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How To Get Daddy To Give you His Attention

Aside from throwing yourself down at His feet and throwing an all out tantrum, finding ways to get your Daddy Dom’s attention can be difficult in a world that is constantly vying for His attention with smart phones, never ending Netflix, work, and the pressures to be successful in everything. So if not through stomping your feet, how can you get His attention without ending up with a red bottom.

Here is a step by step guide with a list of ideas that may just work!

Four Easy Steps

  1. Make sure that He isn’t in the middle of something that is actually important, like a work deadline or client phone call
  2. Prepare yourself for Him by dressing in your cutest outfit
  3. Choose an option from the list that you will both enjoy
  4. Have FUN!!!

Fun Idea’s To Catch His Attention

  • Bring a storybook over to Him and ask if He will read it to You
  • Ask for help with something, because you are too “little” to do it on Your own
  • Kiss His cheek and tell Him how much you love and appreciate Him
  • Write Him a little note and tuck it into His pocket, talking about how proud of Him you are and how you want to show Him just how proud you are after work
  • Do something just for Him. Be creative, like make His favorite dessert or make Him a piece of your very own artwork
  • Surprise Him with tickets to a “guy” movie and dinner reservations
  • Change something about yourself for the day, like how you do your hair or try wearing red lipstick
  • FLIRT! Give Him little winks and talk suggestively
  • (Playfully) pout with your lip out and say You need Daddy time
  • Point out something you like about Him, like the way his muscles look bigger in that shirt or how manly He looked cutting your PB&J into a heart
  • Ask if He will have an amish night with you where you turn off your tv, phone, and lights, and use candles while you play games or just hang out
  • Bring Him lunch or a coffee at work and dress cute for Him so He can feel proud of His little girl around His colleagues
  • Make a single smoothie, milkshake, or root beer float with two straws and ask Him if He wants to share with you
  • Bring a picnic lunch and meet Him for His lunch break to go to a park to hang out
  • On a Saturday morning put everything on inside out and backwards and inform Him that today is officially inside out backwards day
  • Ask if He can pencil You into His schedule for a Daddy little date while handing Him your my little pony pencil
  • (If possible) walk around the house naked, in panties, or lingerie when He isn’t expecting it
  • Tell Him you have a secret, but cannot tell Him until He kisses you 100 times
  • Have a ‘movie in’ ready when He comes home, complete with popcorn, sodas, candy, and a blanket fort
  • Cook His favorite dinner and have it hot, and be ready at the door with a glass of wine or whiskey waiting for Him in a 50’s housewife dress
  • Put your favorite stuffie in bed with a cloth over it’s forehead and call Daddy for help to fix your poor sick stuffie and play nurse to His doctor
  • If all else fails just ask Him!!!

Hope this inspires you guys to try something new. i know that i am going to try a few of these myself this week! Let us know any of your ideas and how it goes if you try one from the list. We love hearing about you and how you are all doing. We are in this crazy life together, and there is so much more to discover, learn and grow as a community. xoxo

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Daddy To Give you His Attention”

  1. littleintraining says:


    my Daddy and i have slowly been going down the DD/lg path. We have always been in a D/s dynamic, but i always felt like part of me was being repressed. Daddy started doing research about D/s to help us learn and grow, and then we got sucked into the rabbit hole of DD/lg. We both felt kind of weird about it at first and avoided the subject, but on a drunken night in His lap beside the fire pit, we started talking and i admitted that when i called Him Daddy, i wasn’t just being silly. He admitted that He didn’t think it was weird, but actually liked it. So for the last few weeks we have been researching and establishing rules, rewards, punishments, etc. It makes me so happy to know that my Daddy is excited about this, but there are some things i have tried to research that are hard to find information about. Daddy travels a lot for work, so sometimes we have to play over the phone or Skype. Recently Daddy brought up that he would really like a toy of His own that he could play with when i am not around. i immediately felt jealous because i don’t want my Daddy to replace me, but He says He hates using His hands and says it’s no different than me having a toy. i see His point, but it still scares me. So i would really like some clarification on this if you have any to offer. i know it isn’t my choice if Daddy gets a toy and it is nice of Him to talk to me about it and consider my feelings, and i want to be fair to Him. Am i being silly to worry and be jealous of a toy? Also, i was curious about your dynamic- does princess get to buy Daddy presents, or is she limited to things she has permission to buy, or things she makes? With Christmas coming up, i really want to do something special, but am not sure how i can surprise my Daddy without asking first.

    Thank you!!

    Sorry if you got this twice. It wouldn’t let me submit it as a question.

  2. Babygirl/Lilone says:

    I LOVE the one about putting a cloth on your favorite stuffie & playing nurse to his doctor! I will use a few of these but looking forward to that one for sure!!!! Never would have thought of that! Thanks!!

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