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Top 26 little Date Ideas

Every little wants her Daddy to take her out. she wants to get dressed up pretty as a princess, and feel like Daddy’s special little lady. It’s easy to become nervous about being a Daddy or a little in public, but i think people should never be ashamed of who they are. Plus, no one is probably even looking. Most people are so busy being caught up in their own lives to pay attention to the strangers walking beside them. Also, if you and Your Daddy are as happy as me and my Daddy, anyone that is looking will think you are just an adorable couple who really loves each other. Here
are some little date ideas to get you started!

It is also important to remember that not every date needs to be in public, or even outside of your house. It is the effort and love that goes into the date that matters. Quality time together can happen anywhere and anytime by adding a little twist to it! Have fun and share your ideas please!

  1. Ice Skating
    Hold hands and cuddle. Have Daddy spin you in circles and catch you if you start to fall. Don’t forget the hot chocolate (with marshmallows) afterwards.
  2. Frozen Yogurt
    Let Your little choose any flavor and toppings her little heart desires (gummy worms are my favorite). Help her pull the big lever and kiss the whip cream off of her chin.
  3. Movie Theater
    Take Your little to the newest animated movie, and buy her the special kiddie pack. Make sure to remember some of the songs so that You can sing them together on the way home.
  4. Zoo
    Head out on a wild adventure with Daddy to the zoo. you can show Him your favorite animals and pack a picnic to share in the grass. Take lots of funny pictures to remember this special day forever.
  5. Ceramic Painting
    Taking Your little to a painting studio to paint little ceramic kittens and coffee mugs can be really fun. You can work on a project together, or make something for each other.
  6. Arcade
    Playing silly games with Daddy and having friendly competitions can be really exciting! All of the shiny lights, yummy candy, and prizes will bring out the kid in both of you. Daddies, make sure to hold Your little’s hand, because it’s easy to get lost in a big arcade.
  7. Mani-Pedi
    Taking Your little girl to the nail salon is a treat for you both. You can make her feel pretty and pampered, while both enjoying a nice foot massage. It’s fun to pick out the nail color for Your little princess to show her how much You care about her.
  8. Movie in the Park
    Having Daddy take you to a movie in the park is so exciting. you get to stay up late, cuddle on a blanket, and eat fishy crackers and drink juice boxes. Most cities put on a free or low-cost event each month, so be on the lookout!
  9. Cooking
    Take Your little to the market and buy all the ingredients to her/Your favorite meal. Make a big production out of teaching Your little how to help in the kitchen. Make sure You do all the cutting with the big knife…the emergency room is NOT a fun date (no no no).
  10. Concert
    Going to a concert with Daddy will make you feel like a big girl. You can dance with Daddy, and sing to your favorite songs. Have Daddy hold your hand while you wait in line for an autograph in your Hello Kitty diary.
  11. Park
    Swinging is sooooo fun. Take Your little to Your local park and push her on the swing. Kiss her little neck and tell her how beautiful she looks when she giggles and begs You to push her higher.
  12. Trampoline Park
    Go jumping with Daddy. It gets all the wiggles out and is a lot of fun. you can watch Daddy try to do tricks and maybe try a few princess twirls.
  13. Beach
    Take Your little to the beach and build a sandcastle, hunt for sea shells, and play in the waves. Maybe have a splashing contest to see who can make the biggest splash!
  14. Brunch
    Going to brunch at a fun restaurant (like a build your own pancake) or a kid-inspired food cafe is so much fun for Your little. You get to help her by ordering, and then enjoy your tasty treats together.
  15. Children’s Museum
    There are so many hands-on activities and fun learning experiments and projects at a children’s museum. you can help Daddy build a block tower, or try fun science experiments.
  16. Library
    Take Your little to the library and pick out some books together. Bedtime stories are the best, and there is an endless supply of children’s books for free. She will feel so special sitting on Your lap while You read to her each night.
  17. Teddy Bear Picnic
    Tea parties are so last season! Have Daddy pack a picnic lunch for you both (don’t forget to bring your favorite stuffie) and go to a park, your backyard, or river bank and enjoy a special date.
  18. Star Gazing
    Spreading out a blanket and star gazing with Your little can be very bonding. You are surrounded by darkness and the whole galaxy is before You. Play fun games, like finding shapes in the stars or look for shooting stars. Finding out when the next meteor shower is can be very exciting as well.
  19. Fishing
    Going with Daddy on a fishing trip is way fun. Catching a big fish or two together is a winning experience. Make sure to have Daddy hook the yucky worms for you though. you don’t have to tell Him that it’s because they are slimy. Just say that you don’t want to poke yourself with the sharp hook.
  20. Put-Put Golf
    Nothing like a little competition between Daddy and His little girl. Standing behind her while You teach her how to play is a lot of fun as well, although, quite distracting. she will love the closeness and Your attention…even if You win.
  21. Camping
    What’s more fun than getting away into nature and sitting around a fire to roast marshmallows? You can teach Your little about fire safety, walk her to the restroom, hold the flashlight so she can go potty, kiss marshmallows off her sticky little lips, and cuddle in a tent in a big sleeping bag. she will want to be snuggled up tight to keep her warm and safe from the bears and boogie monsters.
  22. Bake Cookies
    Get messy making Daddy’s favorite cookies! Helping Him pour the ingredients and making balls for the cookie sheet will make you feel so special. i love watching them bake through the oven window and eating them while they are still super hot.
  23. Blow Bubbles
    It sounds simple enough, but watching Your little’s eyes get big and excited as You blow the first round of bubbles will be amazing. she will giggle and chase them and try to catch them with her fingers. To go even farther, You can buy juggle bubbles so that she really can hold them!
  24. Slumber Party
    Have a slumber party with her! Invite all of her stuffies to the party, and make a pillow bed in the living room. Then cue up all of her favorite movies, staying up late eating junk food and rubbing her back as she gets worn out and falls asleep on your lap. Be sure to have a Daddy movie ready for when this inevitably happens, so You aren’t stuck watching The Little Mermaid alone for the bajillionth time.
  25. Bubble Bath
    Buy bath tub crayons and bath toys, and have fun together in the tub. Play hangman and tic-tac-toe. Buy bath dye to turn the water hot pink, and princess bubble bath. Wash her hair and admire Your gorgeous little girl.
  26. Toy Store
    Going to the toy store with Daddy is the BEST! Picking out a new toy or binky is a great date. Daddy gets to walk you down the isles and hear you squeal with glee when you go down the barbie isle. Taking the toy home and playing together is the best part.

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8 thoughts on “Top 26 little Date Ideas”

  1. Jordynn says:

    Oh gosh, these are so cute! However, you left out the best little date of all: Build A Bear 😀 Im sure every little would love to have daddy take them to Build A Bear to make a special stuffie :3

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      I think you’re right! 🙂

    2. Daddy's princess says:

      Hey… i wanna go to Build A Bear soooo bad! What a fun date idea! xoxo

  2. Chris says:

    I would love to try these things with my daddy, but he lives far away, and somehow we still manage to love each other through distance??.

  3. Daddy's princess says:

    SO happy for you and your Daddy! xoxo

  4. inowanmynamehere>. says:

    Please could you make another
    article with more ideas and also how to dress up for dates with daddy!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Great idea!!! There will be one coming soon!! xoxo

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