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Evil Potions & Broken Promises- Why We Are Not Poly

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom lived a handsome Dominating King. He had found true love in the beautiful submissive princess. she knelt at his feet and gave every part of herself to him. He swore that until His last breath, He would protect her from any harm. He promised to never hurt her or break her fragile glass heart. He had rescued her from the clenches of dragons. Who had tried to bleed every drop of her spirit from he,so much so that she had begun to wither away. When the King had rescued her she was barely breathing. He took a part of Himself and traded it to the gods for her to be healed. Because of His act of pure true love they placed in her a shining glass heart. They warned Him that it was easily broken and would be nearly impossible to mend.

One day an evil sorcerer came into the kingdom in the guise of a royal salesman. He claimed to sell trinkets and potions. So the King had him come to the castle right away, for He loved to spoil his princess with lavish gifts. The evil sorcerer showed the King all kinds of treasures and silks. The king chose several and was ready to settle His debt, when the salesman shouted, “But wait my King, for I have saved the best for last.”. He pulled out a beautiful glowing bottle. It had colors and sights the King had only dreamed of. Quickly the man put it back in a silk cloth. He whispered, “This potion will bring You and Your beautiful submissive pleasure beyond You wildest dreams. More sexual pleasure than You could ever gain from simply having each other. It will open Your eyes to wonders You have yet to see. Orgasms You have yet to experience.” “How have I not heard of this magical potion. I have searched high and low to find all the joys and pleasures to bestow upon My princess”, the King breathed. “I must have it.”

That night He came to His princesses room and saw her kneeling naked before Him. her satin skin glowing in the candle light. her dark flowing hair cascading down her perfect body, covering her delicious breasts. her eyes worshiping His every move. she was His and He knew that she would do anything He asked of her and in return He wanted to give her the world. “My darling sweet girl, your beauty is shining above all else. I have brought You a gift. It is a magic potion that promises splendor and orgasmic pleasures beyond your imagination. Drink this with Me and let us experience this wonder together.” “i would do anything for You my king,” she breathes as she bent and kissed His feet. That night they drank the potion and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning upon waking they turned on their royal laptop to browse the web. Something felt different, but they couldn’t quit figure it out. Their inbox had one single message in it. It was labeled, Welcome to Pleasure. They opened it and a slide show began. Image upon image came up on the screen. It started off as sexy couples having sex, and moved to sexy couples experimenting with rope play and bondage, then began images of oral sex and sex toys. Both the King and the princess got excited and began to get turned on by the idea of doing these things together. How had they not discovered this potion before. They made love and felt fully satisfied.

That evening the royal computer was blinking with a new email. They excitedly opened it. New images showed up on the screen. Images of couples doing much the same things they saw before, but then a new kind of image appeared. A man with two women sucking his giant cock. The King and His princess looked at each other in surprise. He had this carnal desire in His eyes and her heart saw. He started telling her how that had been a fantasy for him since boyhood. She always desperately wanted to please Him. This could be something she could give Him. Part of her felt hesitant. She didn’t want to share her Dom. her King. her God.

Over the course of a few weeks more and more images poured in. Images of group sex, bondage party’s,threesomes, couple swaps… the list went on and on. The king was more and more excited and the princess tried with all her might to pretend to be just as excited. Hurt began to form in her heart. she knew she should tell the king but feared she would displease Him. she had told Him those things were fine with her and she would try them with Him. she also knew her heart was extremely fragile and if broken, they would be separated forever. How could she decide. Break His heart or her own. Dreams plagued her every night. Dreams of women sliding up and down her King, kissing his body in all the places she had claimed for her own. Men touching her body with their greedy fingers and serpent tongues. she woke in sweat and tears. She watched as the King got hard talking of the women He would conquest and the men He would share her with. she couldn’t keep it in any longer.

She broke down and shed a million tears, tiny cracks began to form in her heart. The King looked away for the first time from the screen and saw His broken princess. Her once smooth skin was bruised, her sparkling eyes were now gray and bloodshot… He listened to her as she sobbed on and on about how sorry she was that she couldn’t fulfill His fantasies. She was heart broken that He wanted other women and that He would so easily share her. Was she that worthless to Him? Blinded by  the potion that still surged through His veins, He began yelling at the princess. How could she lead Him on like this? Was she just teasing Him with it just to take it away? He spewed about how she had wanted it too and she was a liar.

