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Daddy’s Friend is Flirting With me When He’s Not Around

Daddy's friend is flirting with me

So, one of Daddy’s friends is constantly hitting on and flirting with me when Daddy’s not around. (He comes over a lot). I’ve told him that I’m not interested, and that I only have eyes for my Daddy, but he simply says. “What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him.” It makes me very uncomfortable and I want it to stop, but he and Daddy have known each other for years, and are like brothers, and he’s been there for Daddy a lot in life, and I don’t want to ruin that.

What should I do? ~Liyah

This is definitely NOT okay! In fact, your Daddy would want to know (I know I would). How is he supposed to protect you if he doesn’t know it’s happening? Let’s look at this from a different perspective.

On one hand, he’s hitting on you or flirting with you when your Daddy is not around. You’ve clearly made it known that you are not interested, and that you’re only interested in your Daddy. But what if this so-called “friend” (we’ll get to that in a moment) decides to turn it around on you, and tell your Daddy that you were hitting on him, instead? It could be hard for your Daddy to trust you when you later try to tell him your side of the story, depending on your relationship and level of trust. I would encourage you to be up-front and honest with your Daddy about this. He trusts and loves his little girl, and needs to know about these types of things. Better he hear it from his little than from someone else down the road.

In the case of Myself and princess, she tells Me everything. Whatever it is, I know about it. It’s how I’m able to protect her. I can’t always be with her, and if the butcher at the local grocery store is hitting on her, you’d better believe I want to know about it (yes…this has happened). I would talk about it with her, and she has no fear in telling Me that it happened. But once I know about what happened, I can help her create safe boundaries to prevent it from happening again. As a result, she feels safe…and I feel at peace knowing she’s safe.

As promised, I’d get back to the “friend” part of this. I can honestly tell you; no friend of Mine would dare try something like this. If they did, then I’d question our friendship overall. Were they really ever My true friend? Probably not. A friend doesn’t do this, and if your Daddy knew what was going on…he’d probably kick this person to the curb (perhaps with a few broken teeth). I’m a very over-protective person, as are most Dominants and Daddies. My princess is My turf, stay the hell away. At least that’s the persona I come across with. I’m her over-protective Daddy. And she’s Mine, nobody else’s. Since she’s entrusted Me with her safety and wellbeing in life, it’s My job to live up to My own part of the Dom/sub arrangement and do what I can with the information at hand.

Please keep in mind that these are My opinions, and results may vary, depending upon who you ask. But if you ask Me, that friend is no friend at all. He has zero respect for your Daddy, or the special bond the two of you share in this unique relationship. He’s massively over-stepped boundaries considered normal by most social circles, and has labeled himself a backstabber.

In the case of those who have a Polyamorous or open relationship arrangement, the opinions in this article may not match what you’re into. But for those Daddy Doms who are exclusive to a little (and visa versa), these are definitely true in My experience. The Daddy often cares so much for his little that he would do nearly anything to keep her safe and protected.

I hope this helps! Thanks for writing, and if you have thoughts on this response, please let us know below in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Daddy’s Friend is Flirting With me When He’s Not Around”

  1. Liyah says:

    Thank you so much for this advice! I decided to take it, and I told Daddy. Although he wasn’t happy about the situation he was happy that I told him. He even called his so called ‘friend’ who ended up admitting to his actions [he and Daddy aren’t friends anymore as you probably guessed]. We also promised to be more honest if something bothers one of us.

    Thank you again for the wise advice! You really helped cut out this problem, befoe it spiraled out of control, as well as helping Daddy and I install a new level of openness and honesty in each other. Goodbye!

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      That’s wonderful! We had a feeling your Daddy would understand. So happy for you!!

  2. Kat says:

    I have had a similar experience but I didn’t tell Daddy when it first started happening and the friend that was hitting on me kept getting more and more aggressive, until he forced himself on me and hurt me really badly. I was afraid and tried to hide it from Daddy still. I tried telling him I was sick and became very distance. ultimately Daddy found where I was hurt and got me help and called the cops but te fact that I hid it from him caused him a lot of heart ache. it hurt him that he couldn’t protect me, Daddies want to protect and nurture their littles! they can not do that if you don’t tell them what’s wrong

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