my Favorite little Clothing Ideas

Dressing up is one of the best parts about being little. What little doesn’t like to dress up for her Daddy?! i know i do. i love putting together outfits to make my Daddy smile. He is very opinionated on what i am (or am not) allowed to wear, as every good Daddy Dom should be. i love it when Daddy takes me shopping and has me try on all of His favorite choices. The only bad part is when i like something, and He doesn’t approve of it *pouting*.

Not every little has a Daddy that can afford to shop for expensive or even full retail clothing. i am here to tell you there are so many options at thrift shops, consignment stores, and discount outlets. There are also fun ways to “little” your outfit. Adding some lace or a bow can change up your outfits and make them as cute as you want them to be.

i love being Daddy’s princess and wandering around the house in my tutu and sparkly heels. You don’t have to wait for little space to dress up either. i like to dress up even when we go out. i wear a lot of cute little dresses and heels. Daddy loves when i wear stockings as well. Daddy has a love/hate issue that i get random compliments on my outfits or shoes. Silly, jealous, proud Daddy. i love that He is a lot taller than me; even in my highest heels. Sometimes it’s fun to wear flats, just so i feel “little” next to Him.

Everyone has their own unique style and comfort zone. i wanted to show some of what i like, and maybe get some ideas from you. Go here for my Favorite little Hair Ideas.

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  1. I think dressing up for Daddy is my JOB, I take looking pretty super, super seriously, I am a mom of 4 kids and yeah I don’t want to make life totally awkward by wearing a lolli dress 24/7 but I try to find super sweet, cutie, girlie and Daddy approved outfits that make me feel like Daddy’s princess kitten all the time. I most certainly spend special time in my little space and am far more free to be me there but I am little all the time and most certainly want to look precious and pretty.

    I totally agree with your ideas for budget shopping and even though I see sooooo many pretty things online for lil girls, I can’t have it all but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t always look my best.

    I have to say that I have noticed many pictures on people’s tumblr page or whatever where they look unkempt in their jammies and whatnot, I think being a little comes with an obligation to be pretty and sweet and it makes me sad when I see girls who think they have an open invitation to be messy just because they are little (I mean if that is specifically what you and your daddy are into then yeah, otherwise, be adorable).

    • i am in 100% agreement. It is our job to look our very best for our Daddies. For me that includes eating right, grooming, and clothes. my Daddy likes His things to be nice and very well kept, and for Him, that includes me.

      He has waaaaaay too many things to worry about than to make sure i am decent. He put me in charge of that, and He is the enforcer if i am slacking. i am thankful He cares so much and is opinionated about what i can or cannot wear. It makes me feel very special and pretty.

      One of my favorite things is working really hard to look my best, and the moment He lays eyes on the finished product. He makes me feel like a movie star!! i never want to lose that. i also want to keep His eyes on me. Not that He would go after other girls, but why give Him the chance!

      In Daddy’s line of business we go to events and dinners. i would hate to make Him look bad because i didn’t want to do my job. He is judged on His ability to succeed and take care of clients. How can they trust Him to do that if He has a frumpy unkempt girl at His side. He works so hard every single day and i never want to be the reason a client would look somewhere else.

      i am home 90% of the day, so it is easy to slack in that sense. No one sees me, so who cares how i am dressed…right? Except, Daddy sees me, and He is my number one priority, just as i am His. i should want to look good for Him, even if He is the only one in the room.

      i love that there are other littles like me who see things this way as well. Besides, it isn’t too much work to do a little something everyday to look adorable for Him. His reaction is worth the effort.

  2. OMGosh I love the pictures of all the cute dresses. Growing up I was very much a tomboy, but I find that now that I’m older I like to dress cute and pretty.
    My down side is that I am a big girl and always have been – I will NEVER be thin – which is fine. I exercise and eat healthy, I am a bit squishy in the middle still (after having 2 kids of my own).

    But I am happy I read this and that I’m not alone in thinking Littles should be cute. I actually pride myself in wearing a bow in my hair every day. Once again thank you for this ^-^

    • i also wear a bow in my hair almost every single day!!!! Bows are Daddy’s absolute favorite.

      Also don’t worry, a lot of littles are not the size of these models. i am pretty sure most of them are in their teens and/or haven’t had children. We are women, and a woman’s body goes through hell with childbearing. Your downside is not being a big girl, it is that we live in a world where the woman’s body is scrutinized and critiqued for every blemish, wrinkle, stretch mark, and freckle. We have a point value placed on us of 0-10 for our “hotness”. Why is there no point value for our minds, or our ability to make people laugh, our generosity, or our ability to empathize and love?

      i am far from the “perfect” size since having my son. The important part is loving myself, eating right, and light exercise. i like to think of working on my body as my job for Daddy, not the world. i always want to look my very best for Him.

      i am almost positive that your Daddy finds you incredibly attractive. i mean come on, He chose you to fall in love with and cherish out of every other woman in the world! you are a smokin’ hot goddess!

  3. I learned to sew. I love dresses and skirts so much, and I let Daddy pick out fabrics and patterns he likes and I make twirly circle skirts and fit’n’flare dresses with gathered circle skirt bottoms so they’re really fluffy and twirly. I like the swishy feeling of the dresses and skirts and Daddy likes that I always look put together and cute (even if he doesn’t know it’s not much effort on my part ).

    I’m a bigger girl and finding clothes to fit has always been a problem. My little is older, about 8 or 9, and really crafty, so getting Daddy to buy me a sewing machine wasn’t difficult because he knew I would use it. He loves seeing me create outfits just for him.

    • @pinkisafeeling, I’m a bigger girl too and my little is 7-9; I’d love to talk with you about the clothes you wear and make!! I can rarely find anything in my size and i’m not the best sewer …

  4. Daddy loves having me present myself for inspection before we leave out. He chooses my lipstick & perfume. We both LOVE when He fixes my hair. We have 5 children but I am trying to purchase dresses that look cute but don’t scream “mom why are you dressing like a little girl”. Eshakti online has some cute dresses and they make to order your size which is perfect!

  5. There is a photo near the beginning showing thigh high striped socks and what appears to be a white romper, or possibly a white shirt with shorts. My Daddy and I have been looking for days for cute rompers like that, or some similar clothing. Could you please point me in the direction of some cute little rompers, dresses, or socks? It’d be great if I could fins something similar.
    – Thank you.

  6. I love this post!!
    I love dressing for Daddy even if im going to work, I make sure I look my best when I leave because I am an extension of Him! Luckily I have 4 year old daughter who loves dressing up so cute matching outfits is the norm in my house and I’ve been into Lolita for 6 years so its not uncommon for people here to see me dressed that way. Although when Daddy has to leave for a long time (Army) he j\gets really strict on what I cant wear cause he knows other guys will try to talk to me lol

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