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Being little Without A Daddy Dom

Being a little without a Daddy can often feel daunting and lonely. Here is the secret, it doesn’t have to be! There are so many ways to make this free time work for you, and not against you. Having this alone time gives you the perfect opportunity to work on yourself; without any distractions. We get a lot of emails with questions about being a little without a Daddy Dom. We wanted to answer all of them and decided to do it all in one post!

Am i still a little, even without a Daddy? YES! Can i still act little without a Daddy? YES! Can i still explore this lifestyle without a Daddy? YES! What can i do while waiting for my Daddy to find me? Keep reading!!!

Go on little dates with yourself or a trusted friend!

Go out and have fun being little. Go to Build-A-Bear, frozen yogurt, a movie theater, the zoo, children’s museum, etc; alone or with a trusted friend who won’t be bothered by your little side. Have a blast with it, and let your little flag fly high. Honestly, you don’t need a Daddy to go on a date. Go ahead and order off of the kids’ menu, giggle out loud, squeal at the site of your favorite Disney princess, or whatever your little space may look like! There is no wrong way to be a little. All of this free time is the perfect opportunity for you to explore and discover your likes and dislikes of being a little in public. If it makes you more comfortable, go to a place far away from your normal area so you are around people you will likely never see again (until your next alone little date of course). This way you won’t be as shy and you can let your little wall down.

Buy yourself some little supplies!

Want a binkie that says Daddy’s Girl? Buy it! Want coloring books and that big box of glitter crayons? Buy them!

This is your chance to try everything without a watching eye, to see what you enjoy doing when you are in little space and what really isn’t you. Some recommended items, that are my personal favorites, would be stuffies, sippy cups, binkies, art supplies, Tangled (or any animated movies), lollipops, goldfish crackers, juice boxes, journal, dollies, stickers, tiara, tutu, and soooooo much more! Have fun with it and find what speaks to your inner little!

Take time to be little just for yourself!

Carve out time in your day or week to just be little. You don’t have to plan anything extravagant; just make time to be yourself and probe deeper into who you are! Going into little space can be so relaxing after a long day. Taking time for yourself to be little encourages that piece of you to really be free. They say practice makes perfect. Well, for the longest time, a majority of us littles have trained ourselves to hide and just “grow up”. So now is the time to practice letting go of that rule and just being little!

Write a journal with letters to your future Daddy!

How cool would it be to have a whole book of letters to show your Daddy when the time is right? He will have an insight into your growth as a little, and read about your struggles so He can help guide you when you finally connect. He will also get an idea of your boundaries, so He knows how far to push you to be your best you. If i could go back in time, this would definitely be something i would have done for my Daddy! The coolest part is that you are discovering yourself through a documented work; so you can look back on your growth and learn from your past anytime you want. you also don’t necessarily have to write them to your future Daddy. you could write them to your future self, or to a future “little” friend whom you may mentor someday.

Take time to work on your issues!

Right now is the perfect time to work on you. During this time, try to learn how to eat healthy, join a club or gym, seek therapy, start a new hobby, work on fixing bad habits, make new friends, etc. This way, when you do meet your future Daddy Dom, you will be emotionally and physically healthy so that you can be the best version of you that you can possibly be.

Set your own rules and boundaries!

Without a Daddy there is no one to make sure that you brush your teeth or set a bedtime for yourself. This is a great time to do that for yourself, to learn your likes and dislikes. Do you like having a sticker chart, bedtime, rules, etc? Create your own sense of structure in your life. This way, your Daddy will have a springboard to start from when He shows up. He will know what your likes and dislikes are based on your own exploration. i would recommend that when the time comes for your Daddy to set boundaries and structure, try to be open-minded and try new things in case your taste has changed with time. The experience may be different with a second person.

Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself!

Being alone doesn’t mean you cannot be treated like the little princess that you are. It is important to treat yourself even if you don’t have a Daddy. It shows yourself and any potential Daddies that you are special, and deserve to be treated well. So go get your nails done, get a massage, go on a trip, get your hair done, or anything that makes you feel important and beautiful. you are more than worthy of being well cared for!

Connect with other littles!

