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Breaking Daddy’s Bedtime Rule (on accident, of course)

dd/lg breaking bedtime rules

Hi there! First of all, I LOVE your blog…I just turned 18 a little while ago so I’m getting to explore this for the first time and it’s been super helpful! I’ve had a daddy for two years now (completely platonic, don’t worry) and I’m normally really good about following my rules…except bedtime. I’ve tried so hard to be a good girl but ever since I was an actual child sleeping at night has been really difficult for me. I’ve tried everything: bedtime routines, meditation, even melatonin gummies (with daddy’s permission of course). The one thing that works is bedtime stories, but we have a LDR and he can’t read to me every single night πŸ™ I turn off my computer/notifications on my phone at bedtime, so he thinks I’ve been getting much more rest than I have and I’m worried he’ll be mad when I tell him, even if I have been trying. I guess I’m just wondering if you might have any advice about getting to sleep easier and how to tell him that I haven’t been sleeping as much as he thinks. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated…thanks! ~Β Little Insomniac

i have really bad insomnia, as well. i start thinking about something, and my brain goes off on bunny trails. i worry about everything i did during the day and everything i need to do the next day; and sometimes i just wake up after a few hours and cannot get back to sleep. It completely sucks! No one can understand it until they have been through it. What i do now is take a strong sleeping pill (Unisom liquid gels). Even though everyone says that they can be habit-forming, i say “who cares”. i need sleep, and if that means buying meds for it, then so be it. i wouldn’t mind being in the habit of getting a full night’s rest.

About your Daddy; be honest! He will understand, and be able to advise you on steps that you can (and should probably) take. He absolutely needs to be in the loop on your health and well-being. You are not “breaking” a rule if you cannot help it due to a medical condition. i am almost certain you are breaking a rule by not being honest with Him. By not telling Him the truth, you are risking the bond of trust and respect. By default, you are making Him a bad Daddy for not taking care of you; because He does not have all of the information. So, bite the bullet and tell Him the truth. Explain your problem, explain that you have been afraid to tell Him, and apologize for your dishonesty.

Daddies are great with forgiveness and advice. He will appreciate you coming clean, and be able to guide you from there. He may choose to give you a punishment for your dishonesty, but take that as a sign of love. If He didn’t love you, He wouldn’t take the time to come up with (and enforce) a punishment. Here and here are a couple articles that i found that might help.

If any of our little readers have experience with insomnia, please share your suggestions and tips for sleep in the comments!! Also, any of our Daddy readers out there, please comment on how you would handle a little with insomnia, and how you would handle a situation where she was hiding it from you and then came clean. Thank you so much! i love reading what you all put in the comments! xoxo

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9 thoughts on “Breaking Daddy’s Bedtime Rule (on accident, of course)”

  1. Bekah says:

    If even melatonin isnt helping, maybe a prescription pill is a good idea? I take 25mg of Trazadone to sleep at night bc I cant sleep welll without it. Even a benadryl would work maybe in the meantime HugsM Insomnia is horrible πŸ™

  2. Babybear says:

    I know one thing that helps me fall asleep is being on Skype with my daddy. We also have a LDR and we’ve fallen asleep on Skype every single night ever since we met eachother.. Even before we were together. It’s wonderful bonding, being able to sleep together. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t sleep without him. Even if your daddy is in a different time zone, like mine (four hour difference :c), you can maybe suggest falling asleep on the phone while he stays awake to do his own thing! It may not cure insomnia, but I know that I can’t fall asleep without Daddy. It gives me comfort knowing he’s somewhat there to protect me and answer me whenever I need to tell him I love him :3 Good luck!

  3. Cherry Bomb says:

    I LOVE this post!! I’ve had insomnia since I was a little (actually little, I mean!) kid and melatonin doesn’t work for me, either.
    Princess, what is Unisom’s half life? Does it leave you groggy after you wake up like benadryl?

  4. Munchkin says:

    I have a very difficult time sleeping. I have been with my Daddy for three and a half years. We hit it off right from the start and he allowed me to open up to my Little shy girl side. Now I find it almost completely impossible to sleep without him next to me. Often times if he is home for the night and not at work; if I get tired, he will bring me to bed and tuck me in. Then he will lay next to me and caress me until I fall asleep.

  5. Nanonamo says:

    I will give into my insomnia for a couple of nights, and make sure to not doze in the day. Then I take something that knocks me out around eleven or twelve. I’m up bright and early at seven or eight for my twins! it’s like a reset.
    My sleep changes all the time. Sometimes four hours feels soooo good! And then it hits me and i need six or seven.

  6. Littlecallsmecowboy says:

    I personally have had sleep insomnia my whole life to do a neurological condition so I have empathy for anyone who struggles with sleep. Especially my Little girl she is very light sensitive and doesn’t fall asleep well on her own which is terrible because we don’t live together.
    What seems to work very well for her is a body length heavy pillow that serves as my body double her favorite stuffie and my batman T shirt that she wears or snuggles with cause she says it smells like me which relaxes her a lot. She also is aloud to call me anytime at night if she has a nightmare or can’t sleep. Other Daddydoms out there if your little has a hard time sleeping you can try this, when it’s close to her bed time have her text you so you can prepare for her to call, when she calls tell her how much you love her and sweet and smart she is and make sure she has her stuffies before saying goodnight and have her put her phone on the night stand and sleep and if she needs you she can pick up the phone you’ll be right there to comfort her.
    You can stay on phone as long as you like I usually wait thirty-forty minutes before quietly asking if she still awake if she doesn’t answer she is most likely asleep and you can hang up the phone. I Like to put my head phones in that have a mic attachment in them so I can do tasks quietly while she sleeps. And Guys be prepared we all know littles hate bedtime especially if they can’t sleep well so be prepared for a lot of filibustering, if she has the choice of making up excuses to talk to you cause she loves you and sleep, she almost always will take you. So Be strong resist the cutest and whimpering and put her to bed she will appreciate you for it tomorrow. I hope this helps at least someone out thanks for the great material you provide keep it up!

  7. Little Lady Bug says:

    I know this is kind of a late reply to an older post, but I just found your website so please forgive me! Bedtime stories really work for me (I have sleep issues as well) and when I don’t have anyone to read to me, I have had a lot of success with audiobooks. There are lots of free sites out there, librivox.org has everything from children’s stories to classical literature (it all has to be public domain though) and a quick google search took me to other sites with kids’ bedtime stories too. Good luck!

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Great idea, and welcome!

  8. cheygirl says:

    Hiya! I know this post is old but my Daddy helps me sleep too. He calls almost every night to tell me a story or do a guided sleep meditation. Sometimes though one of us can’t talk. We have a Google drive where we upload all of our memories. So when Daddy knows that he can’t call he takes a video of him telling the story. That way I can fall asleep to it. ^-^ I love it. Hope this helps someone.

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