Fun little Gift Ideas for your Daddy Dom

i LOVE to give my Daddy surprise gifts all the time! He does so much for me, and one way i can show Him that i have been thinking about Him all day is to present Him with a token of my affection. my favorites are cooking His favorite meals, finding a small trinket at a store, a picture that i colored just for Him, or a gift for a special occasion. It makes me squeal with delight when i see Him open up my delicately-wrapped surprise; especially when i see His smile and appreciation. It’s important to remember that not all gifts need to cost a ton of money (or any money at all), but they should always come from your heart.

Sometimes it is really, really, REALLY hard to shop for my Daddy, because He always seems to buy Himself the things that He wants, whenever He wants or needs them. So i have to put all my thoughts into finding something special and unique to surprise Him with. Do any of you have that problem?? Daddy’s birthday is coming up, and i am struggling with ideas of what to get Him. While searching high and low, i decided to help out all of my little friends with a gallery of gift ideas for your Daddy too!

Pretty please comment below with more ideas that you have. Also, what kind of gifts have you given to your Daddy in the past? If You are a Daddy, what kind of gifts do You like to receive? i would super duper oober love to hear!!!! Thankies! xoxo


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    • Sorry MsRekless!

      We were already working on this when your comment came in. Technology getting in the way of good, fresh ideas today (apparently). Everything should be all good now!

  1. So this is a BIG coincidence for me that you posted this today! It’s my Daddy’s birthday!!!! I just baked him a mini cake and as he came in the door from work, I lit a candle and sang him happy birthday. I’m taking him out to dinner tonight, too ? He doesn’t really like material gifts. He likes it better if it’s homemade or going out to a movie or dinner. I’m glad my crafting never goes to waste?

    • Happy birthday to your DADDY!!!!!

      i love crafting too! It is so fun and there are sooooo many unique ideas floating around out there! i hope you both have fun at dinner tonight! Once i took Daddy out to dinner for His birthday to this fancy jazz steak house and i privately asked the performer to sing Him happy birthday! He was so surprised and felt really special. i don’t think we will ever forget that night!

  2. My babygirl LOVES to read in bed before we turn out the lights. The best gift she gives me is a light back scratch/back rub while she reads. She can read her book as long as she likes (as long as she’s not cranky in the morning), I get my back scratched/rubbed and we feel completely connected in a non-sexual way on nights where “quiet” is in order.

  3. Thank you soooo much for writing this post! My Daddy’s birthday is coming up soon too and I’ve been at a complete loss as to what to get him. I’ve come up with one idea so far, I’m going to make him a special “coupon”. It has a little more meaning for us because my Daddy was my bestest friend in the whole wide world when we were in college and I made him a gag “coupon” being silly because we couldn’t be together and now we can so I get to make him a real one. But my Daddy has done so much for my daughter and I over the last year-ish that I want to do/get/make him something extraordinarily special for his birthday but I don’t have much of my own money that doesn’t go to my little girl and your post has been extremely helpful. Thanks for the new ideas!!!

  4. So I’m a Wiccan little in a long distance relationship with my Daddy, I haven’t been able to send any gifts yet but I’ve talked about making necklaces with rose quartz and amethyst for him to go with the ones I wear as rose quartz and amethyst together promote love healing and happiness and are used to help link people together if they are wearing them when talking to each other a lot the rose quartz also is good for self love and the amethyst is good for helping us heal from our pasts and Daddy likes that idea a lot. Daddy thinks the best gift for now though are the random pictures I send him when I’m feeling especially cute and little or when I can call him on Skype when he wasn’t expecting it until the weekend. I also know that he is a Halloween nut like I am so I send him some of the things that interest me about the history and stuff and cool pictures and he loves those as well. A good way to find what your Daddy likes is observation and communication. Daddies need us to be as attuned to them as they are to us, we have to balance each other and be able to take care of them when they need someone Big (well for some of us littles will have a hard time with this but if you’re a switch like me it might not be as hard) even a simple, “I’m here for you and I will listen if you need to vent” to your Daddy helps a lot

  5. The gift I got my daddy is a sterling silver collar he can put on me when we go out it has a jewel lock he can lock up and the key is on a matching bracelet for him he loves it you can find different ones on the internet just look for bdsm jewelry and you can find tons of cute ones and if you are not into necklaces they have bracelet versions