Having Your First Conversations about DD/lg

Well, I have been reading about the Daddy Dom/little lifestyle a lot lately and I am extremely fascinated by it! I am married and I know my husband wouldn’t and isn’t even remotely interested in entertaining the idea. I guess I can understand that. My problem is that, I feel this is something I want very badly and don’t know what to do or how to handle it. What do I do? ~ married princess

First off, you say that your husband is not interested in the idea. Does that mean that you have already talked to him about it? Or, are you just assuming that he isn’t into it? First, i would suggest doing as much research into DD/lg, D/s, and other BDSM-type relationships as you can. That way, when he has questions, you will be ready. Next, i would advise you to talk to him about it. If you are concerned that saying too much will freak him out, then start off slow. Make observations in everyday life situations, or suggest getting kinky in the bedroom. Easing him into a whole new lifestyle can go either of two ways. He could love it, and want to explore it deeper with you; or he could push it off, thinking it’s strange and not something he is into. You never know until you try, though.

Here are some suggestions of ways you can bring up DD/lg or D/s:

“So I have been thinking a lot about a wife’s role to her husband. I did some research and found a site talking about submission and respect. I found it really interesting. How do you feel about a wife submitting to her husband? What makes you feel respected? Can we try some new things and just see how they work? Maybe I could ask permission before making a purchase, or kneel on the floor and massage your feet when you get home from work. I just want to serve you, and feel the safety of your protection and love.”

“Hey, maybe tonight we can try being a little kinky? How do you feel about schoolgirl and teacher? Or babysitter and Daddy? Would it turn you on if I called you Daddy?”

“Can you help me get that jar off the top shelf? Thank you so much, that was a big job. I am lucky to have a man to take such good care of me. You are amazing. Is there anything I can do to serve you, Sir?”

“I saw this box of crayons at the store and my favorite cartoon coloring book. i thought, why not be crazy and buy them. I spent a while coloring pictures and it was so relaxing. I would love to show you what I did! Maybe I could even color you a picture?”

Have fun and play with it. He may not react the way you expect, but at least you are trying. When you start off with the words”respect”,”submission”,”Sir”,”Daddy”, and”need”, it shows him that you are wanting something new and different; maybe even a little exciting! There is no wrong way to start a DD/lg or D/s relationship. i understand that being vulnerable is scary, but think of what you could be missing out on if you don’t try.

Now, if you have already talked with him about it and he is not even a little bit willing to try, then start doing it on your own. Show him respect even when he doesn’t deserve it. Join forums and chat rooms to find others like you. Go out and buy yourself whatever “little” things you want (need), and use them when you have free time. Share with your husband how you wish he could be a part of this life with you. But, understand that he isn’t ready. Refer to him as Sir if he will permit. Write a journal or blog of your journey. In the end, he is the one missing out on something amazing. It’s one of the most rewarding relationships you can experience! Just remember, you don’t need a Daddy to be a little.

i hope this helps. i am sorry that you are in this hard situation. Daddy and i are crossing our fingers that your husband will at least give it a try. Honestly what could it hurt? Worst case, he ends up with a submissive wife; best case, he ends up finding his inner-Dom and has an eager little girl aching to please him. This is win/win for him. If it would help, i know Daddy would be 100% willing to answer any questions your husband may have if he needs another man’s perspective. We are here for you both.

If any of our readers have been in a situation like married princess, please comment with suggestions. Maybe even share your own experience?! i remember when i first discovered DD/lg when Daddy and i were only D/s. It sounded perfect. Like i had found who i truly was. When i shared it with Him, we both researched and shared with each other things that we found interesting. We picked and chose certain parts of D/s that we wanted to keep intact, and decided together which pieces of DD/lg we wanted to incorporate into our relationship. We tried new things all the time. Some fit and some completely did not work at all. i remember when we tried to do “no eye contact unless given permission”. It was so awkward, and completely not us. We only made it halfway through breakfast before we said “no way”, and couldn’t keep our eyes off each other the rest of the day <3 !! xoxo

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