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Top 20 Things Every little Should Do For her Daddy

There is a child is each one of us, who comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with…

  1. Always kiss your Daddy good morning.
    Daddies would rather feel soft lips on their cheeks, tummy, or “binky” when waking up versus that scary noisy alarm. A little’s kisses are Daddy’s favorite thing.
  2. Use your manners.
    Say “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “excuse me”, and so on. Nothing is worse than the look Daddies give you when you are being rude or inconsiderate. He needs to feel appreciated and respected.
  3. No matter how fun it sounds Do Not splash water outside the tub when Daddy gives You a bubble bath.
    He will undoubtedly kneel on the wet floor when washing your hair and get very upset when His pants get all wet. Instead invite Daddy in or offer to share your ducky with Him.
  4. Give Daddy lots and lots of kisses, hugs, and cuddles.
    They might seem big and strong, but they have another side that needs lots and lots of love. i like to call it Daddy’s teddy bear side. Always remember you are Daddy’s stuffie!
  5. Always try to dress nice for Daddy, even if He is not around.
    Your appearance is a reflection of Him and He will be judged for it. Dress sexy when He is home or with You so He can admire His precious little girl. You are His living doll. Plus dressing up is fun! Daddy likes to take me shopping and model clothes for Him. He never buys me something unless it is pre-approved and acceptable is Daddy’s eyes and pants!!!
  6. It is extremely important to throw away juice boxes, wrappers, and happy meal boxes when you get out of Daddy’s car.
    No Daddy wants to drive around in a sticky stinky, messy car. Also try to be very careful not to spill or drop crumbs. Daddy’s car is very expensive. Like you, His possessions need to be in top shape. Like i said they are a reflection of Him and His ability to care for things in the worlds eyes.
  7. Draw or color Daddy a picture or make Him a craft.
    Daddies love that stuff! In my opinion the more sparkles the better! Find out what your Daddy likes or needs and surprise Him with it! Getting gifts is fun and exciting, but giving Daddy a gift makes me squeal with delight! The look on His face is priceless!
  8. Never bug Daddy when He is trying to work.
    It makes Him very angry and He will not hesitate to punish You. Of course He doesn’t mind a couple kisses or you playing at His feet VERY quietly (if He works from home or has a personal office). If He goes to work and You cannot go with, try to keep your texts sweet and to the point (unless He gives You permission to text more) and NEVER call Daddy at work unless it is very, very important. When Daddies go to work They need to focus, be attentive, and be productive. Getting a text about how you are out of juice or that you missed your favorite cartoon, will only break His concentration. Daddies work very hard to provide for us. We should try to be helpful and appreciative. Always tell Him “thank you” when He gets home from a long day. It will definitely make Him smile and feel appreciated.
  9. Try to minimize the amount of stuffies on one bed.
    Daddy needs room to stretch out and relax after a long day. Two or three should be plenty, unless He invites more so that the two of you can play or snuggle with them!
  10. Greet Daddy at the door every time He comes home.
    It shows Him that you have been waiting all day for His arrival. It brightens His day to know that HIs little loves and needs Him so much.
  11. Always tell Daddy the truth.
    He will find it out anyways and He will punish you very badly for breaking this rule. Its always best to be honest, even if it might upset Him or make Him angry. He will be touched that you risked embarrassment and punishment. He is there to protect you and guide you, even if its from yourself. Also be open with your journal. He can learn so much about you through your writings. If He is a good Daddy, He will never judge you or punish you for something written in your journal. It is your safe place to unload and get all those feeling out. He is very smart and knows they are not always pretty. This way He can help you and be more sensitive to something that you are struggling with.
  12. Always let Daddy have the last bite!
    He will love it and feel very special!
  13. Ask permission before doing almost anything outside of a normal day (unless He has demanded you ask for more).
    Ask before leaving the house. Ask before hanging out with friends. Ask before making a purchase. Ask before going on social media or accepting friend requests. He will feel trusted and important by your openness and neediness. Daddies always know best. Sometimes we are too little to see what danger lies ahead.
  14. Every once in awhile sneak a stuffie in Daddy’s briefcase or backpack.
    When He opens it to get something He will be surprised and touched that you would share something so special to you. Plus you can ask your stuffie that night all about what Daddy does all day.
  15. Don’t whine and complain.
    Give Daddy the remote, even if a new My Little Pony is on. He works so hard and needs adult time. You can always cuddle Him and watch with, read a book, or play a game on your phone. He will appreciate being able to zone out after a long day. Always thank Him for your punishments. They are for our own good to teach us and guide us. Also trust Him when He says “no”. He knows best.
  16. Have cookies and milk with Him.
    Dunking them together is so super-duper special! Not to mention He can lick your milk mustache off for you! Having special Daddy/little time is very important for Him. Even the simple things like sharing a banana split or milkshake, playing a game you both enjoy, reading a book together…really it can be any number of things. The important part is giving Him your time and focus. As a little, you should be His number one fan!
  17. Even if you are mad, never pull away from Daddy.
    He is stronger than you and will just pull you back anyways, or worse, let you be alone. Being alone when you are upset is so much worse than being cuddled while you are angry.
  18. Always shower Daddy with compliments.
    Just because they are Superman doesn’t mean they don’t need a boost of confidence from their little. Tell Him how strong He is. How handsome He is. How intelligent and funny He is. Really, anything you admire about Him. You are afraid of the big scary world for a reason. It is mean and tries its best to beat you down. Daddies always win the battle, but it gives them more confidence and strength knowing that their little gushes with pride every time He walks out the door to fight dragons and monsters.
  19. Love Daddy with all of yourself.
    Don’t ever hold anything back. You will both miss out on something very special. The bond between a Daddy and His little should be unbreakable and impenetrable. Holding parts back will leave you vulnerable to the world and Daddy wont be able to protect you fully. He needs all of you the same way you need all of Him. Love and admiration is medicine for a Daddy. They need it like they need oxygen.
  20. Trust and respect Him above all else.
    You chose Him as your Daddy for a reason. Questioning and doubting Him will only cause sadness, hurt, and rejection. It’s important to remember Daddy’s number one job is to protect us. He wouldn’t ask you to do something if He thought that you would get hurt. A little cannot always see the lesson Daddy is trying to teach. So even if it’s hard, trust with all of your heart that Daddy has your best interests in mind. When He asks something of you, always respond “Yes Daddy.”

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6 thoughts on “Top 20 Things Every little Should Do For her Daddy”

  1. Lukas says:

    Hello i have recently been lucky enough to find my special little. We were wondering if you knew of any online stores that cater to Daddies and Littles?

  2. Kelliegh says:

    Hi I’m new to this actually being a little that is. I never knew it was ok or anything before now. I was wondering if you could help me with some things.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      We have a spot where you can send us specific questions and we do our best to answer them as soon as possible, but we are a little backlogged with the amount of questions we have waiting. Have a special question? xoxo

  3. Shauna says:

    I would like to know the same thing, any extra resources would be wonderful. Please respond!! ? Thank you!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      We have a spot where you can send us specific questions and we do our best to answer them as soon as possible, but we are a little backlogged with the amount of questions we have waiting. Have a special question? xoxo

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