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One of the hardest things for a Daddy (or any Dominant) to witness is their little’s mistakes. We try our best to shield them from harm, heartache, financial loss, etc. Our experience should play a role in our guidance role. Sometimes, however, our best isn’t good enough. Mistakes are going to be made, and “I told you so’s” excluded, how we react in the coming moment is important to your partner. These tips should help you when you find yourself on the witnessing end of a mistake with your little.

It probably wasn’t on purpose

Mistakes aren’t made on purpose; they’re accidents. She didn’t plan for this to happen, but it did. Support your little like you’re her #1 fan, and she’ll be your #1 fan forever. She looks up to her Daddy Dom, and she needs to know you’re proud of her even when she lapses in judgement. She’s already feeling silly for whatever happened, and a distraction might be in order for a while. Maybe take her on a walk or bake some cookies with her. She’ll treasure the memory, and you’ll both get a yummy treat out of it!

Even if it was, she’s doing her best

If any of you are like my little, she’s scared of crowds, talking to people on the phone, and other misc. social anxiety circumstances haunt her. In her typical day, she’s balancing a ridiculous amount of tasks that may involve some of her PTSD triggers. She might have made a decision that got her into this tough spot, but it probably made sense to her at the time. She’s doing her best, and chances are really good that she’s doing it in your name. You’re the sparkle in her eye, and she wants to please you.

Right now, she really needs  your support

She might need varying levels of support dealing with consequences of a mistake, including financial. Right away, though…she just needs you. She needs someone to comfort her and let her know that her Daddy has her back. Explain to her that you are there for her, she isn’t alone, and you’ll get through whatever it is together. Maintaining this incredible bond will ensure you both have a stronger trust foundation to work with going forward.

None of this is by accident. Each of you sought out the other because something was missing. This is the chance for her “missing” to become the “found”, and burn bright. She’ll know what it is when you act on it, and make it more than words in a contract. If she’s horrified of making calls, help her make some of them, or be available to proxy for her on speakerphone if necessary. If she’s scared of crowds, schedule a time together and accompany her to the building she needs to go to; or, if able, complete the errand for her this time.

What can you do?

There’s a lot you can do. Few of us choose to follow through. Dig deep into your inner Dominant, and think about what drives you to care so much about where you fall in this world. What inspired you to want to Daddy a little or dominate a submissive. Why do you do it? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find you already have these caring qualities and probably still do these things today. If so, awesome job! If not, it’s never too late to start by answering with action.

Have any advice or thoughts on this article from either the Daddy or little side? Let us know in the comments!!

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8 thoughts on “lil’ Life Lessons”

  1. Princess Kitty says:

    I love this so much. As a little that makes a lot of mistakes, has social anxiety, and snuggled with selfharm this speaks level for me

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      I’m so glad you got something out of it! Thank you for writing in 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    I read the post about lil’ Life Lessons, and thank you for it. To be more precise, from My POV as a Daddy-Dom, how do I (correctly?) address issues from her children, by a previous relationship? Specifically, continual disrespect and lack of care from her 17 y/o son? He continually insults and berates her, then quickly apologizes for his behavior. It’s a vicious circle and game, though.
    Thank you for reading this.

  3. Jeanette says:

    You make me realize I should never settle for anything less.

  4. Melody Iansonn says:

    As a Little that suffers from several mental illnesses and makes a LOT of mistakes, having a Daddy who cares and does all these things is so so amazing. I’ve had one previous relationship claim to be my “Dom” but he treated me very badly and got me hooked on drugs. Daddy has helped me through the absolute worst parts about the last nearly 3 years. Thank you for writing this and putting into words what I can’t.

  5. Sweetbeet says:

    This is so spot on. I find it incredibly hard some days to complete the most simple tasks. I’m a professional woman in my own right, but I struggle sometimes to adult. The inner struggle with my little self is very real. I’m just happy that I found my DD. He is my biggest cheerleader and supporter.

    1. Ellen says:

      You sound so much like me! I am in healthcare professionally and I am able to put on a “grown up” act for my day at work. I am also comfortable parenting our four kids. But it is a huge struggle to feel secure and safe in so many things that involve interacting with other adults. I didn’t think I could still be “shy” in my 30’s. I feel like I cling to my Daddy for so much. I feel scared and exposed without him. Whenever I get a text notification my heart sinks if it is not from him. Even simple things like walking in to pay the mechanic for an oil change makes me scared.

  6. _harleygirl_ says:

    Love this thank you for weighting it!!!

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