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Guest Post: 10 Nonsexual Reasons Why a Daddy Adores His little

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Guest Author: D.Dom

A little is not a child. A little is a mature woman that preserved childlike characteristics. Therefore her personality is unlike a general adult. It is substantially determined by attitudes, habits and behaviors that are more typical for a kid than for a common adult person. This is particularly true of needing guidance, control and protection from a dominant partner and caregiver.

As a little is needy, she may sometimes feel like a burden for her caregiver; being stressful and insufficient. To better understand her particular attitudes and characteristics, we illuminate the relationship from the dominant side. Here are ten nonsexual reasons why a Daddy adores his little more than everything else in the world:

You make me feel needed

A little’s neediness is my pleasure. As a caregiver, I am urgently seeking for a girl that I can support, protect and look after. It is a heavenly, satisfying feeling for me to know that You need me; that Your innocent eyes are looking up to me, and that You would somehow be lost without me. If You were not needy, all of my efforts would be meaningless and empty.

You give my life a deeper sense

Taking care of my little girl; supporting, nurturing, controlling, protecting and developing You is one of the most meaningful tasks I can ever imagine. Your vulnerability, innocence and openness makes You a treasure of inestimable value for me. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be in charge for the most wonderful being on earth. What could be more fulfilling?

You bring the color into my life

The world I live in is so broadly soaked with grey people, inflexible behavioral patterns and predictable incidents. You are the direct opposite of that, different to all the people I know. You don’t try to be the same, because You know You aren’t. You are pure, unbiassed, unforeseeable. That makes You a very special, adorable and refreshing person for me. A little girl is the colorful light in a mostly grey world.

You decelerate my aging (and Yours)

Burying one’s inner child is the best way to get old very fast. As a little, You have Your inner child in Your core. You really live this part of Your personality, and this helps me not to degenerate to an adult zombie. I love Your innocent perspectives, unadulterated opinions, and Your misunderstanding of all the complexity and harm in the world. It is an undisguised, free and open view on past, present and future. It keeps me young in thinking and acting.

You increase my strength and power

I am a strong and powerful character by myself, in my job and when interacting with other people. But only through my little do I become a real dominant. You are empowering me by bringing me in charge of certain areas of Your life. You give me the feeling of being a great leader by needing and following my guidance, and giving me respect for my efforts. The little develops a man to a hero.

You motivate me to become better

You place all Your trust in me and give me the power to dominate You. Because of that, I am determined to always care for You and guide You in the best ever possible way. Being Your Daddy is the most honorable privilege for me. And though I will never be totally perfect, it is a guiding principle to closely reach perfection by constant learning and getting better everyday. In the way I control and develop my little girl, I control and develop myself.

You foster me to stay in charge

The high degree of responsibility for my little implies a duty to never ever let loose. You frequently come up with new ideas, incidents and challenges. Life with You is always dynamic and unforeseeable. That encourages me to stay vigilant, aware and conscious with You, me and us—a decisive precondition to the self-determined life I want to have.

You fill my world with emotions

I am a very straight, constant and clear person. My little is a never-dwindling source of all the varieties of emotions human beings can express. Everything between a trembling volcano and a whining piece of misery; somewhere between overwhelming excited and deeply lost. Sometimes dying of laughter for almost nothing; sometimes just pouty and angry about almost everything. My world would be emotionally poor and underachieving without You and Your crazy mind.

You inspire me with Your ideas

When You are in the mood, You are babbling idea after idea; flipping over and burning for every one of them. The origin of Your ideas is a sort of innocent never-never land. In this imaginary region, realization and consequences are neither suitable nor common arguments. I could never start thinking as far away from reality. And therefore, I would never be able to create those kinds of pure and inspiring ideas that my little girl comes up with.

You enable all my love capability

I love my little more than I ever thought I could love at all. We were in a vanilla relationship before, and I loved deeply. But placing the DD/lg dynamic at the core of our relationship opened a completely new and additional channel. I love You as Your man, Your friend and Your lover. But through devoting Yourself to me, through entrusting me with Your full vulnerability and openness, my feelings for You jump in undreamt new spheres. The little opens an awesome love channel that a Daddy could never feel, use and live without her.

So, You littles out there: We Daddies love and adore You as You are, and we thank God (or whomever) that You exist.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Post: 10 Nonsexual Reasons Why a Daddy Adores His little”

  1. Kati says:

    I love this! As a 36 year old, divorced single mother, survivor of domestic violence, and quite the strong, independent, self-sufficient woman, I did not realize until recently that I am little. I came across this site while researching relationship/lifestyle dynamics for my psychology graduate work. At first, I was terrified of this whole concept, but the more I read, I began to realize that I had a perception based on absolutely no knowledge at all.

    This particular article so beautifully depicts the way a man should cherish His woman. And in loving and appreciating her in this way, she knows she can fully trust You with every fiber of her being and gladly submits and takes Your lead. This highlights the amazing characteristics of a true Daddy, and serves as a great reminder of what little me needs. It also reinforces my commitment to remain single, until God brings me the Daddy he created for me little me.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Welcome to CWP! i am so excited you found our site! xoxo

    2. D.Dom says:

      Thanks a lot, Kati! I really enjoyed reading Your feedback, especially when You remark that the described way a Daddy loves and appreiciates his little enables her to fully trust him and to devote herself to him.