Making new friends in this community can be so fun; and extremely rewarding. It is also a great opportunity to learn and ask questions from a more experienced submissive or little. There are so many blogs, forums, chat rooms, online gaming, and local meet ups that are DD/lg friendly. There is literally something for everyone!

Do you guys have any ideas for single littles? Opinions on this article? We love hearing what you guys have to say, so please comment below! xoxo

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45 thoughts on “Being little Without A Daddy Dom”

  1. Angela Simond says:

    Oh my goodness,Oh my goodness,Oh my goodness!!! You just made my day!!! I’ve been wondering about this for EVER!!! I’m a new found ( I finally let myself be me) little girl, but I always thought it was me being dumb when I acted little without actually having a Daddy? now I know I am actually normal ?????? , but I am actually still looking?.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Yay! Glad this helped you! you are totally normal and there are sooooo many littles without Daddies so you are definitely not alone! xoxo

      1. Angela Simond says:

        I’m absolutely heartbroken ? I met a man on Fetlife a week ago and he was great. He said he was really interested in becoming my daddy and we were getting along so good!?? ( he even showed me a new toy he bought for me for when I get home from rehab and we could meet in person .) We talked about anything! Daddy blocked me from his life today after only a week. ?? Completely shut me out. He won’t text me with any explanation as to why or anything. We haven’t even met in person and its only been a week but I am heartbroken. ?? I would appreciate any advice and support.

      2. Jason says:

        I am assuming that since I just got the notification about this that I am responding to Angela. It breaks my heart to see something like this happen but the unfortunate truth is that it does. What you need to do is concentrate on you and being ok with being without a Daddy for now. That is kind of what this set of posts is about. My advice to you is to not try to read too much into it since the more attention you give to something the more power you give it over you. I realize these are easy words to say but in practice it is so difficult. Try to accept that something happened beyond your control and try to move past it. Again, easy to say. Keep in mind that there is a Daddy out there somewhere and he will find you but until then you need to nurture your little for you. I hope that this helps and you find peace and happiness with yourself until that perfect Daddy or if you prefer Mommy comes along. And also remember that there are plenty of people that understand and can give you the support you need.

      3. Marissa Johnson says:

        I’m sorry that happened to you Ms. Angela. My opinion is he isn’t a gentleman if he just shut down like that without an explanation. This may be a good thing in the long run. When the right one comes it will be so worth it! In the mean time don’t waste energy trying to figure him out. Spoil yourself! Better times are coming.
        Sending you love and light like Care Bears.

      4. Daddy Dom says:

        I love that! Thank you for sharing. This is good advice! 🙂

    2. angela says:

      Thank you for all the support! I have since found someone new and he is great. The only downsides are is hes in florida and im in maine…and we are both disabled and dont drive…. 🙁 but he is super supportive, he is awesome. (except yesterday when he got mad and hung up on me, but he called me again and told me my attitude had to change or he wouldn’t talk to me for 2 days.)…The other problem im facing is he says females on fetlife are supposedly sending him messages that he needs to dump the disabled bitch and date THEM, and supposedly all kinds of other messages. HOWEVER I have received no messages, at all, except from him. I know for a fact that these girls that are telling him this are in fact looking at my page because they say things to him that are from my page, and they are directly referencing my pictures, so i put a writing on my profile sayin they need to stop (in a nutshell), or say it to me as well, and stop attacking him. well I thought about it yesterday….what if it is a test hes giving me, to see if i get jealous that “Other women” are actually talking to him and not me, wanting him supposedly,….what if there isn’t any actual messages and hes just testing me? Do people do that? anyway…thanks for all the support! P.s. i added my fetlife account incase anyone here is interested. Just know that if you are male, please ask him to friend me first. Courtesy is everything.

      1. Jason says:

        Yes, unfortunately, people do that. People are in general selfish and mean. Personally I wouldn’t add anything to the profile since it would seem combative and could draw unwanted reactions and/or attention. All relationships are based in trust, he trusts you and you him so it shouldn’t matter what others are saying. Trust yourself most of all.

  2. Daddy's Babygirl says:

    My daddy and I have been together for 4 years (married for 3). We started exploring the Dom/sub lifestyle in the bedroom only shortly after getting married. We discovered your blog this weekend and decided that we wanted to add it as part of our daily life. It just fits.

