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A little Bit Of This & A little Bit Of That

The DD/lg dynamic is an interesting one. The very nature of it is like a Daddy/daughter relationship, in the sense that the Daddy wants to care and love after his little one. She’s the apple of his eye, and he loves going to far, far limits to ensure that she is happy and taken care of. It pleases him. And she feels like the most special person in the world.

New Daddy’s will have an interesting time getting used to what it’s like. Seeing how their little behaves, and figuring out her personality. For me, I already knew princess’s. Her traits, likes, dislikes, what might cause her to pout or become bratty. The underlying “little” was always there, and I sensed something…but didn’t know what it was until just recently. It was her little; begging to escape and see the world.

She had a difficult past, which (for now) I’ll reserve most of so that she might share a little bit about it with you when she’s ready. But she’s dealt with abandonment and things at a very young age. Those things stuck with her, and she missed out on a large portion of her childhood. Now, she feels completely at ease with her role/position. Knowing that she’s:

  • Taken care of
  • Loved
  • Prioritized
  • Wanted
  • Desired
  • Spoiled
  • Educated (yes, I’m her teacher, too!)

Each and every one of those things is something a little thrives on. And the crazy thing is…Daddy’s too. I get just as much enjoyment out of giving those things to my princess as she does feeling and experiencing them. They’re her fuel, and mine. It’s a perfect give/take relationship that truly has no end. Every single day we learn something new, and every single day we’re excited to learn more about one another and how we can go deeper. But most importantly, every single day we’re committed to each other. Completely honest about how we feel doing what we’re doing, and any limits that may be of issue.

There’s a lot that can be said of this lifestyle, and plenty more to come on this blog. I hope you enjoy reading.

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5 thoughts on “A little Bit Of This & A little Bit Of That”

  1. 50's Babygirl says:

    Thank you for posting this. This explains that what I thought it was supposed to be like and showed me what the issue is now.

  2. Bubbles says:

    I’m a very extremely young age for a ddlg relationship but I am also mature and understand a lot of things people my age shouldn’t so I have come to terms I am a little.

    But it’s very fusturasting not having a daddy and because of my age the only daddy I could possible have would be long distance and I don’t like that. And all the long distance daddies are big meanies or are only in it for pics and other sexual things which isn’t helping my case seeing as I am not very much of a sexual little. Anywho I am not having any luck and I love your blog so I was wondering…. Any Advice? Please help.

    1. kumaramus says:

      ?? interesting absolutely

  3. Daddy 887 says:

    Coincidence, it can’t be. My princess came to her castle, her sanctuary last night, (my place) and when she walked in the door, my king mattress, my futon mattress and my queen feather topper and all the pillows I had, were stacked in a neat mound. I called it pillowy princess mountain. We talked about our relationship, had tickle fights, snuggles, thousands of tiny and big kisses, and watched the princess bride. We didn’t quite have the focus on the movie…. it was an amazing night. She had to go home after 4 hours, but I look forward to waking up with her snuggled tight some day! We both loved the mountain, my princess loved when her big strong Daddy tossed her into the fluffy mix time after time. I’m quite sure I could have done that for an hour before she would have gotten tired. Thank you both for starting this blog! It lets me know my heart and tendencies are properly aligned to something others have in common.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      That’s great! Thank you for sharing. We’re happy for you both 🙂

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