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How to Tell your Boyfriend you Want Him to Be your “Daddy”

Lonely little girl without a Daddy

So I’ve known about the bdsm and dd/lg lifestyle for quite some time now, and I really think it fits me. I want to bring it up to my boyfriend but I’m not sure how. We already have our kinks and whatnot but when I call him daddy, I’m not quite sure what’s going through his head when I do. I know he won’t completely be appalled by the idea, I just don’t know how to suggest it to him. ~babygirl

Thanks for writing! I went back through our past posts, and could have sworn we’d answered this somewhere. But I couldn’t find it, so here are My thoughts on how to tell your boyfriend (or husband) that you want them to be your Daddy.

Feeling “little” without a Daddy can be extremely lonely. My princess and I were fortunate to have already found each other before we even knew what DD/lg was, and I can only imagine what it’s like for those that don’t. Hopefully you and your boyfriend can experience the world of wonder that this lifestyle can bring!

First thing’s first, and I mention this statement to princess all the time:

I can’t make good decisions with bad information.

If you don’t ask him (or tell him), he’ll never have the chance to fulfill that need for you. For all we know, he may be feeling the same things as you (or similar). You both share certain kinks, maybe this is one of them…and perhaps one person doesn’t know how to bring it up to the other.

Do you trust him to keep you safe and protect you, no matter what? If yes, chances are he’ll hear you out and want to treat this as a learning experience to hear more about what you’re into. At its core, BDSM relationships require discussion of what each person’s soft and hard limits are. These discussions also commonly cover each person’s kinks, and (at least for you) it sounds like DD/lg is one of those that should be explored.

One of three things will happen:

  1. He’ll be turned off by the idea, and not want to continue it further.
  2. He’ll like the idea, and want to include it in scenes in the bedroom.
  3. He’ll like the idea, and want to incorporate it into your daily lives.

In terms of how to suggest it to him, try just bringing it up casually. Such as:

Hey, so I’ve called you “Daddy” several times, and I’m wondering what you think about that. Can we talk about it?

Take the conversation from there. Another thing you can probably do is walk him down the aisles of the grocery store on a regular shopping trip, but pick out “little” things that catch your eye. Maybe jump up and down and squeal when you find something cute, or show him the sippy cup you like the most. Okay…maybe those are a little over-the-top, but you get the idea. There are ways to show him in a serious way, and ways to show him the “little” way.

Either way, I think he’ll get the message loud and clear. And remember; depending on how serious you both want this to be, there will be effort on both peoples’ ends to make it work. It takes two.

Here are some helpful articles to get him started in the lifestyle:

Have any thoughts, or something that I missed? Please tell us below!

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9 thoughts on “How to Tell your Boyfriend you Want Him to Be your “Daddy””

  1. New to being Princess says:

    I have been dating my Daddy for almost a year and he has been gradually introducing this into our relationship and I love it! With that said I am in my 30’s and have never heard about a DD/lg relationship and had no clue what it meant. This site has helped me tremendously on understanding it and knowing what I want. He may or may not know what you mean when you call him Daddy. Just a thought

    1. babygirl says:

      That is true! I ended up talking to him about it and we’re slowly introducing new things, taking it one step at a time. This advice was really helpful ♡

      1. Daddy's princess says:

        i love hearing about how true conversation and communication changes peoples lives and strengthens relationships!! Keep reading and sharing!!!! xoxo

  2. ShayKitty says:

    I call my boyfriend daddy sometimes when we’re alone in the house and he told me he likes it. In my heart I have always known I was a Little, but how do I introduce what I want to him without being embarrased or afraid? How do I even start?!

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      That’s a difficult decision to make, but it’s what you know in your heart is what you want. If he truly loves you, he will understand. But what is a relationship without honesty? Telling him what you’re feeling is how he’s going to know to take care of you in the way that you need.

      1. ShayKitty says:

        Maybe your right. The thing I’m most afraid of is him telling me I’m weird. I know that so far he likes being called “daddy” and he knows I hate things such as making final decisions, being the leader of things, etc etc. Is there a way to just gradually ease into it?

  3. Ally says:

    Ive never accidentally called my boyfriend daddy or at all actually. When he would joke around and say it cause he knew I didn’t like hearing it, I would say things like, “that’s disturbing I’d never say it. It reminds me of when I was little and called my dad, daddy. I drilled it into his head that I would never try it but now he has stopped doing it even joking. I don’t want to do it all the time, just occasionally call him it when he looks good. But I don’t know how to bring it up? I just tri3d saying goodnight daddy and then “corrected” myself by saying “baby *”

  4. Chey says:

    I have never been in this type of relationship before and I am in a relationship with my boyfriend who I live with. Anyway I have been reading and looking into the dd/lg or kitten lifestyle and it sounds wonderful to me. I love pleasing him and being a good girl. The most kinky thing he does his slightly choke me and spank me. But I’m afraid to talk to him about it, I don’t think he’d like being called daddy because he has twin boys, they call him daddy. Also, he’s very vanilla, he doesn’t even like porn. I am scared of rejection and don’t know what to do.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Thanks for commenting Chey!

      For Myself and princess, we often shelter the little ones (our actual children) from the lifestyle. We’ve been a little more open with our oldest than the rest, but often times we’ll refrain from the “Daddy” title while around them. Although, much of our power exchange in this dynamic can be found in eye stares or non-DDlg language while around the kids. My princess still knows what I mean the majority of the time if we’re sitting around a table with them, or at another family member’s house.

      We’ve talked with each other regularly about whether or not we should “come out”. And if so, how much? Your relationship will be as open about everything as the two of you want it to be. Just be yourselves!

      It’s different for everyone, but I feel you owe it to yourself and to your boyfriend to at least be honest with him about how you’re feelin; and see where it goes. Who knows, you could end up having the time of your lives!

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