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Spank me Daddy and Give me Rules

littles are a LOT of work. my Daddy will be the first to tell anyone that being in charge of a little is no easy task. i often throw tantrums. i am extremely sensitive. i crave all of His attention. i need a lot of discipline, rules, and boundaries. There is nothing worse than being little and having to take on the world alone with no clear direction. With pre-set rules and boundaries, i feel safe and loved. i don’t have to think about how to dress or how to do my hair, Daddy has rules for that. i don’t have to stress about money or bills, Daddy takes care of that. i never have to question “should i” or “shouldn’t i”, because if there isn’t a rule for it, i just consult with Daddy and He takes care of it.

It sounds so easy and perfect, but what about when your Daddy doesn’t enforce pre-set rules? What if punishments should be given but your Daddy has gotten lazy? What if your Daddy doesn’t want to play with you or treat you like the little you are? What if your Daddy falls into a vanilla state of mind and forgets His job? Every Daddy gets distracted at some point and when He does a little feels lost and helpless and can act out in lots of different ways.

An easy option for a little  is to rebel and try and get your Daddy’s attention. you throw fits at random things that you really don’t care about. you do annoying things just to get Him to notice you. you act out and be naughty in public. you wear clothes you know your Daddy won’t like or approve of. you do just about anything to get His attention.

Another option is to shut down and hide your little side. you don’t let her out to play or laugh. you stop using your favorite special “little” things, like your stuffies, binky or blankie. you start being the one to protect her feelings and be the “adult” in the relationship. you start to pretend His attention isn’t needed or important . you start to think maybe if you ignore yourself and Him that He will get the hint.

Both options have their downfalls, with one you might end up with a stressed out Daddy who doesn’t want to be around his naughty little, which He then begins to shut her out and the other you hide a key part of yourself away and you begin feeling trapped and depressed and He could think you don’t want to be His or a little.

It is always the best option to just talk with your Daddy. It is highly recommended to NEVER try to talk to your Daddy about something important like this when He is tired, overly stressed from the day, busy with something important like work, angry at you, or having his relax time right after getting home. you should come to Him calmly and respectfully. He will appreciate it and be more open to hearing what you have to say. Try to be straight to the point and try not to drop hints. Daddies like to have things straight forward. (Bonus: Daddies love to problem solve. Most Men are born with the need to problem solve.) It is also important not to expect an instant answer or fix. Give your Daddy time to problem solve and think through what you have talked about. i promise you will get a better result than if you try to pressure Him or attack Him into answering or fixing things in one conversation.

you should try to remember that Daddies have a lot of responsibilities. They get very busy problem solving everything in their day; work, bills, social issues, family, and you. They need your openness and honesty when there is an issue. Never try to hide it from them hoping They will see the error of their ways or that they are hurting you. They are much too busy to look for “hints”. Being honest and open should be at the top of every D/s relationship.

Now Daddies this is for You…

Please always give Your little clear rules, boundaries, and expectations. she desperately wants to please You. she is probably willing to do almost anything to make You happy. It is exhausting and intimidating for a little to try and come up with the rules herself. she is left wondering if she is doing things right, second guessing herself, and completely stressing out trying to make You proud of her. It is important to always give Your little room to grow, but if she misbehaves she needs, wants, and craves Your correction and punishment.

It isn’t easy being a little in a great big scary world. Knowing she is pleasing her Daddy will take loads of stress off of her and allow her to be her true self. she wants to submit and be Your “good girl”, but she also wants to know there are limits. Trust me she will test them, a lot and often. Just know that that is natural for her to do. she is just learning, growing, and making sure Daddy is going to be there for the good and the bad. That He is there to put her back in line. That He cares enough to teach her.

Be a persistent strong-minded Daddy and give  Your little rules. Have fun with it. Any desire or fantasy Your have for what You want from her is Yours for the taking. Tell her how to dress and what style pleases You. Tell her how to eat and exercise so she can stay beautiful for You. Pick her polish color and make sure she keeps manicured and clean shaven for You. (You should be sure to provide her with an allowance to buy the kind of clothing You like and to get her nails and hair done. Better yet take her to do those things! It will make her feel special having her Daddy tell the stylist what she wants!) Give her a bedtime, (even if she screams and moans) in the long run Your little will feel protected and loved. Always make sure to cuddle her and play with her hair while she falls asleep and don’t forget to read her a story. Give Your little chores around Your house. Make her wait to eat until You have taken the first bite. There are so many options i could go on forever.

Incentivize following Your rules (even though having rules is a gift in itself). Making it a game will show a deeper sense of love for her. You can give her stickers on a chart to fill up (100 stars gets a gift card). Or little gifts to make her squeal! Make sure You tell her it’s because she did x, y, or z. Giving her rules will show her how much You care and it will give her clear direction on how to please the most important person in her little world… her Daddy!

Daddies just don’t be lazy and get lost in the stress of everyday life. Having a little is a gift most men could only dream of owning. she is your perfect little property. Put in the work and show her how special she is. Give her lots of kisses, cuddles, hugs, and spankings. littles please obey your Daddies. They always know best and They are one of the people in your life (or the only one) that excepts you as you are. It is a gift to live life as a little.

i hope every little and Daddy that read this can find your perfect set of rules! Comment below with questions or ideas for more rules and boundaries!!! Also let us know your punishment ideas for breaking rules!

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6 thoughts on “Spank me Daddy and Give me Rules”

  1. Hissnowbutterfly says:

    This site is exquisite.
    States the beauty in this world
    Without a Doubt,
    My favorite♡

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      awe!!!! THANKS! Daddy and i are really excited to share our journey with the world! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    2. Daddy Dom says:

      Thank you for partaking in this adventure with us! We’re not experts, but we’re learning daily. My little princess and I are in love, but we feel that the D/s dynamic and DD/lg lifestyle deepen our love experience for each other, and really bring out the best (and sometimes worst) of who we both are. I still can’t get over the fact that people are reading our blog. It’s awesome. Thanks again for writing.

    3. Imani says:

      Ikr its so awesome and all of the arguments are well thought out, non judgmental and literate I love it.

  2. Elijah says:

    What are some exact rules for our littles that we should have

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      Hi Elijah!

      We wrote this article a while ago, and it fits what you’re looking for pretty closely. If you have anything to add to it, please let us know in the comments on the post!

      “10 Rules for Your little”

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