    I am somewhere between a little and a typical sub. I don’t go into little space really. But I’m extremely shy and sensitive.
    For the longest time I pushed Daddy away and acted out. We were on opposite shifts until about six months ago, and fighting with him was a way to protect myself and not make me miss him as much. Now I want him constantly. We both work. I’m in a very high stress position in management. Daddy works in human resources.

    The more stressed I get the harder it’s becoming to not push daddy away..

    I guess my two questions are
    1) how do you not push your daddy away when your sad, stressed, or scared
    2) how do you deal with constantly wanting your daddy?

    This is all new to me and I’m somewhat scared. We went from strictly doing this in the bedroom to doing it all the time (which I wanted). I am beyond comfortable with where we are, but I’m scared it’s going to be too different for Daddy. I feel like I’m finding the real me for the first time ever.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Welcome to CWP! Let’s see..

      1) i try to let Him know that i am feeling down and ask Him for advice or space, whichever i feel i need.

      2) i try to find ways to fill my time when i miss Him. i have been learning how to code and how to be the perfect housewife. i read a lot and i text Him when i absolutely need to hear from Him when He is at work.

      i hope this helps you out! Just try to be open with your Daddy about how you are feeling. i am sure He has some good advice to help you through this as well! xoxo

      1. Daddy's Babygirl says:


        Well I spent an entire night just bottled up and not really talking to daddy. He kept asking what was wrong and I told him nothing. Finally I told him I was scared. This whole lifestyle has me scared. I’ve been hurt in my past for being different than the norm and I can’t imagine losing daddy.

        Daddy explained that if he didn’t want this lifestyle he would have told me. He also made me feel better by pointing out that for years we fought a lot and since we started this lifestyle we haven’t. He told me not to worry, that’s his job. My job is to let him know when I’m scared or worried so he can help fix it. I feel so much better.

      2. Daddy's princess says:

        That is awesome! your Daddy sounds very wise! xoxo

  3. Jason says:

    But what does a Daddy do when his little is long distance? I only get to spend time with my little once a month at best. This is fairly new to me and the added weight of distance makes it all that much more difficult. Sometimes Daddy needs his girl too.

    1. Marissa Johnson says:

      Great question! My Daddy and I are long distance as well and we only see each other about e wry other month on the weekends. How can I make our time more sacred?

      1. Jason says:

        I’ve discussed that very issue with my girl and in her words, every moment of our time together is sacred and so very special because we get so very little of it. It is special because it’s us. Just being together and being lost in each other. I believe that if you try too hard to make it special it becomes less so, more like work, you do what is natural between you and thus make it special.

      2. Daddy's princess says:

        Great advice Jason! xoxo

      3. Jason says:

        Thank you again

    2. Daddy's Peach Baby says:

      Being in a DD/lg relationship ld can be really really hard 🙁

      my Daddy and i are in a semi-long distance relationship because he works abroad and is only ever home on holidays, some weekends and surprise visits hehe

      It can be really really tough but we found ways to get through it, i do believe that it is harder than a vanilla LD relationship, but the same techniques that vanilla couples use can serve as a great guideline. For example, my Daddy and I text everyday, and every night he calls me and reads me my favourite bedtimes stories. Or we talk about our plans for the future, because, we won’t be long distance forever. My Daddy also send me surprises and prezzies in the mail, Skype and snap chat are great tools, because you get to see your beautiful counterpart’s face. Obviously a routine is very important to a DD/lg relationship, so being able to have a routine, and provide structure for your little when you are away is super super important and key to a success!! (i find it much easier to have Daddy far away, when i know when to count of him calling me)

      Also. make sure you always tell Your little exactly when you will see her next (unless you surprise her and visit her sooner), it’ll give your little something to look forward to and will make things easier!

      1. Daddy's princess says:

        Wow good ideas peach baby!!! xoxo

      2. Jason says:

        Thank you for the advice. We have actually just set up a routine schedule. I tend to be very regimented and she is more of a free spirit. Much to do with age difference and background. We have also begun to plan visits including holidays.

