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Butterflies & Boners


Whether it’s butterfly kisses, little pecks, kisses on the cheek, temple, or nose, kisses on the lips, a french kiss, light kisses all over your body; the act of kissing is important. Never underestimate the power of a kiss.

They can heal boo-boos, wipe tears, send shivers through your body, stop arguments, send you off to sleep, and give you butterflies. I would easily say kissing is as vital as oxygen, water, and/or food.

Nothing is quite like a kiss. You are offering up your most vulnerable self with the hope that the receiver will feel your love and adoration through their whole body. You hear all the time “love is an action, not a noun”. If you love someone, show it everyday, and don’t just say it. Words become stale if thrown around too lightly.

Kissing is the most raw form of love. Try this the next time you are in the middle of a stupid argument with your Daddy or little. Stop, look them deep in the eyes, and pull them close to you and kiss them deeply (with everything that you have), and then pull back and see their reaction. It’s really hard to argue about wet towels on the bed, or why you came home late from work again, after that toe-tingling, head-spinning, fireworks-exploding assault.

Don’t just wait to kiss until a fight or a goodbye. Kiss randomly, with every kind of kiss you can imagine. When she is looking in the mirror checking her outfit…kiss her. When He is walking in the door from work…kiss Him. When she has a worried look on her face…kiss her. When He is frustrated from a long day…kiss Him. Kiss until your lips are chapped, and then buy some cherry princess chap-stick and kiss some more!!!

“The lips are very sensitive tissue, with many nerve endings that signal reactions such as hot and cold, sharp and soft. These same nerve endings also activate our feelings of closeness and attachment by arousing the brain’s love chemicals such as oxytocin.”
(ABC News Article)

So, in the name of science…

Daddies, give Your little a kiss that sends her flying through the stars. And littles, give your Daddy a kiss that gives Him butterflies and a boner!!!

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