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Can a little Stay a Virgin

dd/lg no sex

i am 18 years old. i’ve always been attracted to DD/lg and the dom/sub lifestyle, but am i too young for it? i don’t have a lot of experience, as i haven’t lost my virginity and i’m not sure i want to. So is it still possible to be someone’s little, but stay a virgin? ~ smalls

Absolutely! Although, a large portion of DD/lg relationships do, not all DD/lg relationships involve sex. There are Daddy Dom’s out there that just want a little to take care of and nurture. In these dynamics, the Daddy Dom is the caregiver to the little, and does many of the tasks a father would do for a small child (provide structure, discipline, boundaries, rules, and love). In this dynamic, the little is seen as “too fragile” for sex. She is kept innocent and childlike.

Just because it is a BDSM relationship, that does not necessarily mean it is a sexual one. Sex is sometimes a part of the relationship, but it is not the point of the relationship. A Dom who is only interested in sex really does not understand the role of the Dominant, and should change his title. A true Dominant’s job is to protect, care for, and love His submissive. her safety is in His hands, and is 100% top priority. No one should put their safety in the hands of someone who is only interested in self-gratification. Even in a Master/slave relationship, the Master is in charge of her safety and well being; over His own.

When you are ready to enter into a DD/lg relationship, be very clear about what you are looking for and what you are (and are not) comfortable with. The Dom you choose should be 100% on board with your limits. If he says things like “I will wait for you to be ready for sex”, he really isn’t going to be happy in a relationship with a little who absolutely does not want to involve sex (neither will the little). The right Daddy will need to share with you what He is expecting from the relationship, and you will both have to figure out if this is right for you.

Here is a link with some really good advice on DD/lg FAQ’s. i hope this helps, and that you find the right Daddy Dom for you. Please, please, please do not let any “dom” pressure you into doing something that you are uncomfortable with. A true Dom would respect your boundaries and care about your emotional safety.

If any of our readers have any experience with this subject, please feel free to share in the comments below! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Can a little Stay a Virgin”

  1. smalls says:

    thanks for the advice, princess! xo

  2. LittleAngel says:

    Honestly as it was being said as long as you find the right Dom who has your best interest at heart. I’m 18 and was introduced to DD/LG relationship with a jerk who only talked about sex which I told him many times I was uncomfortable with. So I walked away.. He wasn’t very daddy like… But I chose to go to someone who I can trust sexually and emotionally to take care of me and asked if he would consider being my daddydom…. Im seeing this was over a year ago ? so I hope you found what you were looking for! I’m on my way I hope ❤️

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