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Protective little girls & Jealousy for their Daddy

Jealous little girl DD/lg

Hi Princess 🙂 So I have good news, I got to spend my summer break with my daddy. It was amazing. But yesterday was pretty bad though…We went to his friends moms house for a cook out since it was the fourth and all. I got mad because he wasnt paying attention to me. He said I was jealous…is it normal for me to be jealous when other people are around my daddy????? ~daddyspreciousbaby

My princess asked Me to tackle this question. Mainly since I deal with her own jealousy (all the **** time).

We’ve discovered that it’s pretty typical for littles to be jealous. Actually, I hear something practically every time we leave the house. More than that, you’d be surprised how often I feel princess’ jealousy at home with television, a movie, or with online ads and pictures. It’s not just the real-world people that instill jealous feelings into our littles, but anything that may take our eyes and hearts away from them.

So, would I say it’s “normal”? Yes. Extremely normal.

Your little girl entrusted you with her submissive side for a reason. She trusts you. She doesn’t trust a cheater; instead, she trusts the person the promised to take care of her, believe in her, and help complete her. Your little girl needs to know that she can count on you for anything. I’d say you can’t very well do that if your attention is misplaced and invested into other people.

To all you Daddies out there…your little wants to be the center of your world. The #1 thing that you fixate on. They crave it in the deepest parts of their soul. Wandering eyes will get you a bratty, nasty attitude (the kind you don’t want). They’ll tantrum, and it’s a surefire way to end up in a big fight. Not the typical fight you experience; but the kind that will leave you both questioning DD/lg in general, or even your Dominant/submissive core principles.

Some D/s couples are perfectly fine with polyamory or an open relationship. We’re not; and I believe most DD/lg couples wouldn’t be. That said, if you’re monogamous (meaning you’re for each other, and nobody else), then treat your little partner with the respect that a typical monogamous lover would expect to receive…like she’s the only girl in the world. You’ll win her heart over and over again, day after day. She’ll think the world of you, and I promise you; you’ll have one of the strongest relationships possible on this planet that can withstand practically anything life can throw at either of you.

In closing, do your best to protect and guard your eyes for your little. Don’t flirt with the girl at the deli counter or the one in the checkout line. Sometimes she’ll even be jealous “just because” (even if you didn’t actually do anything wrong). Take that as as sign of love from your little girl, and assume love. It’s just her way of showing it. And if you’re at a party together (in this case a BBQ), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your arm around her when you’re talking with guests, or maybe holding her hand. Try to find ways to include her in the conversation so she doesn’t feel so left out and excluded.

And princess? …she’ll cut a bitch. I don’t just consider purity for her sake or Mine. It’s for all those others out there that don’t know any better. If someone’s hitting on your Daddy, he’d better shut it down.

Have any thoughts, or something that I missed? Please tell us below!

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3 thoughts on “Protective little girls & Jealousy for their Daddy”

  1. Caitlin says:

    The end made me laugh because it’s soooo true

  2. LovingBrat says:

    I never used to get jealous of Daddy. We said from the start that we could and would be poly but at the terms of the other (so i get to “regulate” his poly experiences and him mine). Despite the fact that we’ve decided this, we actually havent been poly. He asked me if he could with one of our friends and I was completely fine with it, but he ultimately decided against it. I also wanted to with a friend and even though i had permission to do so I decided against it as well.

    The point here is: recently my daddy added a past slave of his (he fluctuates his title to “fit” the “sub” he is with) to our huge group chat which is typically who we munch with as well. I am sososososooooooooooo jealous of her! They are just friends an didnt work out for a reason but everytime she posts in the chat (not even talking to him) i want to “cut a bitch”. And I need advice…

  3. Blondebabygirl says:

    Happened upon this old post and love it! I’m extra jealous when it comes to Daddy, glad to know it’s not just me!

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