  4. DollyJane says:

    I am very new to this whole lifestyle and would like to know what other blogs, forums, chats or local meet ups you would recommend? I love your site and want a daddy so badly. But I don’t even know where to start looking? Thank you for your beautiful site!! Hugs-DollyJane

      1. angela simond says:

        a word of caution on fetlife…I am also on there, brand new, n i have already encountered 2 people that claimed that they were super intrested in being my daddy and then all they wanted was nude pics. Not trying to discourage anyone, just be careful. one even stopped talking to me when i would not give him a nude selfie right away.

      2. Daddy's princess says:

        Agree 100%! Good advice. xoxo

      3. Jason says:

        Absolutely, make sure whatever group you join is well moderated. There are more than a few trolls on FetLife. Just be cautious and you’ll be fine.

  5. Baby Breeze says:

    Thank you for this post! I love this site and always get excited when there is more to read!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Thank you for reading!!! xoxo

  6. Marissa Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the response. Daddy and I like the idea of keeping a daily journal to exchange with each other when I come home. This way things we don’t talk about or forget to say get expressed while we are apart. It is hard being 2 hours away and with both of us being workaholics ! Even thru text, email,ect…so much is left unsaid because of our schedules. And when we are together talking isn’t really on our minds! Lol. What is a blessing and keeps us strong is that we are longtime friends (20 years) and he was always my one of my role models, so our transition into a romantic relationship was easy, but our transition into this lifestyle was far easier.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Great ideas! It sounds like you guys are doing awesome! xoxo

  7. CwlGrlPrincess says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I love reading them! They have helped me so much!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      i am so glad to hear that! Thank you for reading! xoxo

  8. Kristen says:

    Thank you so much for this. It is hard being without a daddy but this post makes me glad that i have time to get to know my inner little self before I get a daddy. You mentioned that there are forums and websites where you can meet other littles, Do you know the name of any that I could use?

    1. Jason says:

      FetLife has a forum that might be useful for you. I don’t think it breaks it down by locations though.

      1. Daddy's princess says:

        Good advice Jason! xoxo

      2. Jason says:

        Thank you

  9. Marissa Johnson says:

    I really enjoy these post. What a great community of people. I feel safe and confidant !

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Welcome! Thank you for reading! xoxo

  10. Jason says:

    I love all of these, being new to this aspect of lifestyle I find these very informative, giving me a glimpse into basically what makes my little tick. I share these with her and we discuss each of them, especially where they pertain to our particular relationship. I just wish that there were similar blogs that relate to the other dynamics of our relationship. Thank you and keep up the great work.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Thank You for reading!!! Curious what part of Your dynamic are You wanting to read about? We have been getting ready to start posting more D/s articles soon. xoxo

      1. Jason says:

        Other aspects of my particular relationship are D/s and Polyamours. Realizing that there are times when it’s either D/s or DD/lg also knowing that there are many times when they are the same. I have limited experience in all aspects. Being a Dom is one thing, being a Good Dom is quite another. I want to understand it and be the best I can be for her. I think the Poly part is what I have the most difficulty with where it is combined with the long distance.

  11. Princess Lei says:

    My daddy was away for three months foe marine corps bootcamp and last night snapped at me for being “chilidish” because I kept getting upset he wasn’t spending time with me. So I had to pull away and tell him he couldn’t be my daddy anymore and now Im having bad issues going into my little space but I know I really am a little…how do I keep going

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Just do what feels natural to you. This is a good time to self reflect on what you are really wanting out of this lifestyle and that doesn’t always mean in little-space. Once you start feeling safe your little side may come out of hiding. When i feel vulnerable it is definitely harder to get into little-space. So take time and be patient with yourself. Journal, start a hobby, make new friends, and be sure to self care! i really hope you can find true happiness! xoxo

  12. Sweetbaby79 says:

    I am having my very first special birthday with my Dom. This ks my first not vanilla submissive relationship. I want to make it special. Does any little girls or submissive woman have any creative birthday ideas for a sweet submissive like myself ? I nrrd some special crafting ideas.

  13. Mackenzie says:

    So I know I can be a little on my own. But here’s the thing I’m married and my husband doesn’t support this life style what do I do?

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