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Idea’s for When you Are Going Shopping for little Supplies

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Hi! First of all, I absolutely love your blog posts! I was recently introduced to the DD/lg world and after reading tons of info I feel like I’ve finally found my place. I’ve never been happier with my life or myself! I feel like I no longer have to hide who I am and I understand so much about myself now. I was always made to feel bad about like “acting like a child” or wanting to play or having a hard time making decisions and I don’t feel bad about myself anymore! Yay! There’s nothing wrong with me, this is who I am. So thank you for having such amazing posts, I’ve read all of them since yesterday 🙂 So second, my Daddy is taking me to get toys and stuffies this weekend, I’m super excited but I don’t know what to get. I’m already overwhelmed and I’m not even at the store yet. I know I want coloring books and crayons and a super special stuffie and Daddy’s getting me cute panties and ribbons for my hair but I don’t know what else to get. Daddy asked me what I wanted and I couldn’t give him any real answer. What kind of toys did you get at first? Thank you! 🙂 ~ DaddysDuckie

i LOVE shopping for new little toys and supplies!!!! i am super-excited for you…and a little jealous. When i first started buying little things, i had no clue where to start. Simple things, like coloring books and sippy cups, came first; and then stuffies. Now i have all kinds of toys, stuffies, books, games, puzzles, panties, and so much more. i figured, instead of listing out my suggestions, i would make a photo gallery to inspire you. i’m sure once you get in the toy or craft isle, you will find things that fit you perfectly. Don’t worry about what the norm is for a little; go with what make you happy. Make sure to ask for Daddy’s approval before anything goes in the basket, and give Him big kissies right in the isle!

i hope this helps to alleviate some of your stress. you are going to have a blast, i promise. When you get home, will you send a picture of your loot to our email, so i can upload it for everyone to see? To our amazing readers, what was your first “little” toys or gear? Were you shy at first going to the store? What would you recommend to a beginner little just starting out? What would you suggest steering clear of?  Has anyone found Hello Kitty or Disney princess condoms?? i would even be happy with pink glitter ones! xoxo

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11 thoughts on “Idea’s for When you Are Going Shopping for little Supplies”

  1. DaddysDuckie says:

    Thanks so much for answering my question! Your pictures really helped, I’ll email you mine when Daddy gets home from work in the morning and wakes up from his nap. Daddy got me a giant Disney Princess coloring book and some bows this weekend. We were going to go to Build-a-Bear so I could get my super special stuffie but when we got there they were gone! I was heartbroken! Daddy took me to Toys-R-Us too but I had a hard time picking out anything cause it was all super expensive (I’ve never had anyone want to buy me things before so it’s taking some time to get used to being taken care of and spoiled). We searched everywhere for cute panties but the only ones I could find were super hero ones and I wanted Princess. I love Princesses, Ariel is my favorite. I also went to that site,, totally love it! It’s amazing and has so many sparkly and princess things! Gotta run, Daddy wants me to finish coloring my big picture before he gets home. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      omg i love wish!! Daddy always teases me because i fill my shopping cart and bat my eyes! He always takes the time to look at everything i loved and sometimes picks something to surprise me with! Princess panties are the best! amazon and target have some good ones! xoxo

      1. Daddys Irish Princess says:

        I recently discovered I am a little. I was confused at how to search for what you are finding on
        also do you have any advice for a new to this lifestyle daddy and his little girl? Thanks, I love your blog!

  2. Cherry Bomb says:

    I looove this post!!! All the pink is amazing! My first little gift was a strawberry shortcake coloring book with stickers and colored pencils. I LOVE it. It was the best gift ever because it was the first thing my boyfriend turned Daddy bought me since finding your blog and starting Dd/lg.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      That is so awesome! 🙂

  3. Lilstorm says:

    My first little present from my Daddy/Hubby was before we even started DD/lg. He bought me a rarity pony from MLP. But since we started being Daddy and his little storm a month ago he’s been spoilin me. Specially cause it was my birthday this weekend. He got me sooooo much, I thought it was a little too much but I gotta trust my Daddy. He got me MLP monopoly, and a lapdesk to color on, and fluttershy (she’s my favorite), and Cheshire, and a new pencil box, and a really pretty big person coloring book, and a new hello kitty notebook, oh and a new Belle cup with a straw it’s all sparkly and purple. But for me it’s just fun explorin stores and lookin at stuff. Different sections have cool stuff. Like the little clothes section usually has some accessories and stuffs, but even the electronic sections have little stuff. And hot topic has lots of disney stuffs now which is super cool! For me it’s hardest finding stuff in my size but occasionally I’ll get lucky and find something and ask Daddy for it.

    Love love love reading your posts!
    –Mwah Lilstorm

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Great ideas!!! xoxo

  4. daddy's lil faerie says:

    Why does it seem the majority of the lg/kitten stuff is pink? My daddy doesn’t like me to wear pink. I can’t find anything!!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      i will add to my list to do another post about littles who prefer alternate colors to pink. Thank you for the idea! xoxo

  5. Kina says:

    My first little gift from daddy was a nature coloring book, 2 elegant dresses, unicorno and mermicorno and my first collar ?

  6. Daddyspoiledbrat says:

    The first and only thing i have physically received from my Daddy was a hug. All of the supplies i buy. my Daddy lives 30 minutes away from me and is always to busy for me. i have been His little girl for 4 months now, and only met once. He doesn’t punish me or anything. i feel ignored, tossed aside, a burden, broken hearted, and am almost always sad. but my favorite little supplies is my colored pencils and coloring book. haven’t found the paci or sippy i want. the Dollar tree and Wal-Mart has great little supplies. i just go by the little car kit list as far as beginner supplies go. that list to me at least is the bare basics.

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