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Handling Conflicting Schedules In a DD/lg Relationship

What do i do when me and Daddy’s schedules conflict each other? ~babygirl

Schedules can be very tricky. i would suggest actually scheduling time with each other. Sit down together and go over both your schedules, and find time slots you can dedicate to quality time. Stick to them and make them a priority. Sometimes that means just having a quick lunch or midnight walk. It isn’t always about the quantity of time, but the quality.

You can also text each other when you cannot be together; and if texting isn’t possible, write a love letter that you can surprise Him with at your next get-together. i’m not sure if you live together or not, but if you do, you could wake up early together and have a special breakfast. Breakfast is PERFECT Daddy/little time. Need i say cartoons!!!

Another really fun thing to do is have your Daddy write out a schedule for you, and at the end of the day, He can judge how well you did with a sticker or reward. By following His rules and schedule, it is almost like He is there with you. He will also feel respected and loved by your obedience.

What is most important is to be supportive with each others schedules and work together to find room for quality time. You should talk with your Daddy and see what He thinks. Open communication about what is bothering you is very important to keep your relationship strong. If He doesn’t know something is a problem for you, how will He have a chance to figure it out and provide a solution?

i really hope you find something that works for you both and hope this helps! Thanks for writing, and if you have thoughts on this response, please let us know below in the comments!

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