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Fun little Games With A Naughty little Twist

i LOOOOOOOOVE games with Daddy! So i thought it would be fun to share some games with all of you! Playing with Daddy is the bestest bestest part of my day…. weeeeelllll actually the bestest BESTEST BEST part of the day is when Daddy lets me put my head on His lap and He plays with my hair or runs His fingers over my skin softly (we call it tickling… but its the good kind)! Here are just a few and i will add new ones over time! Have fun! Go TeamLittle!

Hide and Seek

Fully Dressed
Mask (optional to make it more challenging)

Easy, take turns to hide in the house, set a 5 minute timer and if you find each other in time you get to choose an article of clothing for the loser to remove, but if you don’t find them in 5 minutes they get to pick an article of clothing for you to remove.

Escape the Rope


Daddy does his very very best to tie you up naked. He sets a timer for 20 minutes. You have 20 minutes to escape and if you do Daddy has to give you a prize. If you can’t get out in 20 minutes Daddy gets to do anything He wants with you and unties you whenever He feels like.

Truth or Dare


Each person writes down 5 truth questions and 5 dares and folds them up and put them in a jar. You take turns taking out one at a time and doing whatever the paper says. It is important to be careful what you write because you could end up picking your own!!!

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3 thoughts on “Fun little Games With A Naughty little Twist”

  1. mQQnchild says:

    i just figured out ma’ Dom, my best friend, my lover is ma’ Daddy TOO!! i am new to this, and soooooo happy i’ve come across your website!! it’s beautifully done, and very informative. Thank you both so much for doing this for Daddy’s, and little girls like us!

  2. Littlebunny says:

    This sounds like a lot off fun. I am going to see if my daddy will do these with me as well for some fun. Generally we play bored games, video games and card games. Starting to get really bored of doing the same things for fun. Dont get me wrong I absolutely love participating in any of these with him because I LOVE spending time with my daddy. Just need new ideas and these are great.

  3. DaddysGirl says:

    These all sound super fun and cute but I don’t have a daddy 🙁

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