Larger cracks covered the surface of her heart with every hurtful word that left the kings mouth. He couldn’t understand why she could so easily want something then change her mind. After all this was going to be the most amazing experience they would have together. Wouldn’t two sets of lips on His body be better than one? Wouldn’t she have more pleasure with two cocks inside her sweet delicious body? They could have euphoria. She wept for days. What had happened to her once perfect King. He had adored her. Now He would rather have someone else. She could never fulfill those fantasies on her own for Him. What could she do?

She went to the mountain top to pray to the gods who had given her the glass heart and cried out to them, “What has happened to my Love? Where has He gone? How can i win Him back?” Bright lights shined around her and she heard the angelic voices whisper, “He isn’t gone sweet princess. He is lost inside of himself blinded by a potion given by the evil sorcerer Infidelity. He comes to kingdoms to break them apart from the inside out. He has destroyed many true loves that should have lasted a lifetime. He has broken many hearts. We see that the heart we have given You is severely damaged. You must be careful. You must heal Him before any damage is done. Now take this potion and have him place it in His ears. It is called Truth. Take this potion and have him place it in each eyes. It is called Purity. Take this potion and have him put it on his tongue. It is called Honesty. Lastly take this potion and have him place it inside of His heart. It is called Reality.”

She rushed back to the castle and begged the King to take these potions. Convincing Him that he had been poisoned He complied. That night He once again fell into a deep sleep. Visions began to fill His mind. He heard the truth of what His princess had been telling Him. She didn’t change because she wanted to hurt Him, but to save them. He saw finally the purity that had been washed out of His princess and left her bruised and bleeding. Saw her on her knees begging Him to want only her. His mouth began to fill with words of regret. How selfish He had been and how sorry He was. Then reality hit His heart. He had broken His princess’s glass heart. He and He alone was to blame. He saw that they had all the sexual pleasure they needed before He ever heard of this evil potion. He had everything. He had a kingdom. He had mountains of treasure. More importantly He had the most beautiful girl He had ever laid eyes on. She was His perfect match. She submitted to Him in all the ways that He needed to Dominate. He had to fix His mistakes.

Upon waking, He quickly pulled His princess into His arms and He sobbed. He begged her to forgive Him and promised to never hurt her again. He would do everything in his power to heal her glass heart. He would search high and low throughout the world to find the cure. She looked into His eyes and He knew without a doubt He would rather have her than all the women in the world. She kissed Him and He kissed her.

The healing began. The road would be long and hard, but they promised to do it together. To always hear each others Truth, keep their eyes Pure and for each other, always speak with Honesty, and lastly see how their actions effect the other in Reality and not fantasy land.

Happily Ever After is a long ways off… and so their story continues.

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10 thoughts on “Evil Potions & Broken Promises- Why We Are Not Poly”

  1. Yuna says:

    I love how you wrote this. ^-^

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Thank you so much! My princess worked very hard on this one. I love how creative she is!

  2. Angel says:

    I really love this story. Can you guys make more stories like this. I like the princess and the King themes a lot ^-^!

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      We can try! 🙂

  3. Daddy's Girl says:

    i do hope you know, you can have truth, pure love, honesty and reality in a poly relationship.
    i have a Daddy and my King. We live in the same home and even have children we raise together. Without the above listed skills and qualities we could not function as poly.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Hi Daddy’s Girl. We do realize that. It’s just not for us. We have visited that topic a couple of times, but we’re so jealous for one another that we can’t imagine it. Nor do we feel something is missing. If that works for others…awesome! Everyone has a slightly different dynamic, and no two are the same. We encourage everyone to find themselves and what works for them. 🙂

  4. Popy says:

    This is so beautiful!!!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Thank You!! xoxo

  5. Faith says:

    This is an extremely beautiful read. Now I must turn my teddy to the unsoggy side. Sheeeesh!

  6. Littou says:

    Oh god, this just made me cry. It is So beautiful and delicate and well written.

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