Even princess’ Get Spanked

Daddy spanked me. It really hurt and it made me so, so mad. i know that Daddy’s biggest pet peeve is when someone interrupts Him, but there were things that i wanted to say too. He just doesn’t understand. It is so hard to stay quiet when you are bursting at the seems with feelings and thoughts. Daddy was yelling at me about being naughty and disrespectful. i didn’t think i was at all. i was just speaking loudly and i guess i was a little bit angry.

You see Daddy did something that really hurt my feelings. i came to Him with it and He said something that made me even more hurt. i was so mad and so angry. i started over talking Him when He was trying to say something. We were both yelling at this point. He marched right over to me, picked me up and bent me over the bed. Then He spanked me, really really hard. “you know that you are never ever allowed to interrupt Daddy when He is talking. you are being a very bad girl,” He ordered.

my bottom hurt and my heart hurt even more. i was quiet and obedient the rest of the night, like He wanted. He told me that when i calmed down He would be more than happy to listen and talk with me. i didn’t want to even be near Him, much less talk to Him. How could my sweet, adorable Daddy do this to His baby girl. i know we have talked about it, but He had never done it before. He told me to get in bed and i tried to sleep turned away from Him. Of course he used his big strong arms and pulled me closer. He wrapped His arms tightly around me until we were both fast asleep.

The next morning we had a long talk. He gave me a chance to explain why my feelings were originally hurt. He apologized and said He would work on the issue. He also reminded me that He will not tolerate blatant disobedience. i told Him that i had been shocked and hurt, when He spanked me. i also thanked Him for teaching me how to be respectful and that i knew it must have been hard to cause me pain when He knew i was already hurting. He told me that i had been blinded by hurt that i couldn’t see how disrespectful i was being. That as a good Daddy Dom He needed to teach me the hard lessons in a way i wouldn’t soon forget them.

After hugging, He kissed me on the cheek and chuckled, “you know sometimes even princess’ need a good spanking.”

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    • Thank You! We are really happy and in the best place we have ever been before emotionally! True honest communication truly is the key. xoxo

  1. i’m glad you and your Daddy are doing well! i had a similar experience with my Daddy. He got frustrated with me when I took over a scene date He had planned but didn’t realize i wasn’t giving Him what He had asked for/wanted and He later expressed to me how He felt. i got hurt and went on a tirade about my feelings and Daddy stopped me and made me stand in the corner with my hands behind my back! Eventually i had to kneel in the corner for 10 min!!! i was sad and embarrassed and confused… Daddy had never punished me like this before. The next morning we talked it out and He confirmed what He needed in that kind of scene and i was able to express myself more calmly. i appreciate your article in that i felt similarly and realize now that it was for my own good and Daddy’s get hurt feelings too ?

    Thank you for this! i think i should go give Daddy a big hug ?