Stuffies are taking over the house!

Uga Muga drinking Daddy's coffee

I know that princess would say we could never have enough stuffies. But I just caught this little guy (“Uga Muga”) getting into My morning coffee. Now I have to go make some more.

The others are lurking around, plotting against Me!

Stuffies are the endearment of every little girl. They’re her friends when she can’t go out and play with other littles. They help her to feel safe when her Daddy can’t be with her. And they’re always happy to spend time with my little girl and play with her when I have to work late.

So…how many do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Stuffies are taking over the house!”

  1. Cherry Bomb says:

    6! My favorite is a stuffed dog my Daddy got me before he was my Daddy and back when he was just my boyfriend. That was before we discovered D/s and waaay before we discovered Dd/lg.
    My favorite is Xerxes and I take him with me whenever I have to spend a night away from Daddy.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      That’s awesome!

      It’s interesting to meet new couples that also discovered D/s and DD/lg…and didn’t start off in a BDSM relationship. Your story sounds similar to ours. We didn’t even know what we were when we started out…just that we were meant to be together.

    2. Daddy's princess says:

      omg i HAAAAAAAAAATE spending the night away from Daddy. One time when He went away on a trip i snuck lambie into His suitcase… i was sooooo lost without them both.
      Your stuffie sounds adorable!
      Daddy and i were D/s before we discovered DD/lg as well. We are kind of study nerds and wanted to learn everything we could about the D/s lifestyle and sort of stumbled into DD/lg. What is the most crazy thing is that we were already doing 90% of the DD/lg stuff anyway, we were torn of why our D/s had so many things different and what “category” we fell into. Then when we discovered this branch of D/s we knew we had pretty much found ourselves.
      Being DD/lg is who we were born to be and i honestly couldn’t imagine life without it!!!

      1. Cherry Bomb says:

        I hate being away from my Daddy too, but I’m involved with things at church and sometimes we have lock ins for the youth group or I go see my mother and I have to be away.
        I just snuck a stuffie named Brownie in my Daddy’s work bag. 🙂 he has to go in at 3 am so he’ll get up in half an hour. It’s my third favorite. Xerxes stays with me and my second favorite is too big to fit. I won Brownie in a pageant! The quality of life award! That means I do good things with my life. If only those judges actually knew…. 😀
        Daddy is only my second ever boyfriend. I knew I liked things a bit rough in the bedroom but didn’t know anything else, really. We’ve been exploring kink and labels ever since. We tried Dom/sub, we talked about Owner/slave, TPE, etc.. This seems to be the best fit, though. I’m glad you two respond because I can’t talk about this to anybody else. It’s really heartening to know somebody else started off in nearly the same way and is even close in age and circumstances with kids and everything!

  2. Daddy Dom says:

    Poor Lambie. She’s getting flat. We’re gonna need to re-stuffify her soon to plump her up again.

  3. Anna says:

    Ha ha, I have lots too. My favorite is a Twilight Sparkle (from my little pony, freat show!) that Daddy took me to get.

    1. Ryerye says:

      i have a snoopy stuffie that i sleep with every night. Since i am unowned right now i pretend that i am hugging my daddy (whoever He is).

  4. RoughneckDaddy says:

    I Love this! My Little Girl has a unicorn stuffie that looks just like yours that she named Stephain which she absolutely adores!! He often times finds his way into my truck when were on dates and even in restaurants via my littles purse. He has caused a lot of fun memories and it made me think of my Baby Girl. Thanks!

  5. Kitsune says:

    Yeesh, my little Alistair has a boxful of plushies that he(she) refuses to get rid of. Heck some are even out of the box. We don’t live together yet, but when I visit oh my gosh its like “so and so missed you!” Or “shut it, yes I know daddy came to visit” it’s really cute. And I can’t help but to join in

  6. Snuggleslut says:

    I have a lot of stuffies. My favourite is my sheep! He has a warming beanbag inside so he can keep me warm when daddy isn’t around, which is more often than not. And pig. He’s my other favourite he comes with me a lot of places. He’s the first stuffie daddy purchased for me and I can’t sleep without him. I left him at daddies house once and I was lost for 5 days :(. Daddy tells me he too dirty but I don’t wanna put him in the wash machine cause what if he doesn’t come out how he went in. Will it ruin him?

  7. PrincessRoxy says:

    We have at least 50, the oldest and my favorite being my Tigs,a tiger I’ve had since I was 6. There’s Walter and Wilma, the hedgehogs, HipHop the giant hippo, Biggus Piggus, Reginald the lion, Dicksuck the shark ((daddy named him)) , Mr. Bear, and a great many others, all with names. Daddy’s favorite is the stuffed pig/piggy bank named Donnie. He’s not really a stuffie, but sleeps on the bed with all of them. When I brought him home we were watching big lebowski, and since Donnie isn’t really a stuffie, snuggling on the bed is out of his element. I’d include photos, but I’m not sure how 🙁

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