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10 Most Important Things Daddy Needs To Have At All Times

Daddies need to be prepared at all times. Not knowing where one of the crucial items are, could lead to a very distraught, often bratty, cranky little. So to help all the Daddies i made my very own list!!! (Are You proud of me Daddy?) i really hope you ll find this helpful and fun. Daddy is Your little’s Hero. Every Hero has a weapon, or in this case, a pink sparkly unicorn and a juice box! Treat Your little well and You will always have someone who thinks You hung the moon (although You couldn’t have because my Daddy did)!!!!

  1. her favorite Stuffie
    Knowing where (and what) her favorite stuffie is, that’s number 1!!! littles often change who their favorite is, so try to keep up. Without her favorite Stuffie, it could become hard to console Your little. Bedtime will be a NIGHTMARE.
  2. her favorite binkie (paci)
    When Your little can’t seem to keep quiet during Daddy’s favorite movie… binkie to the rescue. When she is sad and needs cuddles, perfect opportunity to pull out the binkie. Bedtime… binkie!! i think You are getting where i am going with this.
  3. her favorite juice
    Your little needs something for her sippy or baba. Juice is the BEST!!!! Juice boxes work well too!
  4. her favorite woobie (blankie)
    Nothing is worse than wash day and her woobie isn’t done drying. Make sure You have it ready for naps and night-night.
  5. her favorite movie
    Daddy spoils me with any movie my little heart desires. It is important to have Your little’s movie ready to go and be ready to watch it over and over and over and over and over….
  6. her favorite snack
    Your little will get antsy and hungry. It’s important to have her favorite on hand for these times. Some of my top favorites are animal cookies, popcorn, goldfish, grapes, cheese, and popsicles.
  7. her favorite bath bubbles and soap
    You will need to keep Your little nice and clean. Nothing is quite as fun as bath time with Daddy! Having her favorite bubbles will delight her little heart and keep bath time fun.
  8. her favorite book
    As a Daddy it is important to spend quality time with Your little. Pulling her onto Your lap and reading her favorite story is a great way to accomplish that. i would suggest getting a library card and taking her to pick out books for You to read to her. Sooooooooo FUN!
  9. her favorite band-aid
    When Your little gets hurt, be prepared for alligator tears and giving lots of kisses. To help in those moments, a princess band-aid will often make it all better.
  10. her favorite song
    Music can make anything better. Be prepared with her favorite song for when she is sad or happy. my Daddy made me a whole playlist i can listen to anytime i want!

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One thought on “10 Most Important Things Daddy Needs To Have At All Times”

  1. Alicesbigdaddy says:

    Her favorite song is part of the reason she’s who she is lol… Daddy by die antwoord….

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