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How to Handle Spankings

Princess, how do you stay still for a spanking? I just cannot do it. I try so hard. I mentally tell myself I wanted DD/lg and I want the correction and that I need to be a good girl for my Daddy and accept the consequences of my actions and be still but I just can’t. And if Daddy does the spanking lighter, I don’t feel the release and it doesn’t feel like a punishment so I don’t get over it or learn my lesson. How do you and other people stay still? I feel really bad because I try so hard but I can’t handle how much it hurts. I feel like I’m misbehaving more when I can’t sit still and that makes it worse and worse and nothing ever gets better. :'( I feel like I’m letting my Daddy down and I don’t want to do that anymore. ~ Cherry Bomb

i have just as hard a time. What’s worse, is there are times when Daddy wants to spank me, but i feel like He is the one in the wrong and not me; and i fight to get away. It is always worse when i try to fight it. my suggestion would be to think about an actual 3-5 year old and how they would react to a spanking. They squirm and kick and cry, but they do not get out of it. So in my opinion, being a little is no different. we don’t want to be spanked (unless it’s the good kind) when we are upset and feeling angry, but we still need it.

A fair Daddy will calm down and explain that He is going to spank you and give you a reason why. He will then tell you how many spankings He plans to inflict, and for you to bend over and count. A Daddy should never spank or punish out of anger. Spankings are for correction. He spanks to teach. If a Daddy spanks out of anger in the heat of the moment, two things can happen:

  1. He could lose control and hurt you badly
  2. All you will learn is to be afraid of making Him angry, for fear He will explode.

Maybe when your Daddy spanks, you should count. i have found that counting distracts me from the pain. Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. It is the body’s natural reaction to pull away from pain. The first two spankings might not be so bad, but by number three, your fight or flight response kicks in. you are not being bad. you are being human. The fact that you have remorse for not staying still shows your Daddy that you respect Him and really try to hold still. The lesson is still there. He set a rule, you broke it, He followed through with a spanking, and then you are left feeling guilty. That is when the lesson starts to sink in.

i hope this helps. If you have ideas or thoughts, we would L-O-V-E to hear them! We love what you all have to say. xoxo

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6 thoughts on “How to Handle Spankings”

  1. angel kitten says:

    I love being spanked for pleasure and for correction. Sometimes I will just walk past Daddy in the house and he will pull my skirt up and give me one firm spank. Of course, when I am over his knee and he is really hitting me, it hurts! But he likes it when I squirm and try to get away, it gives him the chance to pull me back and hold me down harder. I hate disappointing Daddy but his corrections can be soooo sweet. Even though his firm hand can sting, I will choose a good spanking over his verbal correction every time.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      i LOVE spankings too! The only ones i do not like are when Daddy spanks me when i feel like i did nothing wrong. It feels unfair when He refuses to even listen to me. i am really bad at holding still for those. When i feel that i deserve it, i like feeling the pain of my mistake as a reminder. And of course i love the fun ones at playtime! xoxo

  2. Bekah says:

    Why do we need spankings for lessons? Why not any of a million other consequences?

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Not every DD/lg couple uses spankings as a correction. Everyone is unique and our agreements with our Daddies were created to fit each person’s wants, needs, and desires. When Daddy and i first started, we talked about what type of punishments i would be ok with, and spanking was one of them.

      There is nothing wrong with spankings not being a part of a BDSM relationship, as long as both sides find it unnecessary. To them i would suggest, try it; even once. That way you will know if you like it through experience, and not just fear in their mind. i was afraid of a lot of things until i tried it, and then ended up loving them. There were also things we tried that i hated.

      Just have fun with it! xoxo

  3. Little1 says:

    Is it normal to not get any correction spankings? I never break the rules & do as daddy asks. Should I be breaking some minor rules? He’s never had to punish me before. I don’t even know if he would.

  4. LittleLadyHatter says:

    Id suggest using different punishments..(no furniture, time out, clothes restriction) what ever else works for your dynamic.

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