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Missing Daddy When He Is Away

So, I need some advice. I’m leaving for summer break this week and I have to leave my daddy for almost 2 and a half to three weeks. And I don’t know how to cope with it. I was wondering if you could give me some advice so I don’t go mad crazy without my daddy. ~ Daddy’s precious baby

Hi! What a great question, and it could’t be timed better.

Daddy is leaving for a trip very soon, and i have been so super anxious about it. We have only been apart three days and two nights our entire relationship. So Him being gone is kind of a big deal to us. This trip is very important for Him, and i would never ask Him to cancel, but i am still sad about it. He is very supportive of my emotions and reassures me a TON that He will be safe and back before i know it. He also is very grateful that i am supportive of Him going, which helps because i get to feel proud of making Daddy happy.

Here are some ideas to help get through the days without your Daddy.


  • Text with your Daddy
  • Skype with your Daddy
  • Call your Daddy on the phone
  • Write your Daddy postcards
  • Write your Daddy a love letter
  • Watch the same movie at the same time, while on the phone with your Daddy
  • Play a game online with each other


  • Watch a new show on Netflix
  • Go on Tumblr and read blogs
  • Workout or go for a walk
  • Clean something
  • Make your Daddy an art project or a craft
  • Visit with Daddy-approved friends
  • Learn a new recipe
  • Wash all of your stuffies
  • Go shopping
  • Write letters or cards to family members
  • Read a book
  • Go get your hair done
  • Go get your nails done
  • Make a playlist of all of your favorite songs for your Daddy
  • Volunteer to help someone with something
  • Write a short story
  • Research an interesting topic
  • Nap
  • Re-organize your bedroom
  • Read our blog 🙂

If/When you Break Down:

  • Hug your stuffies
  • Watch love movies and eat ice cream
  • Call Daddy and ask Him to sing you a song or read you a story
  • Call Daddy and just cry while He reassures you that everything will be okay
  • Talk with friends
  • Remind yourself how much your Daddy loves you, and that He will be back soon
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Lay in bed, cuddled under your blankie, and use your binkie
  • Just cry it out

Anybody else have some good ideas? We’d love to hear them!

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One thought on “Missing Daddy When He Is Away”

  1. daddyspreciousbaby says:

    Hi Princess 🙂

    So I have good news, I got to spend my summer break with my daddy. It was amazing. But yesterday was pretty bad though…We went to his friends moms house for a cook out since it was the fourth and all. I got mad because he wasnt paying attention to me. He said I was jealous…is it normal for me to be jealous when other people are around my daddy?????

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