Meet little Miss Cannoli

Daddy is the absolute BEST!!! He took me to a pet adoption and we rescued the cutest little puppy in the whole world (next to Avocado of course)! She is only 2 months old and is a chihuahua/dachshund mix. Now Avocado has a playmate and they get along together really well. He is only 7 months old so they are close in size. i love my two new live stuffies! Thank You Daddy! XOXO

i can’t wait to take them hiking and to the beach and camping and the doggie park. omg i am sooooo excited. She has to finish her shots, of course, which will take about 6 weeks. So we have to play it safe for a while to keep her healthy. Two is the perfect number! She loves to cuddle on my lap, and will only nap if she is touching me or Daddy. We have been calling her Noli (short for Cannoli), or Noli Cannoli or little miss Cannoli! i have a big responsibility now though. Training two perfect little pups on how to behave and potty outside. i want to make Daddy super duper proud!

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4 thoughts on “Meet little Miss Cannoli”

  1. cherry bomb says:

    Aw man! Your Daddy got you two puppies and mine won’t even get me one. Haha I’ll live vicariously through yours! I’m happy for you! Not to mention she’s a rescue dog so that makes you and your Daddy saints!

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Yep! Avy needed a play pal. I’m forbidden from calling her “princess”. We’re back to all the puppy stuff, and the messes…but it’ll pass soon. Need to get her over to the vet.

      1. Cherry Bomb says:

        Is she healthy? Or just the typical puppy shots and check ups?
        The messes WILL pass. But they never stop eating underwear 🙁 or tripping you.
        The great thing about cats is that they’re born knowing how to use a litter box. Cats that pee on other things usually have full litter boxes/unattentive parents, or are sick or unwell in some way. My Daddy and I had a cat named Simba and he was crazy. He would hunt flies with Daddy and they had a call and response like a hunter and his hound dog. He would climb up the cat castle and swat at the people who walked by. We had to put him down, though. He had a collapsed urethra and we couldn’t afford the surgery and we didn’t have time to find somebody who did because they die from that within 24 hours.
        Maybe you could get Princess a kitty after all! Heehee if you raise them right they’re super affectionate. Simba would comfort me when ever I was sad or mad. He’d stay with me until I felt better or laughed and then he’d turn around and go right back to his plans of world domination. He was like my stuffies, only he was alive.

      2. Daddy's princess says:

        i neeeeeed a fluffy white persian kitten!!!!

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