. I didn’t even know what a little was till a few weeks ago when someone called me it, but thanks to her I know I’m a little. And I’m very excited to one day find my daddy.

  3. Sara says:

    My daddy has said one this when I tried to advoid punishment and i tried leaving him cause he does not act like a daddy should but he told me he will post the nudes i sent him on the internet if i left him.

  4. Bunbun says:

    ive been told nost of these….

  5. Kitty says:

    “You are overreacting” 😞
    It makes me feel that Daddy isn’t making the effort to understand why I’m upset in the first place. It hurts my little heart

  6. Caitlin says:

    Yeah I hear a couple of these often honestly. Daddy has anger issues sometimes and sometimes I know I’m hard to deal with and I tell him he could get better than me but he just says “shush”.

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