      As a result, this kind of a dom/sub relationship becomes such an unbelievable source of love and energy for both partners. It is based on mutual(!) dependencies – instead of the common and broadly promoted ambition to become independent in relationships – and is maximum transparent, autentic, honest, open and pure.

      I am glad that my article touched You, and I hope that You don´t have to wait too long to find Your Daddy!

  2. mita says:

    Awe this is great <3 hope I can find someone like this .. ??

  3. Tata's amorette says:

    This post made me smile. It so describes Tata in many ways. A lot of people look at DD/lg from the outside and see it as the Daddy (or Mommy) being a closet pedophile because they only see things in a sexual way. It sometimes makes me wonder what their childhoods were like, what kind of abuses did they suffer that they have this mentality? i would love it if i could use at least some of what D.Dom said when talking about this dynamic with others. i’ve had people dismiss what Tata says, or what i tell them Tata says, as me just being defensive and obviously i’ll deny their claims because we’re a couple. Tata isn’t as eloquent in His explanations of why He adores me and why this dynamic makes us both happier than we’ve ever been in our adult lives.

  4. Fae says:

    Yayy!! This article makes me so happy. It is 100% true. Being little does not make you a child and your relationship with Daddy some twisted daddy-issue legal pedo fantasy. It is an exchange based on mutual need for love and respect. For me, it is a chance to let some light in with my love! Everything these days is so heavy..the pressure for sex, competency, to be the best of the best at everything…to always be composed. Relationships are so undefined and surface level and honestly. kinda sketchy. I love how this dynamic allows me to be vulnerable, have fun, be brave as I explore new things, and it’s all based on communication and love. Sure, it still is a lot of work and depends on finding the right partner. Just because you give yourself a title doesn’t mean a) that you’ll fit with anyone, or b) that you’ll act the part…but it gives you a topic to begin with. ^.^ Sorries Isle I was scattered but this !! made me smile. Thank you for the great article!!

  5. Juna says:

    First of all I want to say thank you for the effort to fill this wonderful homepage with excellent content over and over again. Finding, reading and learning through your written words was and is a pleasure for me. You people took away lots of the fear of living in a different sort of relationship. You help me to accept more and more the way of dealing and loving within a DDLG relationship, without feeling like a naughty freak.
    Especially these article here reveals the strong influence that a DDLG relationship can have in life – not just in sex life- if both partners are into it. What a wonderful article, full of smart and touching thoughts and written by a D. who must be a very extraordinary person. It is so deep and well written and I find many party of myself and many parts of our relationship so well pictured in it. Every little would be proud and happy if she had the opportunity to grow on your side and feel loved by you. Thanks for being so open, so loving and so precise with your thoughts.
    I am in the relationship with my D. for more than 10 years now, but we explored the DDLG relationship just a year ago. So it is quite new and very exciting for both of us. There are a lot of discussions to find the right amount of astringency, the best way to deal with it when friends are around, still modifying the rules, still testing the borders of each other – partly conscious partly unconscious. D. and I are still sorting out how much we tell our close friends, which aspects we like to share and which are just our secrets.
    We live in a very high academic circle of friends, where especially the woman are proud of their independency, which is wonderful. But without saying it out loud, they kind of disrespect woman who chose conscious dependency of their lover in some ways. The need to be independent or better said dependent on more reputable things like jobs, meanings from others, the “normal things” is way more reputable than the fact that someone submits herself to the person she/he loves with all the consequences. Being dependent (and open with the dependency), is not a thing that is honored at all. It is mostly a sign of weakness. “If you want to be a real woman, you have to man up and care for yourself” kind of mentality.
    Even so I do not talk about my DDLG as open as I do here, some of my attitudes and behaviors are obvious and clear. Even so I would (objective ) say that D. and me do have the most stable, most respectful and most loving relationship in our surrounding, even so I feel very secure and happy and extremely excited in the DDLG relationship, still I am not brave and strong enough being completely open with the DDLG relationship around my friends.
    For me, it is very difficult to distinguish if being a little is as right and as worth as not being a little. Sometimes I am missing the right words to explain the beauty and the benefits of DDLG.
    In the article you show the beauty of being week and dependent on the person who you love the most. Reading the article made me proud and less scared or ashamed to show that I am a little. It points out all the beauty and the positive things, even the strength that a little needs to be authentic and close to herself. You do all this without letting the little look like a child. You even let your little look like a feisty, brave, wild and very special person.
    So there are many aspects in the article that made me stronger and showed me the right words to put it, when having the next discussion with friends’ .Maybe I even take your article with me in the next deep discussion to be well prepared
    THX a lot for this article.

  6. TH3 D4DDY says:

    This article is spot on. Never would I have been able to describe how having my little has made me feel about our relationship. After our 15+ year relationship we stumbled across the DD/lg lifestyle and everything just made since. She’s always been a little, we just didn’t know it :-). Daddy has always struggled with putting his feelings to words and you have been able to do just that. Thank you for this post.

    1. kelly buckstrup says:

      If you dont mind me asking bow did your little help you bring your feelings for her to life? What helped you anyway?

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