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A little Day Out With Daddy

Daddy took me out for the day!!! First we watched a show in bed eating marshmallow cereal (YUMMY) and our favorite show. Then he surprised me with a trip to the Farmers Market!!! He let me bring our puppy Avocado and it was soooo sunny and warm. Daddy bought me a super soft ginger snap cookie, some really yummy hummus with fresh pitas, and also a rice and bean bowl for lunch and a chicken stick for Avocado. We sat under a big tree to eat and then we took funny pictures of the puppy and each other. It was the best! Then we walked around and looked at a ton of booths. Daddy got me some homemade organic lip balm and a really good smelling bar of goats milk soap. He also bought some apples, green onions, and asparagus.

After the market He took me to a pet store and let me help pick out a new leash and harness for Avy!!! He also got a really funny looking stuffy that squeaks. i love when Daddy lets me help with big decisions!!! He told me i was His very good little lady. Then we went to a new dog park and there was a really big dog that ran right into me and almost knocked me down. i stayed right by Daddy’s side after that and held His hand tight. Avy loved running around and playing in the big field.

After all of that Daddy took me to get an ice cream cone, chocolate, my favorite! It was getting late and time to head home. After such a long day i got sleepy and a little cranky. (Sorry Daddy) Sometimes its hard to remember that Daddy knows best and when He talks like He is angry or frustrated, it isn’t always directed at me. Daddy forgave me and told me that He loves me soooooooo much! He ordered a pizza and cuddled me while watching a movie. It was a great amazing wonderful day. i love my Daddy to the moon and back!

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